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Fun Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas (Free Printable)

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photo scavenger hunt is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Activities for kids can be hard to come up with, but this one will keep them busy for hours!

Ignite that sense of adventure for your young kids by letting them go on a fun photo scavenger hunt. Apart from the excitement, it’s an excellent activity for your kids to develop their observational skills and social skills. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt printable card.

What is a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

A photo scavenger hunt is just a scavenger hunt with a camera. It works the same as a regular scavenger hunt, but instead of collecting items, you are just collecting photos of the items.

It is an enjoyable way to play, especially since most people have smartphones that include a camera. You can come up with unique photo scavenger hunt ideas and photo challenges. It’s a terrific activity that kids will enjoy!

Benefits of a Photo Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great party game that can keep your kids busy for a long time. Here are some benefits of this activity.

  • It develops your kids’ creativity: It’s a way for participants to get creative with their photos.
  • It helps them develop social skills. This activity can be done with your kids in a group or a team that works towards a collective goal: finishing the list of photo scavenger hunt prompts. 
  • It helps exercise your child’s mind and body: A scavenger hunt is a physical activity that also helps hone your kids’ problem-solving skills. Letting them do this helps develop both their minds and their bodies. 

Who Should Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt? 

I think a photo scavenger hunt suits anyone ages 10 or older. Younger kids can participate, too, with the help of adults or older siblings.

This is an excellent activity for larger groups. I have seen big families split up into teams and have a photo scavenger hunt and it was a blast for everyone involved.

Employers have been known to use scavenger hunts as team-building exercises. Thanks to the availability of our phones, even employees on a work-from-home arrangement can participate in specific challenges and take photos. 

Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt on a wooden table.

Where Should You Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

You can do an indoor or outdoor photo scavenger hunt. After all, you can take a snap anywhere, thanks to modern technology. 

You don’t even have to meet up in person since a virtual scavenger hunt with photos is a great way to bond despite being in different places. 

This free printable photo scavenger hunt list is geared toward the outdoors. It lets your kids explore while recognizing the things on your list. 

I have heard of people doing themed photo scavenger hunts at a mall, in a school building, and even on a college campus. You could even modify one if stuck in an airport for hours! 

There is no limit to how much fun you can have with a photo scavenger hunt.

A green camera icon on a white background for a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Equipment Needed

If you want to organize a photo scavenger hunt for kids or one for a team-building exercise for your friends, here are the basic things you need!

  • A list: The most crucial part of any scavenger hunt is a list of items that participants need to find. To simplify things, you can try out the printable photo scavenger hunt challenge sheet I shared here. Afterward, you can try and come up with great themes and ideas for kids and adults, too!
  • A smartphone or camera: When you participate in this activity, you must take a photo! Smartphones are the gadget for this game. However, if you want physical copies of your photos to make a physical scavenger hunt album, you may try using instant or disposable film cameras. 

Here are some tools that may be useful if you plan on making copies of this printable picture scavenger hunt!

  • Printer: If you’re looking for an affordable printer, this is a good pick. If you don’t mind spending more e for a higher-quality product, you can check out this option. But if you’re looking for a heavy-duty, all-in-one machine you can use at home, this one fits the bill, and it has high reviews and comes with 2 years of ink.
  • Printer paper orcardstock: Distributing a physical list to participants of your scavenger hunt is a must if you’re doing it in person. For this, you can print out your list using printer paper. You may also use cardstock if you want your printouts to be more durable, which may be useful if you give them out to the little ones!

Creative Ways to Use This Printable 

There are many ways to get creative with the photo scavenger hunt for your group. Here are some ideas:

Make It a Competition

Why not make things more interesting by creating some competition between groups? Divide your participants into groups and see who can finish the list first!

Create a Selfie Album

Why not take the opportunity to record memories with this activity? Have your kids take a selfie with the items they find, and at the end of the activity, compile the photos into an album. 

Customize the Rules

While a photo scavenger hunt can be done individually, you can also conduct it in groups. Since this is an outdoor hunt, dividing into teams is a safer way to go. But if you want to conduct indoor hunts, they’re better-done as a free-for-all.

Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt next to a cell phone and headphones on a wood background.

Safety Tips for a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Since many scavenger hunts are outdoors and around neighborhoods or towns, it is vital to remember a few safety tips.

  • Remind the players not to trespass on private property or walk through people’s yards.
  • Kids may start running and not pay attention to traffic and crosswalks when they get competitive. Always cross streets in the proper location and be careful of vehicles.
  • If you want to take a picture of a person or something they own, it is always a nice idea to ask first and explain the game you are playing. Most people are happy to help in any way they can!

Download a Free Printable Photo Scavenger Hunt List

You can print off this free printable photo scavenger hunt list and make copies for everyone in your group.

Just fill in the form below to download and print the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

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