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13 Totally Fun Slumber Party Ideas

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Are you at the point where you need to organize your child’s slumber party? Whether it’s for a teen, tween, or kid- we’ve got you covered.

Or perhaps, you’re a teen trying to look for some inspiration to impress your friends — read on for some awesome, unforgettable and trendy slumber party ideas! They are ideas which are perfect for all ages.

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1. Spa Night Slumber Party

What a great way for your teenage or tween daughter to relax with her friends — by having a spa night and getting their hair and nails done. Afterwards, they can watch the latest chick flick while drinking non-alcoholic cocktails, like a Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada! Who would say no to that?

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2. Movie Night Slumber Party

Organize a movie night to remember by getting all the girls or boys matching pajamas. Get enough popcorn and create a movie theater style station with popcorn flavors that can be added as well as savory and sweet toppings.

You can also set up a slushie machine — yum! Also, organize for everyone to have matching pajamas, which you can include in the invitation or when they arrive at the slumber party!

3. Star Wars Slumber Party

Have you got Star Wars fans? Then this would be the ultimate slumber party! Set-up this cool Star Wars themed slumber party with those Darth Vader decorations, print outs and puzzles. Get the Jedi outfits ready and light sabers for your guests.

4. Tropical Slumber Party

Get the hula skirts and island music ready! Who wouldn’t enjoy a good beach party? Bring the tropical beach feeling to your own home. You won’t even need to have a pool, but if you do — all the better.

If you don’t, just create the atmosphere. Get some blow-up kiddie pools, serve virgin cocktails and get hand foods that the teens and tweens can just grab and go with. Set-up the right decorations and party favors for the guests.

Don’t forget to have a limbo contest- it’s a must! Spread some beach towels on the floor and let the kids enjoy watching a movie after all the games and fun have finished. You can even add fake sand to make it a real beach vibe!

5. Sleepover Tents and Friendship Bracelets Slumber Party

Put together little tents that are Bohemian style for each guest to sleep in. Get tent-matching headbands, sleeping masks, and other party favors. Set up a station where the girls can make their own friendship bracelets that they can take home with them.

6. Board Game Slumber Party

Here’s a great slumber party idea with lots of games, who doesn’t enjoy a game night? Complete the party with drinks, snacks and all the board games you can think of. Go to a local thrift store and buy all the games you can find. Finish the night off by watching a movie.

7. Karaoke Slumber Party

They will probably be up making noise till late in the night anyway, so why not encourage the teens to make fun noise? Hire a karaoke machine or a sing along game and turn your TV room into a live concert!

Young teen girl standing on bed holding microphone while two girls sit on floor watching performance

Get some dress up items that are rock-star inspired, like sunglasses, wigs, scarves and more. When giving out the invites, make them into backstage pass invitations. To finish their concert off, they can watch a DVD of their favorite singer performing.

8. Scavenger Hunt Slumber Party

This is a suitable slumber party idea for all ages really, but this Scavenger Hunt is specifically made to be around the house. You can even extend it into the garden or yard. You can do a Goodie Bag hunt- which includes secret codes, clues, riddles and so on. There are clues for two different teams and the clues lead you to different locations in the house- dryer, fridge, microwave, toaster, mailbox, oven and more. This is a great and fun way to keep everyone entertained, and they get small goodie bags out of it! Or, you can do the Poem Hunt, which includes rhyming clues which leads you to different places in the house again to find a goodie bag.

9. Camping Party Slumber Party

Here’s a fun outdoors slumber party idea, set-up a mock campout in the backyard. Make a bonfire and let the kids sit around it and enjoy s’mores and hotdogs. Pitch up a big tent for the children to sleep in, or pitch up a few tents for each of them. Get some camping games ready and you’re all set!

10. Photoshoot Slumber Party

You can hang up a sheet for a backdrop and get your child a digital camera. Just organize different looks and makeup for dressing up and they can enjoy making each other up. They can then pose as models and one can play the photographer.

Additional activities for the Photoshoot Slumber Party would be a scrapbooking craft and mini photo album as part of the party favors. This slumber party works great for teens and tweens.

11. Little Chefs Slumber Party

Do you have a future chef in the house? This would make a great slumber party for your kid! Make this slumber party a success by being prepared in terms of groceries. Have simple and easy recipes printed for the children to choose from and make- then enjoy their creations!

Get plain aprons for the children to decorate as a craft activity and get chef hats as party favors for the kids. They’ll love wearing their chef outfit while preparing their chosen dish, and they can take their chef outfit home to use in their own kitchen!

12. Halloween Slumber Party

Does your tween or teen love to dress up for Halloween? But the problem is, Halloween is to far away- not to worry, throw her or him a Halloween Slumber Party.

Get each guest to come to the party wearing a Halloween-inspired costume of their choice. Let the group enjoy their night with ghoulish punch, spooky snacks and treats and sharing scary stories.

Have Halloween inspired games and crafts to complete the fun night- and maybe have a spooky Halloween movie for them to watch. Have the house decorated with fake spiders, spider webs, carved pumpkins and other Halloween inspired characters and decorations.

13. Glow In the Dark Slumber Party

This is a great idea for your older teens- something different and unique. Have a highlighter party! You’ll need to organize a black light, white shirts and highlighters for the kids. Let them go crazy coloring one another’s shirts- turn on the black light and enjoy!

green, pink, blue and yellow glowsticks on a black background

Have neon inspired decorations like balloons, streamers and glow sticks. The glow sticks would make a nice party favor for the guests, along with other neon-inspired party favors. Have neon-colored foods and drinks available for the guests to complete the night.


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  1. When our daughter was between the ages of 10 and 12,she had a few slumber parties with her close friends.Then just past 12,her puberty started and bedwetting because of it!After breaking out in rashes from the Goodnites and other disposable products we tried on her,i had to put her into cloth diapers and rubberpants at bedtime which was a game changer for her.Her close friends accepted her wearing the diapers and rubberpants and then when she would have a sleepover,some of her friends would actually wear some of her diapers and rubberpants also,so she wouldnt be the odd girl out! I thought it was very nice and sweet of her friends to to this as it made the daughter feel more comfortable!

    • What an amazing group of friends! That’s such a tough age and it’s wonderful to hear that her peer group was supportive rather than making her feel embarrassed or like an outcast.


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