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Free Printable Spice Cabinet Checklist

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I am not a creature of habit. I get bored too easily so I crave variety, whether it be in my workouts, music, blog posts, or meals. I cannot eat the same thing every week (though I do have a few go-to meals for which I always keep the ingredients on hand) so I try a lot of new recipes or play with the ones I’ve already tried. Because of this, I use a variety of herbs and spices.

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Free Printable Spice Cabinet Checklist

Since I don’t want to fumble through dozens of spice jars to figure out if I have the ones I need for a recipe, I created a spice cabinet checklist. I keep it taped inside the spice cabinet door so I can see at a glance what spices I have on hand BEFORE I start sifting through all the jars.

I also use the checklist to help me restock my cabinet after a move. As a military family, we move every 2-4 years, which is when I go through and toss old spices or jars that are nearly empty. When we unpack at the new house, I use the checklist to create my shopping list to make sure my spice cabinet is fully stocked with the ingredients I use most often.

Printable Spice Cabinet Checklist

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I made a 2-page version of the checklist to keep in my personal cookbook. In the two-page version I added the cuisine/dishes each spice works best in so that as I experiment with new recipes, I have a road map to follow. I am not a trained chef so I need a reference sheet to remind me that tarragon works well with egg dishes or that caraway can add dimension to potatoes.

How To Organize Spices

Or, you can just follow these tips from Organized 31 to organize the spices you already have.

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Easy Spice Mixes You Can Make

Be sure to check out these easy spice mixes you can make with the spices already in your cabinet that way you can avoid spending money on store-bought mixes. These also make great gifts!

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  2. I just got an invitation for a “sauces and spices” wedding shower – this info will definitely come in handy! #TheHappyHomeLife

    • Hello. I can’t see a form to fill out for access and I signed up and didn’t recieve an email. What am I missing?
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      • Hi Fran, I see your email on my subscriber list and it indicates you’ve received the email already. Perhaps it landed in spam? I will forward it to you again from my personal email.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these, I’ll definitely be printing them out, I often get stuck uses the same 3/4 things.

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com

  4. I love this list. I think your suggestion for using it for moves is great. I am really in love with your cookbook version. How smart to create a list of foods that the spices go well in. When I am not in the mood to follow a recipes exactly as written, this chart will help! Thanks.


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