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State License Plate Game

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This printable state license plate game is a travel game the whole family will enjoy playing. Long car rides don’t have to be burdensome when you are prepared with fun activities for kids!

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If you haven’t heard of the license plate game then get ready for some fun. I don’t know who originally came up with the concept, but I am very glad they did.

My family has spent countless hours in the car. It may be we are going on a vacation road trip or we may just be stuck in crazy traffic. It doesn’t matter why we are in the car. What matters is keeping the children happy and occupied!

The state license plate game is a lifesaver for parents. It’s one of our favorite car games for road trips.

I love the simplicity of the game. It is all about spotting license plates from different states.


This printable version of the state license plate game is simple.

There are two ways to play.

The first way is to play as a group. Everyone in the car will work together to try and spot a license plate from every state. As soon as someone spots a new license plate someone will mark it on the printable.

The second way to play is to have each person play individually. You will print off a game board for each person.

Everyone will work on their own to spot as many license plates as they can in a specific amount of time.

No matter which way your family plays it will help ease the stress of long road trips.

a road with a tree in the background and a printable overlayed on it with title text reading Printable License Plate Game


While your family is playing the license plate game you can share these interesting license plate facts with them!

  • The least used letters on license plates are: I, O, and Q.
  • License plates used to be made of iron and then covered with porcelain enamel. The only state to still offer this kind of plate is Delaware and it will cost you $110.
  • The first state to offer a graphic on their license plate in 1928 was Idaho and the graphic was a potato. Graphics are common on license plates in every state now.
  • All but three states produce their license plates through correctional institutions. Alaska, Hawaii and Oregan get their license plates from private manufacturers.


You can download and print off this fun travel game for your own personal use.

Just fill in the form below to print off the State License Plate Game.

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printable state license plate game


Road trips usually start off great. We recently went to Pigeon Forge and it was a little bit of a jaunt. We played this game and then we moved on to road trip bingo.

These two games helped us get to our destination without a lot of bickering and complaining. I relied heavily on my family travel sanity savers so we could all have a great trip!

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Be sure to COMMENT and let me know where your family is heading and who will be playing the state license plate game! 

a road with a tree in the background and a printable overlayed on it with title text reading Printable License Plate Game

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