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Random Acts of Kindness Using Your Camera

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Doing Random Acts of Kindness not only makes you feel great but it makes others (the recipients) feel so great and thought of.

I have been on both sides.  

I have been the giver behind the act of kindness and I’ve been the recipient.  

Can I say, that there is nothing that can encourage a soul more than this.  I’ve always done it for others….the one time my husband and I asked for our bill at the restaurant and the waitress let us know that the family across the restaurant (that had just left) took care of it for us…there was no better feeling as we walked out of the restaurant.  Could we pay for our own…yes, of course, but knowing someone noticed, someone saw and someone acted was amazing.  

Paying it forward….RAK…Random Acts of Kindness…all of these things have been around for years…no matter how you phrase it I think it’s important to keep in our radar to do for others.  This certainly brightens others days and makes the world a happier place.  

a mom, dad and little girl sitting on the grass in front of trees

Sometimes you simply have to think about how you, personally, can use your skills or given talents…sometimes it’s a simple gift, sometimes it’s the act of doing something…there are all different forms of RAK..,and it doesn’t always include money.  I think some think, well l don’t have an extra $10 to do a RAK…friends, it’s not about money.  It’s about an act of kindness…think outside of the box.

Today I’m going to help you think outside of the box and push beyond the boundaries of the normal.  Some of them include talking to strangers but I promise in the end you’ll not regret it

Using your camera…and mad skills!  Here are my top 7 ways to show a random acts of kindness using your camera.

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Random Acts of Kindness Using Your Camera

1- Talk to strangers and take their picture!

Have you ever been on vacation and seen that couple walking the beach or the mom and dad that are watching their children jump the waves?   

How about the family hiking together in the mountains…or that happy family experiencing all of the joys at a local park.  

Simply ask if you can photograph them and email them the digital files.  It’s that simple.  You’ll be shocked at the response. I dare you.  There are so many families that don’t have the privilege to pay for a professional session, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a beautiful family portrait.  

2- Do you see a mom with a camera?  Offer to take her and her kids or her and her family’s picture!

I hate to ask someone to take our picture.  I will set the self timer, but on the flip side that’s not always the best option, right?  

Yet when someone offers I do a happy dance inside!  

So when we are out and about I always try to offer to that sweet mama…hey if you want to hop in with our kids/family I’ll gladly snap it for you!!  

Then that mama smiles, it’s priceless!  She then walks away looking at the back of her camera, smiling from ear to ear!

a beach with blue sky and clouds

3- DIY a Gift with a picture on it.

You know that picture you took of your friends child at the birthday party…that picture that is just insanely adorable and perfect.  Take it and do a simple DIY gift that uses that picture and give to your friend/family member.

a hand holding a present

4- Do you know someone that is sick or losing a loved one?

Wording this can be a little tricky, I’ll not lie.

I know this can seem a little forward…yet when a loved one is loosing their family member it maybe not be the BEST time for pictures to be taken, but rest assured I can let you know that they will cherish these pictures for generations to come.  

One time I was approached by a family that had a loved one dying of cancer and wanted to get some family portraits taken before their loved one became sickly.  They knew their time together was limited, down in my heart I had to gift this session to them.  Whether you are a professional photographer or a mom with a camera you can give back to a family and I can guarantee they will cherish these photos forever.

Another time I had a client who had a family member with a little one that had a sickness.  We came together and set up a session for this sweet family…there were too many unknowns, thankfully their little one is healed and doing great, no doubt they still cherish these photos because they certainly remember these uncertain days they were facing.  

Be brave.

Be bold.

Have courage.

You’ll impact others and one by one impact the world.  

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