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Printable Ralph Breaks the Internet Activities

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Today I have several free printable Ralph Breaks the Internet activities to share with you! Whether you want to keep the kids occupied until you can see the movie, or you want to help them relive the excitement of the movie afterward, you’re going to love all of the fun activities below.

Printable Ralph Breaks the Internet Activities with title text reading Ralph Breaks the Internet Coloring Pages & Activities

Printables kits like these are easy, fun activities for kids so I love sharing them. As long as you have a printer and printer paper, you have everything you need to create these fun activities without having to leave home.

About Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, a wildly popular 2012 movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios. In this follow-up movie, beloved video-game bad guy Ralph and his best friend Vanellope von Schweetz leave the arcade to save Vanellope’s game, Sugar Rush.

This journey takes them into the world of the internet, where the Netizens (the citizens of the internet) help them navigate their way. My personal celebrity idol Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman) provides the voice for Shank, a character Ralph and Vanellope encounter along their quest.

Check out the trailer to see why everyone is so excited about this sequel:

Ralph Breaks the Internet Coloring Pages

Below you’ll find three printable Ralph Breaks the Internet coloring pages featuring key characters from the movie.

This first coloring page shows Ralph and Vanellope with the Netizens.

Ralph Breaks the Internet printable coloring page

Below is my favorite character, Shank (voiced by Gal!).

Ralph Breaks the Internet printable coloring page with the character Shank

And this next coloring page shows Ralph and Vanellope getting help from Yesss, the head algorithm.

Ralph Breaks the Internet printable coloring page

Ralph Breaks the Internet Printable Activities

Coloring is relaxing and fun, but if your kids are looking for an activity that’s a little more challenging, try one of these printable Ralph Breaks the Internet activities.

When I was a kid, my favorite games in activity books were the ones where you have to spot the differences between two seemingly identical pictures. See if your kids can find the nine differences in this Ralph Breaks the Internet Spot the Difference Challenge.

Ralph Breaks the Internet printable spot the differences activity sheet

Encourage your child’s creativity and let them exercise their artistic talents with this Design Your Net User activity.

Ralph Breaks the Internet printable activity page

An easy way to empower your kids and let them know you trust them is to allow them to have some privacy. These Ralph Breaks the Internet door hangars are colorful, cheerful signs that allow your child to let visitors know whether or not they’re open to visitors.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet Door, a character named KnowsMore runs a “search bar” and plays a key role in helping Ralph and Vanellope. Your kids can create their own KnowsMore costume!

This Ralph Breaks the Internet Memory Game is a fun activity your kids can play with each other or on their own.

More Coloring Pages

Looking for more printable activities for your child? Check out these free printable Beauty and the Beast coloring pages.

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