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60 Halloween Would You Rather Questions {Free Printable!}

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With celebrating Halloween comes the chance to play awesome Halloween games – just like Halloween Would You Rather!

This is a super fun way to get everyone in a fun mood and spend quality time with family and friends during Halloween-themed events or even on Halloween night. You can even do this during a sleepover with friends or a virtual hangout!

A set of Halloween would you rather questions printable cards.

So, if you’re looking for a fun set of questions you can download, print, and use as a guide, you don’t need to look elsewhere! Scroll down, and you’ll find relevant and fun questions ranging from scary and funny to brain-breaking. Use them all to play a fun, exciting, and unique Halloween Would You Rather game!

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How to Play Halloween Would You Rather

If you are unfamiliar with the game “Would You Rather,” I will give you the gist of it.

It’s a game that’s been around since the 1970’s. Basically, it’s a this-or-that quiz-type game where people take turns answering a given question. 

The way to play it is that, along with the questions, participants are also given a choice of two things. From these two options, players must answer which one they prefer and expound on their reason for choosing it. They can be logical in their answers or even wacky – the choice is theirs!  

Just remember that there are no wrong answers in this game – although you can start a playful debate with the others about why your choice is the best one. 

The questions in “Would You Rather” can be made up on the spot. However, it’s wise to plan Halloween Would You Rather questions ahead of time so you are better prepared.

The questions for this can be just about anything under the sun. However, since this one is for the Halloween season, the pre-made questions we’ll share are crafted to fit the season better and make for a fun celebration!  

You’ll love playing this game, as it makes for a great ice-breaker or conversation starter during parties or fun dinners, all while also being a great way to learn more about each other around the dinner table. Not to mention, if your kids are having a sleepover party, the “for kids” would you rather questions are a fantastic idea, too!

If you like this game and want one you can play any time of year, check out these 600 This or That Questions for Kids. Also, if you want to play this for Thanksgiving or Christmas, here’s a Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions and Christmas Would You Rather Questions.

List of Halloween Would You Rather Game Questions

Now that you’ve got the gist of the game, let’s get to it! Try these questions to get the group in the Halloween spirit quickly.

Silly Would You Rather Halloween Questions

  • Would you rather make your own Halloween costume or buy one from a store?
  • Would you rather fly on a broom or turn into a bat?
  • Would you rather go to a Halloween Party or go Trick or Treating?
  • Would you rather have a pumpkin for a head or apples for feet?
  • Would you rather watch Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters?
  • Would you rather have a witch’s green skin or a werewolf’s hairy fur?
  • Would you rather eat Pumpkin Pie all your life or drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte all your life?
  • Would you rather eat a pickled snake or a sugared spider?
  • Would you rather be friends with a vampire or a werewolf?
  • Would you rather have bacon for nails or cookies for eyes?
  • Would you rather have 3x bigger hands or 3x bigger feet?
  • Would you rather drink a gallon of mustard or a gallon of ketchup?
  • Would you rather become a talking cow or a talking chicken?
Halloween would you rather questions printable card.

Brain-Breaking Halloween Would You Rather Questions

  • Would you rather be in a room full of aliens or monsters?
  • Would you rather go ghost-hunting or play a Ouija board?
  • Would you rather look for the ghost or be the ghost?
  • Would you rather have the power to revive the dead or stay young forever? 
  • Would you rather be the first or the last person to turn into a zombie in a zombie apocalypse?
  • Would you rather find out your parents are aliens or that the alien is you?
  • Would you rather fight Dracula, Bigfoot, or Frankenstein?

Great Halloween Would You Rather Questions (For Kids)

  • Would you rather trick or treat as a character from Toy Story or Harry Potter?
  • Would you rather never celebrate Christmas or Halloween?
  • Would you rather stay home and eat snacks all day or go to an amusement park with friends?
  • Would you rather give out candy or receive candy?
  • Would you rather have a pet black cat or a pet snake?
  • Would you rather go trick-or-treating with Mom or Dad?
  • Would you rather eat Candy Corn (formerly called Chicken Feed!) or Jolly Ranchers?
  • Would you rather enjoy all your treats or sell them for $20?
  • Would you rather go trick-or-treating with a witch or an alien?
  • Would you rather have wings like a bat or a tail like a cat?
  • Would you rather bob for apples or carve a pumpkin?
  • Would you rather eat a spider or a slug?
  • Would you rather be a ghost like Casper or a sorcerer like Harry Potter?
Halloween would you rather questions printable card.

Awesome Halloween Would You Rather Questions (For Adults)

  • Would you rather read the scariest book or watch the scariest movie?
  • Would you rather survive a zombie apocalypse or a global epidemic?
  • Would you rather wear a devil or an angel costume?
  • Would you rather hand out candy yourself or let kids take the candy themselves?
  • Would you rather be a rich person with bad luck or a poor person with good luck?
  • Would you rather be a vampire slayer or an alien hunter?
  • Would you rather have Thanos or Darth Vader mad at you?
  • Would you rather have teleportation or invisibility as a power?
  • Would you rather have a vampire or a werewolf as your stalker?

Scary Halloween Would You Rather Questions 

  • Would you rather become a zombie or a vampire?
  • Would you rather be chased by a werewolf or haunted by a ghost?
  • Would you rather spend a night alone in a graveyard or an abandoned hospital?
  • Would you rather see a Lochness Monster or Bigfoot?
  • Would you rather be able to talk to ghosts or see them? 
Halloween would you rather questions printable card.


How Many Can Play Would You Rather?

You can play this game with two or more people. 
If there are more players, you can allow one person to answer one question, have all the participants answer the same question, or select a couple of players from the crowd to answer one question before moving on to the next. Your choice!

Aside from Would You Rather, What Other Activities Can You Do During Halloween?

Other enjoyable activities include touring a haunted house, taking historical ghost tours, visiting amusement parks, and even throwing Halloween-themed parties!

Why Is Halloween So Enjoyable?

Halloween is a great time for people to come together and enjoy themselves in a fun or even spooky way! Plus, a lot of candy is being given away, activities to do, and games to play – just like Halloween Would You Rather. 

Halloween Would You Rather PDF

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Have a Memorable Halloween This Year

Playing games with your friends and loved ones can be fun and exciting! Halloween Would You Rather is a terrific game to play this spooktacular season.

Not only can playing it be such a blast, but it’s also great for learning more about those you play with – especially if they’re friends or family. It’s a great game to add for Halloween teen parties, too, along with these The 25 Best Halloween Games for Teens and Tweens.

Try it yourself, and we hope you have fun doing so!

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