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Travel Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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This printable travel crossword puzzle for kids is a great children’s activity for the family road trip. A printable crossword puzzle full of travel-themed pictures and words that kids will enjoy completing.

travel crossword puzzle for kids


Road trips are a wonderful way to spend time as a family, but if you aren’t prepared for a long drive it can be stressful. Our large family learned years ago that we needed to keep the vehicle stocked with activities to keep the kids occupied on those long road trips.

I had a range of ages to entertain so I tried to keep items on hand to satisfy everyone in the car. It definitely made our trips more enjoyable and there was less bickering and complaining.

Here are some fun ideas for keeping kids happy on an extended drive:

  • Bring along a small cookie sheet and some magnetic letters. Younger kids can work on spelling words on the cookie sheet with the magnet letters. Do the same with magnetic numbers and they can work simple math problems.
  • Clipboards make coloring and writing easy. It allows for a hard surface and it will hold the paper in place. Try tying the pen or pencil to the top with a string so it doesn’t get lost or fall between the seats.
  • Bring along some family-themed books on CD and listen to a book together as you cruise down the highway. Let kids have a say in which books you listen to on the road.
  • Mad Libs are always a fun way to pass the time. These always make me laugh.
  • Print off this fun license plate game and work together to see how many different state plates you see on the trip.
  • Get a bag of colored pipe cleaners and have the kids see what kind of cool weird creatures they can make with their pipe cleaners.
  • Prepare a big list of information and questions about the place you will be visiting and tell the kids all about the locations and then quiz them over what they just learned.
  • Print off some would you rather question cards and have some laughs listening to how each family member answers.
  • I like to make sure the kids have their pillows or special travel pillows for younger kids so they can be comfy when they fall asleep in the car.
travel crossword puzzle for kids


This travel crossword puzzle for kids has seven travel-themed pictures and kids have to identify the picture in order to complete the puzzle.

You can download and print this off for your own personal use. Just fill in the form below.

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travel crossword puzzle for kids

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