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Fall Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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A Fall Crossword Puzzle for Kids is a great way to introduce fall-themed words to children as part of a fun activity. I love activities for kids that keep them entertained and add some educational value at the same time.

printable Fall Crossword Puzzle for Kids on a wood background


Autumn is such a wonderful time of year. Talking to kids about the seasons is a perfect learning opportunity.

While the kids are working on their fall crossword puzzle you can share information about this season with them.

  • Another word that describes fall is autumn. Autumn is the more accurate term for this season.
  • Autumn began being referred to as fall because of the leaves that fall off the trees during this time of year.
  • Many people travel around looking at the leaves changing colors in early to mid-fall. This happens in Canada, the US, Japan, Korea, and even in China.
  • Hiking is very popular during the autumn months. It isn’t too hot and the cold weather hasn’t set in yet.
  • Autumn starts on the first day of September and ends on the last day of November for countries in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Countries in the Southern Hemisphere consider March through May to be autumn. 
  • One sign that fall has arrived is that the days start getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. 
  • Years ago when many people depended on farming to live, autumn was the time of year when food was prepared and stored up for the long, cold winter months.
  • Fall has two main holidays that are celebrated in the US. Halloween and Thanksgiving both happen during the autumn months.


If you are trying to make fall a great time of year for your children it is very easy to do.

Here are some fun ideas to make it a memorable season.

  • Have an outdoor nerf gun battle. These printable nerf targets will make it even more fun.
  • Make a plan to play some new DIY backyard games as a family. 
  • Get extra creative with the sidewalk chalk
  • Go on a hike and try to collect as many different kinds of leaves as you can find. Turn it into a contest and then make crafts with the leaves you collect. 
  • Try your hand at making crafts with dried out gourds. These can be made into birdhouses, yard art, and even ornaments.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt as a family.
  • Have some fun on the trampoline and try some new games.
printable Fall Crossword Puzzle for Kids on a wood background


Children in elementary school will enjoy working on this printable fall crossword puzzle for kids.

You can download and print off this great kids’ activity for your own personal use at home. 

Just fill in the form below to download the Fall Crossword Puzzle.

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printable Fall Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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