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600 This or That Questions for Kids

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These This or That Questions for kids are a fun way to pass time wherever and whenever you want. They’re also great icebreaker questions since they’re simple to answer and allow kids to express their opinions freely.

The list below is a valuable resource that offers a wide range of fun and engaging questions for children. I’ve broken them down into categories like food, animals, sports, and holidays, to make sure you can find questions your child will enjoy.

This or that questions for kids.
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What is This or That?

This or That is a popular game that involves asking children to choose between two options. These questions can be used as a fun icebreaker activity or a way to spark conversation and get kids thinking critically about their preferences.

Benefits of This or That Questions for Kids

This or That Questions help your child learn more about their own likes and dislikes. These questions can start fun talks with kids. They also push kids to think hard before making choices.

When kids answer these questions, they have to pick one option out of two options. This helps them decide better in real life too. The game is not just for fun but also aids their brain growth as well.

The answers to these questions show what the kid enjoys doing most. So, parents can use this insight to plan activities that children love like vacation spots or sports events.

Playing as a family is a fun way to spend time together and is one of my family’s favorite ways to connect with one another. And because it’s not complicated, little ones can easily join in.

This game makes learning easy as well as cool! It leads to laughs and good times while playing on road trips or rainy days at home.

At school, teachers make use of this tool to connect with each student individually better since it stirs up interest and curiosity in the child’s mind.

Another plus point is that it boosts critical thinking skills by getting your kids to weigh their options carefully.

How to Play “This or That”

Playing “This or That” with kids is a fun and engaging game that encourages decision-making skills and sparks lively conversations. Find out how to set up the game, ask questions, and keep score to make the most of this entertaining activity for kids.

Setting up the game

To set up the game all you need is a list of questions and some willing participants. Simply gather everyone together and take turns asking each other the questions.

 There’s no need for any special equipment or preparations, making it an easy and fun activity to play anytime, anywhere.

Guidelines for asking and answering questions

When playing the game “This or That” with kids, it’s important to follow some guidelines for asking and answering questions.

First, make sure the questions are age-appropriate and easy to understand. Keep them simple and avoid complicated scenarios.

Secondly, encourage each child to take turns answering the questions so that everyone gets a chance to participate.

Thirdly, create a safe and non-judgmental environment where kids feel comfortable expressing their preferences without criticism.

Finally, remember that the purpose of this game is not to debate or persuade others to change their minds; it’s simply about having fun and getting to know each other better.

Keeping score or playing for fun

You can choose to keep score or simply play for fun.

Keeping score adds a competitive element to the game and encourages children to strategize and think critically about their choices. It also allows for friendly competition among siblings or friends.

On the other hand, playing for fun takes away the pressure of winning and focuses on enjoying the game itself. This option is great for younger kids who may not fully understand keeping score yet but still want to participate.

Whether you decide to keep score or play for fun, “This or That” is a fantastic activity that promotes decision-making skills, sparks conversations, and brings lots of laughter to any gathering.

Tips for engaging kids in the game

To engage kids in the game of this or that, here are some tips:

  1. Make it exciting: Create a fun and lively atmosphere while playing the game. Use silly voices or funny gestures to keep the kids entertained.
  2. Encourage creativity: Allow kids to come up with their own this or that questions. This will make them more invested in the game and spark their imagination.
  3. Incorporate their interests: Tailor the questions to match the kids’ hobbies, favorite characters, or activities they enjoy. This will make the game more relatable and engaging for them.
  4. Keep it age-appropriate: Make sure the questions are suitable for the age group you’re playing with. Younger kids may need simpler choices, while older ones can handle more complex options.
  5. Provide explanations: If a question requires some background knowledge or explanation, take the time to provide it. This will help kids understand the choices better and make informed decisions.
  6. Take turns: Ensure that each child gets an equal opportunity to ask and answer questions. This promotes fairness and encourages active participation from all players.
  7. Celebrate their answers: Whether their choices are funny, surprising, or unique, always acknowledge and appreciate their responses. It creates a positive experience and keeps them engaged in the game.
  8. Play regularly: Incorporate this or that questions into your routine as a regular activity with your kids. It could be during mealtime, on road trips, or even before bedtime. Consistency builds familiarity and makes it easier for kids to get involved.

Ideas for Using “This or That” Questions for Kids

Road trips: This or That questions can be a great way to keep kids entertained during long car rides.

Rainy days: When the weather keeps kids indoors, playing This or That can provide hours of fun and laughter.

Family discussions: Use This or That questions as conversation starters during family meals or gatherings for a lighthearted and engaging discussion.

Classroom activities: Incorporate This or That questions in classroom activities to spark creativity, critical thinking, and lively class discussions.

The Ultimate List of Kid Friendly This or That Questions

I’ve come up with a whopping 600 This or That questions for kids to enjoy. These questions cover a wide range of topics like food, school, sports, animals, gross things, holidays, and more.

It’s time to get your kids engaged and entertained with this fun game!

A set of cards with this or that questions on them.

Food and Drinks

  1. Chocolate or vanilla?
  2. Pizza or pasta?
  3. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  4. Apples or oranges?
  5. Strawberries or bananas?
  6. Pancakes or waffles?
  7. Cookies or brownies?
  8. Hot chocolate or iced tea?
  9. Juice or soda?
  10. Candy or chips?
  11. Buttered popcorn or caramel popcorn?
  12. Cake or pie?
  13. Butter or jam?
  14. Cupcakes or muffins?
  15. Jelly or honey?
  16. Popsicles or lollipops?
  17. Watermelon or pineapple?
  18. Sandwiches or wraps?
  19. Candy cane or chocolate bunny?
  20. Candy apples or cotton candy?
  21. Peanuts or almonds?
  22. Cherries or grapes?
  23. Sprinkles or chocolate chips?
  24. Broccoli or carrots?
  25. Licorice or peppermint?
  26. Porridge or cereal?
  27. Kiwi or coconut?
  28. Lemons or limes?
  29. Smoothies or milkshakes?
  30. Coffee or tea?
  31. White bread or whole wheat?
  32. Tacos or burritos?
  33. Donuts or croissants?
  34. Cheese or ham?
  35. Raspberries or blackberries?
  36. Mint or cinnamon?
  37. Muffins or bagels?
  38. Lemonade or orange juice?
  39. French fries or onion rings?
  40. Chicken nuggets or fish sticks?
  41. Spaghetti or lasagna?
  42. Mango or papaya?
  43. Cucumber or bell pepper?
  44. Avocado or tomato?
  45. Blueberries or cranberries?
  46. Steamed rice or fried rice?
  47. Green tea or black tea?
  48. Honey mustard or barbecue sauce?
  49. Crackers or pretzels?
  50. Beef or chicken?


  1. Cats or dogs?
  2. Elephants or lions?
  3. Butterflies or bees?
  4. Penguins or polar bears?
  5. Dolphins or sharks?
  6. Wolves or foxes?
  7. Owls or eagles?
  8. Zebras or cheetahs?
  9. Parrots or pigeons?
  10. Unicorns or dragons?
  11. Giraffes or kangaroos?
  12. Teddy bears or dolls?
  13. Turtles or frogs?
  14. Tigers or bears?
  15. Hippos or rhinos?
  16. Storks or flamingos?
  17. Rabbits or squirrels?
  18. Whales or seals?
  19. Lizards or snakes?
  20. Hamsters or gerbils?
  21. Cows or sheep?
  22. Monkeys or apes?
  23. Owls or bats?
  24. Mice or rats?
  25. Birds or fish?
  26. Whales or dolphins?
  27. Seahorses or starfish?
  28. Puppies or kittens?
  29. Goldfish or betta fish?
  30. Spiders or ants?
  31. Lions or tigers?
  32. Butterflies or ladybugs?
  33. Roosters or hens?
  34. Octopus or squid?
  35. Cheetahs or leopards?
  36. Crocodiles or alligators?
  37. Eagles or falcons?
  38. Horses or zebras?
  39. Snails or worms?
  40. Parakeets or canaries?
  41. Deer or moose?
  42. Lobsters or crabs?
  43. Koalas or pandas?
  44. Ostriches or emus?
  45. Goats or pigs?
  46. Seals or otters?
  47. Alpacas or llamas?
  48. Geese or swans?
  49. Hornets or wasps?
  50. Guinea pigs or ferrets?


School can be an interesting topic for kids to discuss. Here are some “This or That” questions about school:

  1. Math or English?
  2. Science or History?
  3. Physical Education or Art?
  4. School bus or walk to school?
  5. School uniforms or casual clothes?
  6. Pencil or pen?
  7. Homework or in-class assignments?
  8. Lunchbox or cafeteria food?
  9. Early morning classes or late afternoon classes?
  10. Reading or writing?
  11. Chalkboard or whiteboard?
  12. Group projects or individual projects?
  13. Libraries or computer labs?
  14. Essays or multiple-choice tests?
  15. Field trips or school assemblies?
  16. Desks in rows or in groups?
  17. Recess or free time in the classroom?
  18. School plays or school concerts?
  19. Textbooks or tablets?
  20. Notebook or binder?
  21. Book report or science project?
  22. Cursive writing or print writing?
  23. Spelling bee or math competition?
  24. Study alone or with a group?
  25. In person or online learning?
  26. Highlighters or sticky notes?
  27. Fiction or non-fiction reading?
  28. Poetry or prose?
  29. School dances or school fairs?
  30. World geography or ancient history?
  31. Hand raise or call out?
  32. Front of the class or back of the room?
  33. School choir or school band?
  34. Silent reading or read aloud?
  35. School yearbook or school newspaper?
  36. Weekly quizzes or end-of-term exams?
  37. Audio lessons or video lessons?
  38. Flashcards or mnemonic devices?
  39. Teacher’s pet or class clown?
  40. Morning announcements or end-of-day wrap-up?
  41. School club or school sport?
  42. History timelines or science experiments?
  43. Print books or e-books?
  44. Schoolyard games or indoor board games?
  45. Class presentations or written reports?
  46. Study in the library or study at home?
  47. Penmanship lessons or typing lessons?
  48. Class pet or class garden?
  49. School mascot or school anthem?
  50. School backpack or school tote?
A poster with the words jobs, careers, and a question mark that prompts this or that career questions.

Jobs & Careers

  1. Doctor or nurse?
  2. Firefighter or police officer?
  3. Astronaut or deep-sea diver?
  4. Chef or baker?
  5. Pilot or ship captain?
  6. Teacher or librarian?
  7. Architect or builder?
  8. Actor or director?
  9. Veterinarian or zookeeper?
  10. Singer or musician?
  11. Journalist or photographer?
  12. Farmer or gardener?
  13. Scientist or engineer?
  14. Dentist or optometrist?
  15. Lawyer or judge?
  16. Animator or game designer?
  17. Athlete or coach?
  18. Astronomer or meteorologist?
  19. Plumber or electrician?
  20. Painter or sculptor?
  21. Magician or clown?
  22. Tour guide or historian?
  23. Marine biologist or botanist?
  24. Mechanic or bus driver?
  25. Author or illustrator?
  26. Flight attendant or travel agent?
  27. Detective or spy?
  28. Postal worker or delivery driver?
  29. Barber or hairdresser?
  30. Fashion designer or tailor?
  31. Carpenter or mason?
  32. Banker or stockbroker?
  33. Archaeologist or anthropologist?
  34. Choreographer or theater producer?
  35. Geologist or ecologist?
  36. Shopkeeper or marketer?
  37. Forester or wildlife ranger?
  38. Translator or language teacher?
  39. Lifeguard or swim instructor?
  40. Soldier or peacekeeper?
  41. Pilot or drone operator?
  42. Physicist or chemist?
  43. Music producer or DJ?
  44. Counselor or social worker?
  45. Cartoonist or graphic designer?
  46. Biologist or physician?
  47. Mountain guide or scuba instructor?
  48. Nutritionist or personal trainer?
  49. Psychologist or psychiatrist?
  50. Real estate agent or interior designer?

Nature & Environment

  1. Winter or summer?
  2. Ocean or mountains?
  3. Rain or snow?
  4. Sun or moon?
  5. Forest or desert?
  6. Rainbows or clouds?
  7. Seashells or rocks?
  8. Pyramids or castles?
  9. Sunsets or sunrises?
  10. Lakes or pools?
  11. Gardens or meadows?
  12. Sandcastles or snowmen?
  13. Ponds or rivers?
  14. Spiders or beetles?
  15. Acorns or pinecones?
  16. Paper airplanes or boats?
  17. Volcanoes or waterfalls?
  18. Cacti or palm trees?
  19. Hills or valleys?
  20. Seagulls or ducks?
  21. Caves or treehouses?
  22. Vines or branches?
  23. Stars or planets?
  24. Beach or forest?
  25. Grass or flowers?
  26. Jungle or savannah?
  27. Rivers or streams?
  28. Hiking or picnicking?
  29. Waterfalls or geysers?
  30. Maple leaves or oak leaves?
  31. Stones or crystals?
  32. Tulips or daffodils?
  33. Marshes or swamps?
  34. Cliffs or plateaus?
  35. Coral reefs or deep-sea trenches?
  36. Buttercups or daisies?
  37. Pine trees or palm trees?
  38. Wildflowers or cultivated flowers?
  39. Mushrooms or ferns?
  40. Sunrise or sunset?
  41. Blizzards or thunderstorms?
  42. Mangroves or rainforests?
  43. Glaciers or icebergs?
  44. Valleys or canyons?
  45. Pearls or diamonds?
  46. Snowflakes or dewdrops?
  47. Drizzle or downpour?
  48. Breezes or gusts?
  49. Full moon or new moon?
  50. Comets or shooting stars?

Activities & Hobbies

  1. Drawing or coloring?
  2. Singing or dancing?
  3. Skateboard or bicycle?
  4. Jump rope or hula hoop?
  5. Board games or video games?
  6. Swimming or running?
  7. Recess or art class?
  8. Puzzles or mazes?
  9. Skiing or snowboarding?
  10. Ice skating or rollerblading?
  11. Paint or crayons?
  12. Cartwheels or somersaults?
  13. Jumping on a trampoline or swinging on a swing?
  14. Roller coasters or ferris wheels?
  15. Playing football or basketball?
  16. Campfires or fireplaces?
  17. Diving or snorkeling?
  18. Sculpting or painting?
  19. Storytelling or listening to music?
  20. Snowball fights or water balloon fights?
  21. Tug of war or hopscotch?
  22. Daydreaming or stargazing?
  23. Writing or reading?
  24. Knitting or sewing?
  25. Playing musical instruments or listening to music?
  26. Building sandcastles or collecting shells?
  27. Cooking or baking?
  28. Gardening or birdwatching?
  29. Climbing trees or playing hide and seek?
  30. Fishing or boating?
  31. Yoga or meditation?
  32. Flying kites or playing with remote control cars?
  33. Playing chess or card games?
  34. Watching movies or reading comics?
  35. Horseback riding or mountain biking?
  36. Making jewelry or crafting?
  37. Watching sports or playing sports?
  38. Camping or stargazing?
  39. Taking photos or making videos?
  40. Ballet or hip-hop?
  41. Hiking or rock climbing?
  42. Writing poems or writing stories?
  43. Playing piano or playing guitar?
  44. Scrapbooking or journaling?
  45. Playing with toys or playing video games?
  46. Collecting stamps or collecting coins?
  47. Flying drones or building models?
  48. Origami or pottery?
  49. Solving riddles or telling jokes?
  50. Birdwatching or butterfly catching?
A backpack with books and pencils and this or that questions for entertainment and books.


  1. Cartoons or live-action?
  2. Movies at home or at the theater?
  3. Pop music or rock music?
  4. Superheroes or wizards?
  5. Animated movies or documentaries?
  6. Singing or playing an instrument?
  7. Comedy movies or adventure movies?
  8. Reality TV or scripted series?
  9. Musical theater or a concert?
  10. Fantasy or sci-fi?
  11. Classical music or electronic music?
  12. Listening to the radio or streaming music?
  13. Action figures or movie posters?
  14. Movie popcorn or movie candy?
  15. TV series binge-watching or one episode a week?
  16. Magic tricks or dance moves?
  17. Movie night or karaoke night?
  18. Villains or heroes?
  19. DVDs or digital downloads?
  20. Award shows or talent shows?
  21. Drama series or mystery series?
  22. Reading movie scripts or writing fan fiction?
  23. Gaming streams or music video channels?
  24. Attending live shows or watching recordings?
  25. Fairy tale retellings or original stories?
  26. Virtual reality games or traditional video games?
  27. Headphones or speakers?
  28. Adventure games or puzzle games?
  29. Classic movies or modern movies?
  30. Indie music or top 40 hits?
  31. Online fan communities or real-life fan clubs?
  32. Music festivals or movie premieres?
  33. Voice acting or on-screen acting?
  34. Film soundtracks or original albums?
  35. Character costumes or character merchandise?
  36. TV game shows or TV chat shows?
  37. Silent films or talkies?
  38. Book adaptations or original screenplays?
  39. Stand-up comedy or sitcoms?
  40. 2D animation or 3D animation?
  41. Attending theater or watching a play on TV?
  42. Detective shows or supernatural shows?
  43. Old-school arcade games or latest console games?
  44. Movie trailers or behind-the-scenes features?
  45. Film critics or movie bloggers?
  46. Playing in a band or going solo?
  47. Movie marathons or TV show marathons?
  48. Romance films or horror films?
  49. Talent competitions or quiz shows?
  50. Music lessons or drama classes?


  1. Fiction or non-fiction?
  2. Hardcover or paperback?
  3. Mystery or fantasy?
  4. Library or bookstore?
  5. E-books or physical books?
  6. Historical fiction or sci-fi?
  7. Illustrated or text-only?
  8. Fantasy or reality-based?
  9. Biographies or memoirs?
  10. Adventure or romance?
  11. Reading in bed or reading outdoors?
  12. Short stories or novels?
  13. Comics or novels?
  14. Audiobooks or reading yourself?
  15. Classics or contemporary?
  16. Book series or standalones?
  17. Horror or comedy?
  18. Poetry or prose?
  19. Reading aloud or silently?
  20. Bookmark or dog-eared page?
  21. Graphic novels or traditional novels?
  22. Dystopian or utopian?
  23. Travel guides or fictional journeys?
  24. Magazines or novels?
  25. Reading alone or reading with a group?
  26. Anthologies or single-author collections?
  27. Self-help or philosophy?
  28. Mythology or modern tales?
  29. Fairy tales or legends?
  30. Tragedies or happy endings?
  31. Reading in the morning or at night?
  32. First-person or third-person narratives?
  33. Traditional layout or experimental format?
  34. Crime novels or psychological thrillers?
  35. Autobiographies or personal essays?
  36. Chapter books or picture books?
  37. Print or cursive font?
  38. Reading during a commute or reading at home?
  39. Reference books or leisure reading?
  40. Realistic fiction or magic realism?
  41. Original language or translated version?
  42. Book club discussions or individual interpretation?
  43. Character-driven or plot-driven?
  44. Books with pictures or without?
  45. Fan fiction or official sequels?
  46. Bestsellers or hidden gems?
  47. Predictable plots or unexpected twists?
  48. Books with a moral or open-ended stories?
  49. Re-reading favorites or discovering new titles?
  50. Reading multiple books at once or one at a time?
A set of things, funny, holiday and miscellaneous this or that printable cards.

Objects & Things

  1. Books or tablets?
  2. Digital clock or analog clock?
  3. Sneakers or boots?
  4. Sunglasses or hats?
  5. Backpack or tote bag?
  6. Skateboard or scooter?
  7. Notebook or diary?
  8. Mechanical pencil or traditional pencil?
  9. Earbuds or over-the-ear headphones?
  10. Calculator or abacus?
  11. Roller skates or ice skates?
  12. Bicycle or tricycle?
  13. Plastic bottle or reusable water bottle?
  14. Telescope or microscope?
  15. Balloons or streamers?
  16. Stuffed toy or action figure?
  17. Candles or lanterns?
  18. Frisbee or boomerang?
  19. Maps or compasses?
  20. Chalk or markers?
  21. Beach ball or soccer ball?
  22. Model kit or puzzle?
  23. Plastic straw or metal straw?
  24. Rubber band or hair tie?
  25. Remote-controlled car or hand puppet?
  26. Digital camera or film camera?
  27. Bracelet or necklace?
  28. Keychain or badge?
  29. Globe or atlas?
  30. Umbrella or raincoat?
  31. Flashlight or headlamp?
  32. Marbles or jacks?
  33. Toy blocks or toy soldiers?
  34. Jump rope or hula hoop?
  35. Acoustic guitar or electric guitar?
  36. Magnets or stickers?
  37. Origami paper or coloring book?
  38. Board game or card game?
  39. Stopwatch or hourglass?
  40. Chess set or dominoes set?
  41. Sleeping bag or blanket?
  42. Picture frame or photo album?
  43. Jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzle?
  44. Desk lamp or floor lamp?
  45. Mug or glass?
  46. Pencil case or art box?
  47. Toy train or toy plane?
  48. Wind-up toy or battery-operated toy?
  49. Ladder or slide?
  50. Clay or playdough?

Funny This or That Questions

  1. Duck-sized horses or horse-sized ducks?
  2. Slip on a banana peel or get pied in the face?
  3. Burp confetti or sneeze glitter?
  4. Wear clown shoes every day or a propeller hat?
  5. Dance every time you hear music or sing every time you speak?
  6. Have a pet dragon or a unicorn as a best friend?
  7. Nose like an elephant’s trunk or ears like a bunny’s?
  8. Only talk in rhyme or only speak when you’re jumping?
  9. Hiccups forever or always feel like you are about to sneeze?
  10. Have marshmallows for fingers or hot dogs for toes?
  11. Turn purple every time you get embarrassed or get stripes like a zebra when you are excited?
  12. Only be able to walk backward or only be able to hop?
  13. Live in a world where everything is dessert or everything is made of toys?
  14. Have hair made of spaghetti or sweat maple syrup?
  15. Fart bubbles or burp rainbows?
  16. Be a potato for a day or a tomato for a month?
  17. Wear a tutu every day or a giant hat?
  18. Live in a treehouse shaped like a peanut or an underground house shaped like a watermelon?
  19. Have jellybean teeth or chocolate chip eyes?
  20. Be able to make objects around you break into song or dance?
  21. Ride to school on a giraffe or hop there on a pogo stick?
  22. Have to moo like a cow every time you meet someone or oink like a pig every time you say goodbye?
  23. Be a famous detective who’s afraid of the color yellow or a world-renowned chef who can only cook with broccoli?
  24. Have antlers or a squirrel tail?
  25. Sleep in a bed of mashed potatoes or take a bath in tomato soup?
  26. Have feet that smell like popcorn or hair that smells like blueberries?
  27. Only be able to communicate with mime actions or only in silly sounds?
  28. Live in a house made of jelly or a house made of cheese?
  29. Replace your hands with rubber chickens or have a rubber ducky always appear next to you?
  30. Sneak around and always be accompanied by suspenseful music or have a laughing track play every time you tell a joke?
  31. Be tickled by feathers every morning or have to sleep on a bed of springs?
  32. Have shoes that quack or pants that whistle?
  33. Have a permanent clown nose or always wear oversized glasses?
  34. Every time you clap, it rains spaghetti or every time you snap, it snows mashed potatoes?
  35. Speak only in animal noises or only in song lyrics?
  36. Always wear mismatched shoes or mismatched gloves?
  37. Be friends with a mischievous ghost or a really dramatic robot?
  38. Wake up with a different hat every day or with a different beard made of cotton candy?
  39. Have fingers that light up or toes that sound like musical instruments?
  40. Always have to skip everywhere or always have to moonwalk?
  41. Breathe out bubbles or sneeze tiny fireworks?
  42. Be a ninja but always wear neon colors or be a pirate who’s scared of water?
  43. Have a parrot on your shoulder that only tells dad jokes or a monkey that always dances?
  44. Blow up like a balloon when surprised or melt like an ice cream when sad?
  45. Have a boomerang banana or a compass carrot?
  46. Fight a knight with a rubber sword or joust on toy scooter
  47. Have pillows that laugh when you lay on them or doors that cheer when you open them?
  48. Be chased by slow-moving turtles or be followed by a parade of ducks?
  49. Live in a world where everyone’s hair is made of flowers or their shoes always squeak?
  50. Have a personal cloud that follows you and sometimes rains chocolate or a mini sun that shines and occasionally drops gold coins?


Holidays are a fun and exciting time for kids. Here are some “This or That” questions related to holidays that you can ask them:

  1. Christmas or Halloween?
  2. Easter or Thanksgiving?
  3. New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?
  4. Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day?
  5. Fourth of July or Labor Day?
  6. Birthday or Unbirthday (a day that’s not your birthday)?
  7. Summer vacation or winter break?
  8. Hanukkah or Passover?
  9. Diwali or Holi?
  10. Independence Day or Republic Day (for countries that celebrate both)?
  11. Pumpkin carving or egg painting?
  12. Giving gifts or receiving gifts?
  13. Fireworks or bonfires?
  14. Christmas tree: real or artificial?
  15. Candy canes or gingerbread?
  16. Snowman building or leaf pile jumping?
  17. Easter egg hunt or Christmas morning presents?
  18. Parade or fireworks show?
  19. New Year’s resolution or year-end reflection?
  20. Costumes or festive clothing?
  21. Hot cocoa on Christmas or iced lemonade on Fourth of July?
  22. Christmas carols or Halloween spooky stories?
  23. Chocolate bunnies or marshmallow chicks?
  24. Christmas cookies or Thanksgiving pie?
  25. Midnight countdown or morning celebration?
  26. Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham?
  27. Halloween: trick or treat?
  28. Beach holiday or snowy retreat?
  29. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  30. Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?
  31. Snowball fights during Christmas or water balloon fights on summer holidays?
  32. Haunted houses or Christmas villages?
  33. Holiday postcards or holiday calls?
  34. Decorating the house or baking festive treats?
  35. Mistletoe or wreaths?
  36. Cinco de Mayo or Day of the Dead?
  37. Winter solstice or summer solstice?
  38. Lantern festivals or color festivals?
  39. Father’s Day or Mother’s Day?
  40. Chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day or chocolate coins on Hanukkah?
  41. Flag raising or tree lighting?
  42. Family gatherings or friends’ party?
  43. Roast dinner or barbecue?
  44. Homemade gifts or store-bought presents?
  45. Ice skating during winter holidays or picnics during spring celebrations?
  46. Holiday movies or holiday songs?
  47. Festive lights: colorful or white?
  48. Sending holiday cards or receiving them?
  49. Advent calendar or holiday countdown?
  50. Setting off your own fireworks or watching a professional show?


  1. Magic or science?
  2. Movie theater or home movie?
  3. Playground or park?
  4. Gold or silver?
  5. Comedy or drama?
  6. Wizards or witches?
  7. Circles or squares?
  8. Planets or stars?
  9. Mystery or fairy tale?
  10. Green or blue?
  11. Fairies or elves?
  12. Red or yellow?
  13. Pirates or knights?
  14. Indoor or outdoor?
  15. Farm or city?
  16. Flying or invisibility?
  17. Morning or night?
  18. Camping or hotel?
  19. Handwritten or typed?
  20. Thunderstorms or clear skies?
  21. Roller skates or skateboards?
  22. Ice cream truck or food truck?
  23. Surfing the internet or surfing the waves?
  24. Dinosaurs or aliens?
  25. Time travel to the past or future?
  26. Big parties or small gatherings?
  27. Pet dragon or pet robot?
  28. Constantly day or constantly night?
  29. Drive a race car or fly a jet?
  30. Be tiny as an ant or giant as a building?
  31. Live underwater or in outer space?
  32. Eat only sweet or only savory for the rest of your life?
  33. Be able to teleport or read minds?
  34. Permanent stickers or erasable tattoos?
  35. Be a character in a video game or in a movie?
  36. Snowy mountains or sandy beaches?
  37. Own a spaceship or a time machine?
  38. Be a superhero or a supervillain?
  39. Have a pet talking bird or a mysterious magic cat?
  40. Travel with a circus or with a band of pirates?
  41. Always wear costumes or always wear uniforms?
  42. Live in a candy house or on a floating island?
  43. Discover a hidden treasure or a hidden civilization?
  44. Have magical shoes or a magical hat?
  45. Be friends with mermaids or with centaurs?
  46. Celebrate Christmas every day or Halloween every night?
  47. Live in a treehouse in the jungle or an igloo in the Arctic?
  48. Play video games all day or read books all night?
  49. Own a shop selling dreams or a cafe serving magic potions?
  50. Be a famous explorer of unknown lands or a renowned inventor of cool gadgets?

Would These Questions Work for Teens and Middle School Students?

Yes! While I took care to weed out any terms or items that would be confusing or inappropriate for a younger audience, the questions are suitable for any age.

Printable This or That Questions

If you’d like to play a more organized version of the game, you might enjoy these printable cards I’ve created. I’ve included all 600 questions listed above plus a page of fill-in-the-blank cards so you can create your own! Print them off on cardstock and laminate them so you can use them again and again.

Whether it’s for road trips or family discussions, these this or that questions will provide hours of entertainment while helping kids develop decision-making skills and fostering meaningful conversations with parents and caregivers.

Fun Would You Rather Questions for Kids

This or That is a variation of one of my family’s favorite games – Would You Rather. If you love playing games like this for your family quality time, check out these posts:

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