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Printable Letter to Santa

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This Printable Letter to Santa makes it easy for kids to create their holiday wish list. It’s also a wonderful memento and a great opportunity to reinforce writing skills.

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About This Printable Letter to Santa

I’m a firm believer that Christmas is about a lot more than presents. I think the Christmas spirit is about love, family, kindness, and gratitude for the blessings in our lives.

So, when I think of my kids writing a letter to Santa, I don’t want them to just make a long list of all the things they want. Sure, I want some input from them so that I can choose a gift they’ll really enjoy, but I don’t want the “things” to be the only thing they’re thinking about.

When your children are still young, it’s easy to guide them with some prompts. And that’s what this printable letter to Santa aims to do.

Yes, there’s space for your child to tell Santa what gifts he or she is hoping for this year, but it’s not the focus of the letter.

Instead, the letter prompts guide your child to reflect on:

  • Someone else (i.e. inquiring about Mr. and Mrs. Claus and their life in the North Pole)
  • Their behavior over the past year
  • Items they need, not just want (i.e. clothes they “could use”)
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The letter outlines the format for writing a letter to provide an example for their future letters and notes to others. In addition, your child will exercise writing skills since the fill-in-the-blank format prompts them to provide adjectives, verbs, and details to the message.

Finally, I love to keep these letters in my kids’ keepsake boxes so that years later we can look back and remember what they were like and what things they enjoyed when they were younger. Trust me, this is really fun once they are in high school and college!

This printable letter to Santa includes several small details that will be fun to look back on later:

  • Your child’s current age
  • Favorite color
  • Current interests

Plus, you’ll have a handwriting sample from your child. My older kids love to joke about their early handwriting and spelling skills.

Download the Printable Letter to Santa

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Printable Letter to Santa

How to Mail a Letter to Santa

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service has a program to deliver letters to AND FROM Santa? Follow these instructions to mail the letter and Santa’s response.

The post office will take care of the rest. Your child will receive their letter from Santa complete with a North Pole postmark! Just be sure to mail the complete package by December 8 to ensure delivery of the response before Christmas.

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  1. So cute! I just love that it encourages kids to do more than write I want, I want, I want. Pinned.


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