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Summer Fun Activities for Teens

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Finding summer fun activities for teens doesn’t have to stress you out! Instead, think outside the box for ways that you can keep your teen active and happy!

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With three teens in the house and one almost-teen, I’ve devoted some serious brain power to figuring out how to keep teens and tweens engaged and active over summer break.

While my sons might be happy playing video games all day every day, I want them to create more impactful memories.

If you’re on the hunt for some fun summer activities, these simple ideas are certain to keep your teen busy all summer long!

Summer Fun Activities for Teens

While every teenager is different, this list of summer fun activities is certain to offer them so truly great choices for making it the best summer yet.

Enroll in a summer camp

Did you know that there are a ton of different summer camps open and available for teens? And these camps don’t always mean sending your teen away for weeks at a time.

Think music camp, dance camp, acting camp, soccer camp, engineering camp. There are camps built around almost every interest you can imagine.

Start with your local parks and recreation department to see what is available. Then, broaden your search by doing an internet search for they type of camp you are looking for with “near me” included in the search.

Become a lifeguard

While this may technically be considered work, there aren’t many teens that would object to sitting around the pool all day, getting a tan and being able to swim every day as well.

To top it all off, they’re getting paid to do something that they already love to do! If that isn’t a summer fun activity that any teen would love, I don’t know what is.

Make money

If lifeguarding isn’t your teen’s cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to earn some extra spending money and have fun at the same time. Put your child in charge of your family garage sale and let them keep a generous share of any profit.

Have your teen gather some of their friends together and host a car wash. These are super fun when done as a group and they have the potential to make a lot of money!

Take a road trip with friends

Depending on the age and maturity of your teen, you may be inclined to let them embark on a road trip with some of their friends. With how advanced technology is nowadays, there are plenty of ways that you can stay in contact with your teen while they are away as well.

As long as you communicate your rules and the boundaries that they need to abide by, your teen may have the best few weeks of their life by taking an epic road trip this summer.

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Plan a camping trip

No matter how old or “cool” your teen gets, everyone loves a camping trip. The campfire, the s’mores, the family games that never stop and the sunsets that literally take your breath away every single day…planning a camping trip for your family and teen is one activity this summer that they’ll love and enjoy.

Let them start their own business

If you have a teen that is constantly searching for ways to make money, why not let them start their own business this summer to make some hard earned cash? The summer months are a great time for them to stretch their entrepreneur legs and see if they can get their business idea to take off.

Who knows..this summer may be a summer that they’ll never forget!

Volunteer at a local nonprofit

Teaching your teen how to give back to others and the community can be a great summer activity. If you take the time to look around your town, you’ll discover that there are numerous locations that need volunteers of all ages.

Let your teen learn a bit about responsibility and giving back. And if you have the time, consider joining in on it as well.

Volunteering may be a great way for your teen to give back but it’s also a great thing to do together as a family. The more that you can work together to help those around you, the more that you’ll start to be grateful for what you have as well.

More Summer Activities for Teens

The ideas above are all things that can keep your teen or tween busy all summer. Here are some other ideas that you can choose from if you’re just looking for ways to entertain them for a day.

Teen Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts have always been my fallback tool to keep my kids occupied, from when they were little to now. I love anything that’s easy on me but keeps them busy for long stretches of time and scavenger hunts are firmly in this category!

Because I love scavenger hunts so much, I’ve created several that are perfect for teens. Here are some to try:

Teen Games

There are plenty of fun games for teens that aren’t video games. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-video games. I just don’t want them to be ALL my kids do.

Check out these board games and mobile games that are perfect for teenagers.

Activities to Enjoy with a Friend or Small Group

In this post on Teen Date Ideas, you’ll find plenty of ideas that are perfect for your teen to enjoy not only with a date, but with any close friends. There’s a whole section with ideas just for summer, plus more ideas for every season.

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When it comes to planning summer fun activities for your teenager, you don’t have to think too long and hard. Simply take a look around your local town and community and find out what is going on so they can be a part of it.

Activities like going out for ice cream or going to a nearby lake are always fun and don’t take much effort. Hopefully the ideas above have not only provided you with some ideas you can use, but also inspired you to identify all the options available for your teens and tweens.

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