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The Ultimate Printable Christmas Planner

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There are so many things to keep track of leading up to Christmas that I can’t keep track of it all without this Printable Christmas Planner. It helps me track everything from holiday baking to my Christmas card list.

a collage of printable pages included in the Christmas planner on a brown background with various decor on the pages like snowflakes, a present, pincecones and a nutcracker with title text reading The Ultimate Printable Christmas Planner

Years ago, I used to track all of this in a simple, spiral-bound notebook. But then I realized that it’s far more fun to track everything on colorful, festive pages.

What’s Included in This Printable Christmas Planner

My 22-page Printable Christmas Planner includes planning sheets for every aspect of your holiday prep.

Here’s what’s inside:

Christmas Menu Planning Pages

One of my favorite holiday activities is baking goodies for our friends and neighbors. I also like to plan all of our meals for Christmas day in advance so I can do as much cooking and prep ahead of time and spend Christmas Day relaxing and enjoying family.

printable Christmas menu planning pages with a fake bird, gold bows, fake holly berry and a green ornament on top of the pages, all on a brown background

The printable Christmas planner comes with seven different pages to help you plan your Christmas meals and holiday baking:

  • Christmas Meal Planners for every meal
    • Brunch
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Nibbles
  • Recipe List (to keep track of all your favorite holiday recipes)
  • Recipe Card (for storing all of your favorite recipes right in your Christmas planner)
  • Baking Planner (to plan and organize your holiday baking)

Christmas Shopping Planning Pages

For me, the most stressful part of Christmas is planning and doing all of the shopping. I’m always worried I’m going to forget someone or miss a great deal and end up spending too much.

printable Christmas shopping pages with pinecones, silver stars, and a nutcracker on the pages, all on a brown background

To help eliminate the stress of holiday shopping, the printable Christmas planner comes with eight different shopping planning pages.

  • The Nice List (to keep track of everyone you’ll be buying gifts for)
  • Dated Holiday Card List (to keep track of your Christmas card mailing list for 2018-2021)
  • Undated Holiday Card List (in case you prefer to use the columns for something else)
  • Detailed Individual Gift Planner (to track details like clothing size and favorite things)
  • Generic Gift Planner (if you just want to track the recipient’s wish list)
  • Holiday Budget
  • My Wish List (to make it easier for your loved ones to shop for you)
  • Black Friday Shopping List (lay out your game plan ahead of time to score the most great deals on the biggest shopping day of the year)
  • Cyber Monday Shopping List (to snag the best online deals)

More Christmas Planning Pages!

Of course, the holiday season includes a lot more than baking and shopping. Between holiday parties, seasonal activities and your normal everyday activities, there are a lot of things to keep track of!

My Christmas planner printable and other Christmas printables with silver stars, snowflakes and a present on top of the pages, all on a brown background

That’s why the printable Christmas planner comes with seven additional pages to keep track of all those other details.

  • Cover Page (okay, it’s superfluous, but it’s pretty and fun!)
  • Blank Holiday Bucket List (fill in all of your favorite traditions and have fun checking them off all season long)
  • Things to Do (to keep track of all those tasks that contribute to a joyful holiday season)
  • Grocery List (because unfortunately all those hours you spent on holiday baking don’t relieve you of the duty of feeding your family dinner every day)
  • Places to Be (to keep track of all the events and activities that occur during the holiday season)
  • Weekly Planner (an easy at-a-glance way to stay on task throughout the holiday season)
  • Notes (to keep track of all the other things you think of, want to do, want to remember that didn’t fit on any of the previous pages)

Get the Printable Christmas Planner

Since I LOVE planners, I couldn’t help myself and I created a few others. If you want even MORE than what’s included in the Ultimate Christmas Planner, then you might want to spend a couple extra dollars to get The Most Wonderful Time of the Year planner. It’s over 40 pages!

a collage of printables for the most wonderful time of the year christmas planner

Want to get organized for Christmas and don’t quite need everything in the Ultimate Christmas Planner? You might prefer one of my other printable Christmas planners:

printable christmas planner on a white background with a red frame around it
printable christmas planner on a white background with a purple frame around it

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