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Mistletoe Kisses Treat Bags

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Mistletoe Kisses Treat Bags are such a simple way to show someone you care this Christmas season. The printable treat bag toppers make this so easy you won’t believe how little time it takes to put these bags together. Who wouldn’t love to get a cute bag of Hershey kisses?

plastic bags filled with hershey kisses with a label on them that reads mistletoe kisses on a checked brown linen on a brown table


Kissing under the mistletoe is a common holiday occurrence. A lot of people don’t know why this tradition started and what it means.

Here is some interesting information about mistletoe!

  • Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant. It is a parasite that actually attacks trees!
  • It grows by penetrating the bark of its host which is usually a tree.
  • Mistletoes are slow-growing and basically live until their host dies.
  • European Mistletoe is the variety that you see in traditional Christmas stories and literature.
  • Historians believe that because mistletoe has evergreen foliage and red berries it was brought into homes to decorate during the holidays.
  • The custom of kissing under the mistletoe developed in England and was once believed to lead to marriage!
  • It is common to see sprigs of mistletoe hanging from doorways and ceilings even today!


Mistletoe kisses treat bags are great for just about anyone. Since these are easy to make it won’t take you long to make up a bunch of bags.

Here are some ideas of people you can give treat bags to:

  • Children at school holiday parties
  • Church children’s classes
  • People at local nursing homes
  • Local fireman and police officers
  • Mailman
  • Homeless people you encounter
  • Put these in stockings
  • Santa could hand these out at a local community event
  • These make great gifts for your children’s friends for Christmas
plastic bags filled with hershey kisses with a label on them that reads mistletoe kisses on a checked brown linen on a brown table


I almost feel silly listing the instructions for these easy treat bags. Nevertheless, I know some people have never made a treat bag gift before and it always helps to have step by step instructions!


The first step is to print off the treat bag toppers. Decide how many treat bags you will be making and print off the number of sheets you need to make that many bags.

a red printable with the words mistletoe kisses and from on it with christmas trees next to the words

I prefer to print these off on cardstock so they are sturdy.

Simply fill out the form below to download and print the labels.

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Now it is time to cut the treat bag toppers apart. I like to use a paper trimmer so the cuts are nice and smooth. You can also use scissors if you don’t have a paper trimmer.

Fold each topper in half.


Take some clear or decorated cellophane bags and fill them with Hershey’s kisses. There are tons of different kinds of kisses so pick your favorite or do a variety.

I personally like to use the ones with holiday wrappers.

Fill each treat bag about 1/3 to 1/2 full of kisses.


Take one topper for each treat bag and attach it to the top using a stapler. I like to do 2 staples so it is secure.

Now they are all done and you can start giving them away and making people smile!

plastic bags filled with hershey kisses with a label on them that reads mistletoe kisses on a checked brown linen on a brown table

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a collage of mistletoe kisses treat bags with title text reading Mistletoe Kisses Treat Bags

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