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Gingerbread Babies Treat Bags

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Gingerbread Babies Treat Bags are such an easy way to spread some Christmas cheer this year. The printable treat bag toppers make this such a quick DIY gift idea for the children in your life. Who doesn’t want to get a gift bag full of Teddy Grahams?

plastic bags filled with teddy grahams with printed labels that read gingerbread babies with a gingerbread man on them on a snowflake linen


The person that invented the treat bag topper was brilliant. It is such a simple way to turn a plain cellophane bag into an adorable gift.

A treat bag topper is basically a piece of paper or cardstock that is folded in half. It is placed at the top of a baggie of some kind. It is stapled into place and it holds the treat bag shut and gives your bag a darling look!

I love printable treat bag toppers because they take all the hard work out of the equation for me. Print, cut, staple, DONE!


Treat bags are really popular right now. It is a fun way to package snacks, candy or even small toys.

The sky is the limit on who you can give treat bags to. They work great for handing out at school or church parties. You can make up treat bags for your mailman, local police and firemen too.

If you are working at a holiday community fair these Gingerbread Babies Treat Bags would be a great item to giveaway to people who visit your booth.

I enjoy finding ways to do random acts of kindness and handing out treat bags is a simple way to spread some love and cheer! Adding these to my daughter’s lunch box is another way I like to show her some love.

plastic bags filled with teddy grahams with printed labels that read gingerbread babies with a gingerbread man on them on a snowflake linen


I love DIY projects that are EASY and quick. These gingerbread babies treat bags fit into the category very well. You can make a whole basket full of these bags in no time.

plastic bags filled with teddy grahams with printed labels that read gingerbread babies with a gingerbread man on them on a snowflake linen


The first step is to fill your cellophane bags with treats. It is probably easiest to just buy Teddy Grahams in whichever flavor you like best.

If you want to be very specific you could order some McVities Mini Gingerbread Men crackers! These are an English treat and super cute for this project.

Fill the bags about 1/2 full of snacks.


Now it is time to print off the Gingerbread Babies Treat Bag toppers. I like to print mine on white cardstock so they are sturdy and don’t wrinkle.

red and green printables with the words gingerbread babies and from on it next to a gingerbread man

Decide how many you need to make and print off the appropriate amount. Each page will have 4 toppers on it to help you figure how many copies you need.simply fill out the form below to download and print the labels.

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How do I print a PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFS, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Open the program, click File > Print. Select your printer and set the number of copies you want to print. Double check your print preview, then click print.


Once you have your toppers printed off. Cut each topper out. I like to use my paper trimmer to save time, but you can also use regular scissors.

When these are all cut out then fold each topper in half.


Place each topper at the top of the cellophane bag and staple it a couple of times along the bottom. This will keep the bag closed and keep the topper on! SO FUN AND EASY!

Now all you have to do is the fun part! Handing out the gingerbread peekaboo treat bags and watching those children smile.

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a collage of gingerbread treat bags with title text reading Gingerbread Babies Treat Bags

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