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Holiday Hacks for the Best Christmas Ever

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These Holiday Hacks for the Best Christmas Ever are going to save you time, stress and money so you can focus on fun and family instead. You don’t have to sit out the festivities to dramatically slash your to-do list, you just need a few tricks up your sleeve.

I’ve put together my favorite holiday hacks thanks to the generous support of Amazon, one of my favorite holiday (and every day) resources. I’m grateful to the Forward Influence Network for providing me this opportunity to share these helpful tips and resources with you.

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Holiday Hacks for the Best Christmas Ever

As a mom, I understand the urge to create magical holiday memories your children will tell their own kids about someday. We live for the moments that their faces light up when they see Santa or unwrap the perfect gift on Christmas morning.

We know the season isn’t just about “stuff,” which is how our to-do list grows so quickly. We want to send holiday cards to our friends and family to let them know we are thinking of them. We want to make it to the holiday parties and school performances to support and celebrate the people we care about.

The days in December are still only 24 hours long. How do we possibly navigate through all the things we want to do before Christmas with no extra time to get them done?

Today I’m going to share some holiday hacks to help you do exactly that. Follow these tips to have your best Christmas ever this year.

Make Your List and Check It Twice

Whenever I have way too much to do, the first thing I do is simplify my list as much as possible and group projects or errands together for efficiency. This, of course, means you have to create your list first.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably start with multiple lists. These are my lists:

    • Gifts: Who do I need to shop for? What am I buying or making? What else do I need to think about (e.g. supplies needed for wrapping, shipping or delivery)?
    • Holiday Baking: List of treats we will make, along with ingredients and supplies needed
    • Christmas Cards: Who am I sending them to? What do I need to do (order cards, buy stamps, address envelopes, send)?
    • Events: What parties, performances, and activities are planned? What are my obligations for each event?
    • General To Do:  Which tasks do I need and want to complete? e.g. decorating, watch favorite holiday movies, perform random acts of kindness as a family


I’ve found it’s really helpful to walk away from your list(s) when you’re done, then come back and take a second look with fresh eyes. I almost always catch something I forgot.

Because I LOVE planning, I actually use one of my multi-page Christmas planners. Here’s a free 2-page Christmas To Do List to help you get started on your list.

printable Christmas to do lists


In the medical community, triage means to assign degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment. This also happens to be how I tackle my lists.

Christmas to do list triage graphic

The system above is why some years we make gingerbread houses and other years we don’t. Or do the tour of Christmas lights. Or watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Basically, if it isn’t going to “ruin Christmas” (yes, my family is dramatic), then I give myself permission to let some things fall off the to-do list.


I use the concept of grouping to simplify Christmas in several ways. When it comes to gift giving, I make gifts in big batches (aka “groups”) because it’s faster and easier. Plus, I can buy supplies or ingredients in bulk to save money.

This batching system is perfect for gifts for neighbors, teachers/coaches, and co-workers. For these gifts, it truly is the thought that counts so don’t stress out over creating or finding the perfect, personalized gift for each person.

Some of my favorite gift ideas that batch easily are: homemade holiday treats, gifts in a jar, DIY fleece wreaths, and gift baskets.

I’m also a big fan of group gifts. A gift like this Bocce Ball Set is perfect for a family. Much cheaper than buying individual gifts for each person and it is something everyone gets to enjoy!

an amazon basics black bag with bocce balls in it and next to it

The group gift concept is perfect for families, but it works just as well for staffs. Can’t afford to get all of your kids’ teachers and aides individual gifts? Make a donation in all of their names or deliver a gift basket for all faculty and staff from your family.


Thank goodness for Amazon because it has completely changed the way I do Christmas — for the better. I don’t mess with pre-dawn Black Friday lines, crowded malls, or dashing from store to store.

I can get almost every material thing I need for Christmas directly from Amazon seated comfortably at home. Even better, I get everything at low prices, including some amazing deals, and free shipping.

front doors of a house with christmas trees on both sides with amazon packages in front

EVERYONE gets free shipping this holiday season on hundreds of millions of items (it’s the largest free shipping selection in the country) on all orders arriving in time for Christmas. This is a great way to save on shipping presents to those who live far away. Order on Amazon, have it delivered as a gift directly to the recipient and save yourself a trip to the post office!

Free two-day shipping is my favorite Amazon Prime perk and definitely comes in handy during the holidays. Plus, on more than three million items in 8,000 cities and towns you can even get free same-day delivery this holiday season.

My husband’s favorite feature is “save for later” which he uses all the time. He’ll save multiple items for later so he can compare them side-by-side when he has time.

Plus, he can shop on his phone while he’s waiting for my son to finish up at wrestling practice, save his finds for later. Then, he can complete the purchase on the computer once he gets home if he didn’t have time to finish the transaction in the car.

Find the perfect gift that will deliver a smile to that special someone by visiting amazon.com/gifts.

I can order gifts, wrapping supplies, and baking supplies to help me make it through the to-do list items that weren’t triaged. But Amazon doesn’t just help me with “things,” it also helps with activities that are essential to how my family celebrates Christmas.

We stream Christmas movies on our TV courtesy of our Fire TV Stick and Prime Video. And we use our Amazon Echo Dot to play Christmas music in the kitchen while we bake.

a wooden advent calendar box on a counter next to an amazon echo dot

Singing along to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies are some of our favorite holiday traditions and they don’t cost a dime.

Amazon is committed to #DeliveringSmiles this holiday season through a variety of ways — stay tuned throughout the season to discover how.

If it sounds like I outsource my whole Christmas to Amazon, it’s because I practically do. In terms of holiday hacks, this is the one I can’t do without.

More Holiday Hacks

Looking for more tips to make your holiday season more joyful?

a collage of Christmas activities with title text reading Holiday Hacks for the Best Christmas Ever!

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  1. Amazon is always there to help me during the holidays and you have some greats tips as well ! I love gift basketing to help a group of people!

  2. This is such a handy list of hacks. We love amazon and how easy it makes the holidays.

  3. These are great hacks! I love using Amazon during the holiday season <3

  4. I adore the idea of groups for gift giving. That’s what I need to do! And I totally love your printable planner. I can really use that now that it’s crunch time.
    We rely on Amazon for so much during the holiday season. It’s really not the holidays without them!

  5. What a great list of hacks! And I totally agree with Amazon – I can’t even imagine going to a store for all of my needs anymore!

  6. Amazon’s free shipping is EVERYTHING! We’ve been Prime members since Prime began…it really is a stress reducer, especially during the holidays.

  7. I couldn’t agree more! Amazon has helped me with more shopping than ever before this year. I have utilized lists like never before and it has been super convenient. Thanks for the great triage idea…less mom guilt!

  8. I outsource to Amazon, too!! Love them, especially at the holidays. And that lawn game looks fun, fun, fun!

  9. Lists always help me during the Holidays! Thanks for the hacks for the best Christmas! I especially enjoyed your batching system. Plus, I adore Amazon!

  10. We went Black Friday Shopping this year and was rather disappointed. I have found better prices, gifts and saved so much time now that we decided to shop Amazon! Being an Amazon Prime Member has been so beneficial I could not agree with you more!!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful to do list printable. Things get so hectic I always think I will remember stuff until I don’t !

  12. I purchased an Echo Dot last year for Black Friday, and just had to get a new one because it goes missing often! The kids tend to fight over who gets to have it in their room:) I love that it’s portable.
    Thanks for the holiday hacks – I personally love the hack for gift baskets to serve a group of people.


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