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Best Family Gift Ideas

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Shopping for the perfect gift for one person can be really difficult, so it’s much harder to find the perfect gift for the entire family since there aren’t many things that kids and parents are equally excited about receiving. That’s why I put together this list of the best family gift ideas. So whether you’re shopping for another family or helping Santa choose a gift for your own family, these items will please everyone from the youngest child to mom and dad.

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And today I have especially good news! I have partnered with dozens of other parenting bloggers to bring you TONS more gift ideas! In addition to my gift guides, you can find gift ideas from some of the best mom bloggers around based on their own family’s experiences, wish lists, and personal experience and opinions. You can find over 75 gift guides from these trusted and established bloggers by clicking here or on the image below.

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Best Family Gift Ideas

Who among us isn’t fascinated by Siri and all of her Android counterparts? We all love technology that will listen to us and answer all of our questions. The Amazon Echo makes it possible for you to enjoy that experience at home, whenever you want, without a cell phone. Alexa will provide you with the weather forecast, turn on the lights, play your favorite song, and keep track of your shopping list among other things. Everyone in the family will have fun talking to Alexa.
Amazon Echo

At the top of almost everyone’s list every year since the first one came out is an iPad. If this is too expensive for you to consider giving to any one person, consider its appeal as a family gift. Maybe if everyone in the family has been really good all year, Santa will bring one!
iPad with a flower on the screen
Video games aren’t just for kids, especially when they get people up and moving. Just Dance is fun no matter what age you are and its just as fun to watch the dancers as it is to be one. The 2016 Gold Edition gives you the ability to use your cell phone as a controller.
Just Dance for XBox
If dancing isn’t something the family enjoys, maybe singing is. Even in my family of horrible singers, karaoke is one of our all-time favorite activities. This karaoke system is great for families because the stand adjusts to different heights and allows several people to sing together without fighting over who gets to hold the microphone.
karaoke system
Beat the Parents is a board game that pits parents against the kids to answer questions that the opposing team finds easy. My kids are big fans of this game since they nearly always win (perhaps something I should have guessed from the name of the game).
Beat The Parents Game
For many families, ice cream is a treat everyone in the family enjoys. It’s even better when you can make it together! This old fashioned ice cream maker is simple to use and can be used to make ice cream or frozen yogurt in any flavor.
old fashioned ice cream maker
For families who aren’t ice cream fans, a personalized cookie jar might be a better choice. And it will be a welcome gift for sure if you fill it with cookies first. If you’re giving it as a family gift, I recommend using store-bought cookies to fill it to take the pressure off of mom to keep it filled with homemade cookies.

personalized cookie jar with cookies in it on a a counter in a kitchen

Awhile ago I wrote an article about my family’s tradition of asking questions at the dinner table to learn more about each other and encourage everyone to share their thoughts. TableTopics helps families start this tradition in their own homes. TableTopics comes with 135 questions to inspire conversation. The family edition was made specifically for families to use at mealtime or bedtime.


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