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31 Uncustomary Yet Clever Uses For A Pencil

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Wondering what other uses for a pencil are there? It might have been pretty indispensable when we (or our children) were younger or still in school, but once we’ve grown past a certain age, we might find ourselves scarcely reaching for one ourselves.

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With technology being as advanced as it is now, it’s hard to think of working with a pencil when other tools can do the job better and more efficiently. 

However, don’t be so quick to throw them away! You might no longer utilize them to do a lot of writing, but that doesn’t mean your trusty tools won’t have other purposes.

Here are 31 uncustomary yet clever ways you can still breathe new life into pencils in your home!

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Different Uses For A Pencil (Outside Writing on Paper!)

Around the House

A picture of a pencil with a pink eraser on it, showcasing the versatile uses for a pencil.
  1. Did you know that some pencil erasers contain synthetic rubber, fillers, and even pumice? Pumice is a mineral that has long been used to rub away errors, as it has a mild, abrasive texture that’s ideal for removing markings. For this reason, you can use it to help you clean some spots in your house. For example, you can:
    • Shine your brass doorknobs
    • Scour unwanted sticker residue or gunk from windows and other surfaces
    • Erase crayon markings off some walls 
    • Get rid of scuff marks from tile and vinyl floors. 
  1. Are muddy shoes giving you a problem? Deal with it by using the sharp end of the pencil to clear away any dried-out mud from your shoes or boots. Just make sure to do this outside the house – you wouldn’t want any mud to find its way inside!
  2. If you plan on squeezing out your toothpaste tube to get the last drop, use one to help you! Simply put it on the end of the toothpaste horizontally (with the pencil and toothpaste in a “T” position) and roll the tube upward. (By the way, there’s creative uses of toothpaste too!)
  3. Are you constantly losing your sewing needles after using them? You can try sticking them on the eraser itself. Think of a pencil as the perfect pin cushion for your casual sewing needs!
  4. If you need help with protecting your walls from scratch marks that picture frames may cause, try cutting a piece of pencil eraser and sticking it to the bottom back corners of the frames. This hack will also keep your frames sturdier.
  5. Uses for a pencil include polishing your gold jewelry! The eraser can absorb oil and dirt and leave your jewelry looking amazingly sparkly.
  6. You can even utilize them to extend the life of your rechargeable batteries! Just rub the contact points with the eraser to get rid of any dirt and dust that might have accumulated on them. Dirty contact points are one of the most common reasons that you may encounter charging problems, so by keeping them clean, you might lessen the chances of this happening to you.
  7. Looking for safe ways to repel moths and keep them from tearing holes into your clothes? Shavings from pencils made from cedar wood can help you with it – thanks to its resinous, camphor-like scent that can act as a natural insect repellent! Just put the shavings inside little cloth sacks and store them in your closet.
  8. Have a stuck zipper? Run the graphite part up and down each zipper side to help unstick it.
  9. If your new key doesn’t seem to fit your door lock, rub the graphite part over its teeth. The powder should help the key slide quickly into the lock next time you try it!

In the Garden

A picture showcasing the versatile uses of a pencil and the pencil shavings.
  1. Utilize your pencils as mini stakes in your garden! They can act as support to your small plants as they grow.
  2. Poke some holes in the garden soil with the help of the bottom end of your pencil. You can then put seeds inside these holes more easily.
  3. Add some shavings to your compost pile! It will provide your compost with a healthy supply of carbon, which may increase the quality and productivity of your garden soil. Just remember to add only the shavings, as other parts of the pencil, like the lead, ferrule (the metal joining the pencil with the rubber), and non-synthetic rubber, are not biodegradable.
  4. You can also utilize the shavings as a ready alternative to the traditional topsoil – which can give your garden an attractive, textured look. Bonus points if your pencils are made of cedar wood – it can help repel insects like spiders and ants and keep them away from your garden.
  5. Unsure if your soil needs watering? Insert a pencil halfway into the soil, then pull it out. If some soil gets stuck to it, then it means it has enough water. But, if there isn’t any, then you’ll need to water the soil.

Replace Other Items

Two pictures showcasing a woman creatively incorporating a pencil into her hairstyle.
  1. Need help practicing with chopsticks? Get two pencils – preferably unused and unsharpened. That way, you can easily avoid any untoward accidents as you practice eating with them. 
  1. You don’t have any spare drumsticks lying around? No problem! Just take two pencils lying around the house and use them for playing your drums as much as you want. (Whether the drums are real or just make-shift plastic food containers, though, we’ll leave it up to you!)
  2. Do you want to give off an artsy, hippie vibe? Arrange your hair into a messy bun and then hold it in place using a pencil. You’ll look cool walking around while also having a tool around in case of emergencies!
  3. Pencils (unsharpened) can also be a handy alternative to swords when the kids want to sharpen their sword-fighting skills! Just keep a careful eye out while your kids are playing pretend – you wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt while they’re doing so. 
  4. Need to do a quick run outside without worrying about the door accidentally getting locked behind you? Lay a pencil down on the floor and treat it like a doorstop!
  5. Are you attempting to push a button that’s just a little bit too high or far from your reach? Don’t strain yourself! Grab a pencil and then have it push the button for you.
  6. Do you feel as though your beloved pets need a new toy? No problem! Attach it to a string and dangle it in front of your cat as a cheap cat toy alternative! Just be sure the tip isn’t sharp enough to hurt your pet, though.
  7. Choosing to go with a witch or a wizard costume this Halloween? Complete your look with a wand! Just paint it dark brown or black to look like a cool magic wand.
  8. If you have an itch that you can’t scratch simply because it’s too far down your back? Take a pencil and relieve yourself from having to endure that annoying feeling!
  9. Utilize it to tear through any plastic wrap or taped seals on boxes.

For Arts and Crafts

Two pictures of a person making a pencil shaving art.
  1. Keep your room smelling fantastic with a DIY potpourri! Add some perfume or essential oils to your shavings and mix well. Then, put the mixture inside a bowl, jar, or bag and display it!
  2. Need to have a straight line drawn? Uses for a pencil include being a makeshift ruler!
  3. Schedule some much-needed bonding time with your kids by doing art as a team! Pencil shaving art can be one of them. Just use the shavings to create all kinds of gorgeous drawings and art – together.

Other Ways to Use a Pencil

  1. If you have a broken toe or finger, you can use a small pencil as a temporary, improvised splint.
  2. Need to get a fire started? Gather enough shavings and then produce the sparks via a flint. 
  3. If worse comes to worst, using a pencil can be better than going unarmed! If someone wants to hurt you and is about to attack, get one and defend yourself with it, holding it in your hand as you would a knife.


How Long Can a Pencil Last?

A pencil can be sharpened 17 times. It can write an estimated 45,000 words or draw a 35-mile-long line!

Are Lead Pencils Dangerous?

Thankfully, they aren’t! Lead pencils don’t contain any lead. The dark tip is made of graphite and clay, which are non-toxic. The more graphite there is, the softer and darker the point will be.

Is It Safe for Kids to Chew On or Swallow Erasers?

Children shouldn’t chew on or swallow erasers as, while considered non-poisonous, they may still cause intestinal blockage, resulting in vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea. 
Moreover, swallowing a large enough piece may make a person choke, so be mindful, especially if you have little kids around who are fond of putting things in their mouths.

Much More Than Writing!

There are many uses for a pencil! More than just an excellent material for writing, you can also utilize it in different ways in and around your home. You just have to be a bit creative when finding them!

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