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Foods That Start With J

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When it comes to exploring different cuisines and cultures, one of the best ways to do so is by discovering new ingredients and dishes. If you’re on a quest for exotic yet delicious foods, why not start with the letter “J”?

From juicy fruits to savory snacks and delectable desserts, there are plenty of fantastic options out there. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventurer, or simply looking to expand your palate, join us as we take a closer look at some of the most interesting and tasty foods that start with J.

Get ready to whet your appetite and embark on a culinary journey like no other!

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🍽️ 100 Foods That Begin With J

If you just want a simple, straightforward list of foods beginning with the letter J, here is a list of 100:

  1. Jack cheese
  2. Jackfruit
  3. Jägermeister liqueur
  4. Jägerschnitzel (German dish)
  5. Jaggery (unrefined sugar)
  6. Jalapeño peppers
  7. Jalapeño poppers
  8. Jalebi (Indian sweet)
  9. Jamaican curry goat
  10. Jamaican jerk shrimp
  11. Jamaican patties
  12. Jambalaya
  13. Jambalaya pasta
  14. Jamón (Spanish ham)
  15. Jan Hagel cookies
  16. Japanese barley tea (mugicha)
  17. Japanese clear soup
  18. Japanese curry
  19. Japanese eggplant
  20. Japanese green beans
  21. Japanese green tea
  22. Japanese matcha tea
  23. Japanese noodles
  24. Japanese pickles (tsukemono)
  25. Japanese plum wine (umeshu)
  26. Japanese rice crackers
  27. Japanese seaweed salad
  28. Japanese sushi
  29. Japanese vegetable pancakes (okonomiyaki)
  30. Jardaloo ma murghi (Parsi apricot chicken)
  31. Jardiniere (pickled vegetables)
  32. Jarlsberg cheese
  33. Jasmine green tea
  34. Jasmine rice
  35. Java chip ice cream
  36. Java rice
  37. Jazzy chicken (chicken and vegetable stir-fry)
  38. Jellied cranberry sauce
  39. Jelly beans
  40. Jelly cake
  41. Jelly donuts
  42. Jelly roll cake
  43. Jelly-filled muffins
  44. Jellyfish salad
  45. Jellyfish soup
  46. Jerk chicken
  47. Jerk pork
  48. Jerk seasoning
  49. Jerusalem artichoke salad
  50. Jerusalem artichoke soup
  51. Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffles
  52. Jerusalem artichokes
  53. Jeweled fruit salad
  54. Jeweled rice
  55. Jhinga masala (Indian shrimp curry)
  56. Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings)
  57. Jibarito (Puerto Rican sandwich)
  58. Jicama
  59. Jicama chips
  60. Jicama salad
  61. Jicama slaw
  62. Jicama sticks
  63. Jicama tacos
  64. Jim Beam bourbon
  65. Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich
  66. Jimmy Dean sausage
  67. Joe’s special
  68. John Dory fish
  69. John Dory fish and chips
  70. Johnny cakes
  71. Johnny Marzetti (Italian-American dish)
  72. Johnnycakes (cornmeal flatbreads)
  73. Joint of beef
  74. Jollof rice (West African rice dish)
  75. Jolly Rancher drink
  76. Jolly Ranchers
  77. Jolly Roger cake
  78. Jonagold apples
  79. Jordan almond biscotti
  80. Jordan almonds
  81. Jordanian kaek (sesame bread)
  82. Jordanian mansaf (rice with lamb and yogurt)
  83. Jugged hare (British stew)
  84. Juice (fruit or vegetable)
  85. Juice bar
  86. Juice cleanse
  87. Jujube fruit
  88. Jujube jelly
  89. Jujube tea
  90. Jujube tree fruit
  91. Jujubes
  92. Jumbo lump crab cakes
  93. Jumbo shrimp
  94. Jungle juice (fruit punch)
  95. Juniper berries
  96. Juniper berry sauce
  97. Juniper-crusted salmon
  98. Juniper-cured salmon
  99. Juniper-flavored gin
  100. Jus (meat juice)

🍎 Fruits That Start With J

Jabo: This fruit is native to the Caribbean and South America. It has a sweet, juicy, and fibrous pulp that can be eaten fresh or used to make juices and jams.

Jaboticaba: This fruit is native to Brazil and has a thin skin and a sweet, juicy pulp. It is commonly eaten fresh or used in desserts and drinks.

Jackfruit: This tropical fruit is among the largest fruits in the world. It has a spiky exterior and a starchy, sweet interior that is commonly used in Asian cuisine.

Jambolan: Also known as Java plum, this fruit is native to South Asia. It has a purple, oblong shape and a tangy-sweet flavor. It is often eaten fresh or used to make jams and preserves.

Jambu: This fruit is commonly found in tropical countries like India and Malaysia. It has a crisp texture and a mildly sweet, pear-like flavor. It is usually eaten fresh or added to salads.

Japanese persimmon: This fruit has a shiny orange-red skin and a sweet, creamy pulp. It is commonly eaten fresh or used to make desserts like puddings and cakes.

Jatoba: This fruit has a hard outer shell and an edible, dry pulp that is rich in starch and protein. It is typically found in South and Central America.

Jelly palm fruit: This fruit is small and orange and grows on the pindo palm tree. It has a sweet-tart flavor and is often used to make jams and jellies.

Jocote: This fruit has a thin skin and a juicy, sweet-and-tangy pulp. It is commonly eaten fresh or used to make jams and jellies. It is popular in Central America and the Caribbean.

Jonagold apple: This apple variety is a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious apple. It has a crisp texture and a sweet-tart flavor. It is commonly eaten fresh or used in baking.

Jostaberry: This fruit is a hybrid of a blackcurrant and a gooseberry. It has a tangy-sweet flavor and is commonly used to make jams, jellies, and pies.

Jubuticaba: This fruit is native to Brazil and has a thick, dark-purple skin and a juicy, tart pulp. It is often used in desserts and drinks.

Jujube: Also known as Chinese date, this fruit has a wrinkled skin and a sweet, chewy pulp. It is commonly eaten dried and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its various health benefits.

Juniper berry: This fruit is commonly used as a spice and flavoring agent in culinary dishes. It has a distinctive peppery taste and is often used to flavor gin and other alcoholic beverages.

Jussara: This fruit is native to the Brazilian rainforest and has a dark-purple skin and a sweet, juicy pulp. It is often used to make jams, jellies, and baked goods.

🥦 Vegetables That Start With J

Jalapeno peppers: These hot peppers originate from Mexico and are popular across South and Central America. Ranging in flavor from mild to spicy, they’re a main ingredient in Mexican cuisine, and are a good source of vitamins C, B6, and E.

Jerusalem artichokes: Despite their name, Jerusalem artichokes are actually a type of sunflower native to North America. They have an edible root and are a good source of iron, potassium, and vitamin B.

Japanese eggplant: This delicious vegetable is a type of eggplant that’s commonly used in Asian cuisines. Unlike traditional eggplants, it has a mild, sweet flavor and a thinner skin. It’s also a good source of vitamins C and B6.

Jicama: Also known as the Mexican turnip, jicama is a root vegetable that’s popular in Mexican and Latin American cuisine. It has a crunchy texture and a slightly sweet taste, and is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

🥨 Snacks That Start With J

Jaboticaba balls: A sweet Brazilian dessert made from the fruit that tastes like a combination of lychee and grape.

Jackfruit chips: Dried chips made from the fruit, similar to banana chips.

Jaffa cakes: A chocolate-covered biscuit with a layer of orange jam in the center.

Jaffa orange slices: Candied orange slices covered in chocolate.

Jaggery: A type of unrefined sugar made from sugarcane or palm sap.

Jalapeno chips: Potato chips with a spicy kick from jalapeno seasoning.

Jammie Dodgers: A British biscuit with a layer of jam in the center.

Jams: A spreadable fruit preserve made from mashed fruits and sugar.

Japanese senbei: A crispy rice cracker often flavored with soy sauce or seaweed.

Jelly beans: Sweet and colorful candy shaped like beans.

Jello: A gelatin-based dessert that comes in a variety of flavors.

Jerky: Dried meat that can come in beef, pork or turkey varieties.

Jicama chips: Thinly sliced jicama that is baked or fried to create a crunchy snack.

Jolly Rancher candies: Hard candies in fruity flavors.

Jordan almonds: Sugar-coated almonds, often used at weddings.

Joyva sesame halva: A sweet sesame paste with a crumbly texture.

Jumbo pretzels: Large, soft pretzels often served with mustard or cheese dip.

Junior Mints: Chocolate mints in a candy-coated shell.

Justins almond butter cups: A healthier alternative to traditional chocolate peanut butter cups.

Jujubes: A chewy candy in a variety of bright colors and flavors.

🧁 Desserts That Start With J

Jaffa cakes: A British sponge cake that is topped with orange jelly and chocolate.

Jaggery: A sweetener made from unrefined cane sugar that is commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Jalebi: A popular dessert in India and Pakistan made from deep-fried batter that is soaked in sugar syrup.

Jam: A sweet spread made from cooked fruit and sugar. Common flavors include strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

Japanese cheesecake: A light and fluffy cheesecake that is popular in Japan.

Japonaise: A layered dessert made from meringue and buttercream.

Jello: A classic dessert that is made by mixing gelatin powder with water and allowing it to set in the fridge. Often served with whipped cream or fruit.

Jelly beans: Small, colorful candies that come in a variety of fruit flavors.

Jelly roll: A sponge cake that is filled with jam or fruit and rolled up before being sliced and served.

Jerusalem kugel: A Jewish sweet pudding made from noodles, eggs, and sugar.

Jiaozi: A Chinese pastry filled with sweet bean paste or fruit.

Jicama pudding: A creamy dessert made from the root vegetable jicama, which is similar in texture to a potato.

Johnny cake: A traditional cornbread that is popular in the Caribbean and Southern United States.

Jumbo cookie: A large, soft cookie that is typically loaded with chocolate chips.

🍹 Drinks That Start With J

Java Smoothie: A delicious blend of coffee, ice cream, milk, chocolate, and ice.

Jalapeño Bloody Mary: This classic cocktail gets a spicy kick from fresh jalapeño peppers.

Japanese Slipper: A sweet and tangy cocktail made with Midori melon liqueur, Cointreau, and lemon juice.

Jasmine Tea Cocktail: Get a taste of Asia with this refreshing mix of gin, Campari, and jasmine tea syrup.

Jerry Thomas: A classic cocktail featuring gin, maraschino liqueur, and raspberry syrup.

Jellyfish Shot: This colorful shot features layers of blue curaçao, grenadine, and Irish cream.

Jet Pilot: A fruity and potent tiki drink made with three types of rum, lime juice, and several fruit syrups.

Jin & Tonic: A twist on the classic gin and tonic that adds cucumber and jalapeño for extra zing.

Joan Crawford: A strong and spicy cocktail featuring rye whiskey, dry vermouth, and tabasco sauce.

Jolly Rancher: Bring back memories of childhood with this sweet and fruity mix of vodka and Jolly Rancher candies.

Jungle Bird: A tiki classic made with dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice, and lime.

Juniper Fizz: The quintessential gin cocktail featuring gin, lemon juice, and soda water.

🧂 Condiments, Herbs, & Spices That Start With J

Jaggery: A type of unrefined sugar made from sugarcane juice, commonly used in Indian cooking for sweetening and flavoring.

Jamaican jerk seasoning: A spicy blend of seasoning with allspice, scotch bonnet peppers, cinnamon, and more, used commonly in Jamaican cuisine.

Jambalaya seasoning: A mix of spices, including paprika, garlic, thyme, and cayenne pepper, used typically in Creole cuisine.

Japanese seven-spice blend (shichimi): A mix of seven flavorful spices, including red chili flakes, sesame seeds, nori, and more.

Jasmine flowers: Fragrant white flowers with a sweet aroma that are often used to flavor tea, dishes, and desserts.

Jerk sauce: A spicy and tangy sauce that is traditionally used for marinating and grilling meats, particularly chicken and pork.

Jicama powder: A fine powder made from dried jicama, a root vegetable commonly used in Mexican cuisine for its sweet and crisp texture.

Jimbu: A Himalayan herb that has a distinct onion flavor and is commonly used in Nepali cuisine.

Juniper berries: Small purple fruits with a tart and piney flavor, used mostly in making gin but also in roasted meats.

Juniper oil: An essential oil derived from juniper berries that is used in perfumes, soaps, and skincare products.

🥩 Meat Dishes That Start With J

Jamaican Jerk Chicken: A spicy and flavorful dish popular in Caribbean cuisine, made with chicken marinated in a blend of spices including allspice, thyme, and scotch bonnet peppers.

Jambalaya: A Cajun dish that combines rice with a variety of meats such as chicken, sausage, and shrimp. It’s flavored with onions, peppers, and a mix of spices including cayenne pepper.

Japanese Curry: A hearty and comforting dish that combines chunks of meat (usually chicken or beef) with a thick and rich sauce made from curry powder, potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Jägerschnitzel: A German dish consisting of breaded and fried pork cutlets topped with a flavorful mushroom sauce.

Jerk Pork: Similar to Jamaican jerk chicken, this dish features tender and juicy pieces of pork marinated in a spicy blend of herbs and spices and grilled to perfection.

Jewish Brisket: A classic Jewish dish made with slow-cooked beef brisket that’s tender and flavorful. It’s often served with a hearty side of potato kugel.

Joël Robuchon’s Beef and Foie Gras Rossini: A luxurious French dish made with seared beef filet mignon, topped with a generous slab of pan-seared foie gras, and drizzled with a rich demi-glace sauce.

Jugged Hare: An English dish traditionally made with hare that’s been marinated and slow-cooked in a flavorful sauce made with red wine, bacon, and aromatic herbs.

Julbord: A traditional Swedish Christmas feast that typically includes a variety of meat dishes such as ham, meatballs, and pickled herring.

Justa Dumosa: A traditional dish from the Democratic Republic of Congo made with beef or goat meat that’s been slow-cooked in a rich tomato sauce flavored with peanuts and spices.

🥗 Vegetarian Dishes That Start With J

Jackfruit: A versatile fruit that has gained popularity in the vegetarian world as a meat substitute due to its texture. Can be used in savory dishes like pulled pork sandwiches or even as a sweet dessert.

Jamaican Rice and Peas: A flavorful dish made with coconut milk, kidney beans, and rice. Typically served as a side dish in Jamaican cuisine.

Jambalaya: A spicy Cajun rice dish typically made with vegetables, rice, and meat, but can be made vegetarian with substitutes like tofu or tempeh.

Japanese Curry: A comforting and mild curry made with carrots, potatoes, and onions. Can be served over rice and topped with tofu or other protein substitutes.

Japchae: A Korean dish made with sweet potato noodles, vegetables, and a sweet and savory soy sauce-based dressing.

Jicama Salad: A refreshing salad made with jicama, a sweet and crunchy root vegetable, and a citrusy dressing. Can be paired with other fruits like mango or pineapple.

Johnnycakes: A cornmeal-based flatbread that can be eaten alone or used as a base for sandwiches.

Jollof Rice: A popular West African dish made with rice, tomatoes, and spices. Can be made vegetarian by omitting the meat and adding more vegetables.

Jyoti’s Chana Masala: A popular Indian dish made with chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices. Can be served with rice or naan bread.

💙 Food Brand Names That Start With J

Now that we’ve covered all the foods starting with J pretty thoroughly, let’s end with some popular food-related brands you’ll recognize from grocery stores and local shopping and dining spots.

Jack Daniels: This iconic brand is known for their whiskey, but they also offer sauces and marinades for your barbecue needs.

Jack Link’s: A popular brand of jerky that offers a wide variety of flavors like Teriyaki and Sweet & Hot.

Jell-O: A classic dessert brand that offers gelatin and pudding options in a variety of flavors.

Jif: Known for their creamy and delicious peanut butter, Jif is a favorite brand among families.

Jimmy Dean: Famous for their breakfast sausages, Jimmy Dean also offers frozen breakfast meals and other meat products.

Jolly Time: A popular brand of popcorn that offers microwave popcorn options as well as traditional kernels.

Jones Soda: Known for their unique flavors like Green Apple and Blue Bubblegum, Jones Soda is a fun and tasty brand.

Jovial: A gluten-free brand that specializes in pasta and other Italian food products.

J.R. Watkins: A natural and eco-friendly brand that offers products for cooking, cleaning, and personal care.

Justin’s: A healthier brand that offers nut butters, snack packs, and almond butter cups.

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