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Best Substitutes For Burrata Cheese To Make Creamy Dishes

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Every cheese is created differently; some are more luxurious (in flavor and cost) than others, so it helps to know a delectable substitute for burrata cheese.

close up of A plate of burrata cheese with basil leaves and olive oil.

Have you found a recipe that calls for burrata cheese, but you’re also worried about its cost? Well, I’ve been there. There’s no need to exceed the budget to whip up a delicious dish for your family.

Keep that recipe in hand and keep scrolling to discover good substitutes for burrata cheese without sacrificing the taste of your dish.

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What Is Burrata Cheese?

A fantastic combination of contrasting textures that resulted in a luscious, yet not overpowering, flavor — that’s how I’d describe burrata cheese.

Burrata cheese is made with mozzarella and cream. More specifically, the soft exterior of burrata cheese is made of mozzarella. Then you’ll find a nice surprise once you slice into it as it reveals a light, creamy filling made of mixed stracciatella and cheese curds.

You’ll taste the milky and slightly tangy flavor of mozzarella from the exterior, and then it’s balanced by the gooey and a bit sweet filling. Despite this combination of flavors, burrata cheese is pleasantly light and not overpowering.

This Italian cheese has a complex, yet delicate flavor, with amazing meltability that makes burrata a versatile cheese. It can be the highlight of an appetizer dish when served fresh and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil or balsamic glaze.

A pizza topped with burrata cheese on a plate.

Burrata cheese is also an excellent topping for various dishes, such as pizza, roasted or grilled vegetables, fresh salad, caprese salad, and even a simple platter of fresh fruits. 

The creaminess of burrata also nicely complements soups, especially French onion.

Why You May Need a Substitute for Burrata Cheese


While the typical cost of burrata is far from the most expensive cheese, it’s still relatively pricier than most cheese types used in cooking.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with exactly following a recipe that calls for burrata cheese for special occasions. 

However, in times when you don’t want to splurge for a home-cooked meal, knowing several burrata cheese substitutes would be great. This will allow you to still serve delicious dishes without overspending.


Even when you have some wiggle room in your budget, accessibility to burrata cheese could be an issue. It may be more difficult to find, especially if you live in areas where specialty cheese shops are uncommon.

So knowing the best alternatives to burrata cheese can save your dinner plans.


As delectable as burrata cheese is, there may be times when you need a cheese with a different flavor profile for a recipe. You may be experimenting with your cooking or adjusting the recipe to fit someone’s flavor preference. Both are good reasons to use a substitute for burrata cheese.

Dietary Restrictions

Someone in your family or one of your guests could have a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. But by using dairy-free and vegan burrata substitutes, they should be able to enjoy the same scrumptious meal everyone else is having.

Best Substitutes for Burrata Cheese + Vegan Alternatives


Using fresh mozzarella to replace burrata cheese is one of the best ways to substitute the ingredient. Since the exterior of burrata cheese is made from mozzarella, this is a perfect substitute to achieve a similar texture.

Substitute for burrata cheese with Mozzarella in a bowl.

Fresh mozzarella is easier to find and more affordable, although this fresh cheese doesn’t have a creamy filling like burrata.

There’s little trade-off in using mozzarella instead of burrata for Caprese salads, pasta, and pizza. Mozzarella can even be the main ingredient in a savory snack or appetizer.


When the creaminess of burrata cheese is an important element in a dish, you can easily substitute it with ricotta. While ricotta’s texture is a bit more grainy, its moisture content and mild flavor are somewhat similar to burrata.

Ricotta cheese in a bowl with tomatoes and basil.

More importantly, ricotta has a lower fat content. So if you need a healthier alternative to burrata cheese, this is one of your best options.

I love using ricotta cheese when a recipe calls for burrata cheese topping green salads, roasted vegetables, pasta dishes, or sandwiches.

Cream Cheese

Here’s another burrata cheese alternative that gives you a similar creamy consistency. However, expect the flavor to be different because cream cheese is known for its blend of sweet and tangy flavors.

A bowl of cream cheese, a substitute for burrata cheese, next to a loaf of bread.

This can be a versatile cheese, too. Cream cheese goes well with many desserts like my Raspberry Cream Cheese Galette recipe

You can also use it in savory appetizers. Try these stuffed mushrooms and stuffed peppers recipes where the creamy, mild taste of cream cheese really shines.

Stracciatella Cheese

Stracciatella cheese — not the Italian soup or gelato — is the same filling used for burrata cheese. So if you need to stay as close as possible to burrata cheese’s creamy interior, this is the way to go.

Stracciatella Cheese in a bowl on a cutting board.

This creamy cheese is best used in pasta recipes. You can also add a dollop of stracciatella cheese to salads and soups with tomato and basil.

However, stracciatella may be harder to come by than other substitutes for burrata cheese.

Feta Cheese

You may be surprised to see feta cheese on this list, given how distinct its texture and flavor are from burrata cheese.

Feta cheese, tomatoes and herbs on a slate board, a substitute for burrata cheese.

However, feta cheese can also be a great substitute if you want to tweak a recipe by adding a noticeable tangy flavor and a more robust taste.

Feta is best known for its crumbly texture, so you can use it as a topping on salads, pizzas, and pasta dishes.

Cottage Cheese

Like burrata, cottage cheese has the same creamy texture and a milky flavor. Although it’s distinguishable from burrata, it can still be a cheaper, healthier, and tasty alternative.

Cottage Cheese in a bowl with a spoon on a wooden table.

You can choose cottage cheese with small curds to stay closer to the texture of the burrata cheese’s interior.


This Italian cream cheese is commonly used in desserts due to its rich taste and buttery texture. However, there are many ways to use mascarpone other than for dessert, like in these Lemon Ricotta Waffles with Mascarpone and Blueberries.

A bowl of mascarpone as a substitute for burrata cheese on a wooden cutting board.

So you can definitely use mascarpone instead of burrata cheese, even for savory dishes like creamy risotto, ravioli filling, tomato soup, and savory tarts.

Queso Fresco

This Mexican soft cheese is surprisingly an excellent substitute for burrata cheese, especially in soup, stew, and pasta recipes. However, queso fresco cheese is commonly used as a finishing ingredient since it’s best served fresh.

A substitute for burrata cheese - a slice of Queso Fresco on a wooden table.

It lacks the creaminess that burrata cheese gives, although the salty and tangy taste it has is perfect for Mexican dishes with bold flavors. This is a soft cheese with a crumbly texture, so it’s a great topping for tacos and salads.

Vegan and Dairy-Free Substitutes for Burrata Cheese

Cashew Milk Mozzarella Cheese

Thankfully, more cheese alternatives made with plant-based milk are now easily available in stores and online. Cashew milk cheese is one of the most common dairy-free and vegan options out there.

There are cashew cheese products that are specifically made to resemble mozzarella cheese. They can be a nice substitute for burrata cheese, although they aren’t as melty and gooey as any real cheese.

Almond Milk Ricotta Cheese

Looking for a vegan cheese option to add a creamy texture to your dish? The vegan ricotta made from almond milk is a great option.

It can provide a buttery taste and texture for your vegan lasagna and pizza recipes. Some brands also offer herbed almond cheese that can be used as a cream cheese vegan alternative.

How to Choose a Substitute for Burrata Cheese for Your Recipes

As you can see from this list, you have several burrata cheese substitutes to choose from that are cheaper and easier to find. However, you must consider some factors to select the best alternative for your recipe.

Texture or Flavor?

It may be difficult to replicate both texture and flavor with just a single burrata cheese substitute. So consider which is the more important aspect of a dish.

Does it have to be creamy, but can the flavor be tweaked? Opt for substitutes like cream cheese, ricotta, or cottage cheese.

Does it need a subtle, delicate flavor? Steer clear from alternatives with more intense flavor and saltiness, like feta cheese.

Creamy or Gooey?

Burrata cheese has two different textures, thanks to its mozzarella exterior and stracciatella interior. When using a substitute, you may not be able to mimic both.

A bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, basil and ricotta cheese.

For dishes that look and taste better with a melty topping, go ahead and use fresh mozzarella. Cream cheese and ricotta may work better for creamy topping dishes.


Is burrata cheaper than mozzarella?

No. Mozzarella is generally more affordable and easier to find, making it one of the best substitutes for burrata cheese.

Is burrata a healthy cheese?

While it’s not the healthiest cheese out there, burrata can be a good source of protein and calcium — when consumed in moderation. However, feta, cottage, and ricotta cheese may be healthier alternatives because of their lower fat contents.

Why is burrata cheese so expensive?

There are several possible reasons, such as availability, demand, and the fact that authentic burrata cheese is handmade fresh. The process of handcrafting burrata cheese is also meticulous and often requires the expertise of highly skilled cheesemakers.

Whip Up Scrumptious Meals With the Best Burrata Cheese Substitutes

Moms like us know how important it is to stay within our budget. Luckily, you can do that without sacrificing the outcome of a dish.

Two bowls of salad with mozzarella and tomatoes in a wooden bowl.

Whether it’s for budget reasons or you want to tweak a recipe the family loves, you can certainly find a good substitute for burrata cheese.

However, don’t hesitate to splurge and use real burrata cheese occasionally. You deserve it!

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