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What’s In Your Phone Game

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If you have teenage girls they will enjoy playing this printable What’s In Your Phone Game. A fun and easy game for sleepovers and teen parties. We know that teens won’t go anywhere without their phones so this game can be played anytime and anywhere.

printable what's in your phone game


I designed this game for tween and teen girls originally. 

The more I thought about the game the more I realized it would also be fun with women of any age! I can definitely see my book club having a blast playing this game. 

There is no reason guys cannot play this game, but I don’t see most males liking a game like this or having many of these items on their phones! 

Younger children may not have phones and probably aren’t on social media so they aren’t a good group for What’s In Your Phone game. For them, the Put a Finger Down game is a great alternative (and it’s just as fun for older kids and adults too!)


There are lots of different ways to earn points in this fun teen game. 

Here are the different ways you can earn points with your phone:

  • Pink phone case
  • The lock screen is a photo
  • You are in an active group text
  • You have an unread message
  • Every social media app 
  • Ringer is turned off
  • The battery is charged to at least 80%
  • There are more than 100 photos on your phone
  • You took a selfie this week
  • You made a call before 10 am today
  • There is a post from you on social media today
  • You have a photo of your BFF on your phone
  • There is a text from the party host on your phone
  • You saved a meme today
  • Your phone battery is less than 10%
  • You have already posted a picture of the party on social media
printable what's in your phone game


I love simple game ideas that don’t cost more than a sheet of paper! 

The premise of this game is very basic. It is all based on points. The person who ends up with the most points will win the game.

  • Grab a notepad and list each person’s name on the pad if they are playing the game. 
  • Sit in a circle and make sure each person has their phone with them. 
  • Read off each item one at a time. Each player will show the answer to prove they get the points for that question. 
  • Write down the points by each person’s name for each item they prove. 
  • The person with the most points will win. 
what's in your phone game printable


You can download and print off this printable What’s In Your Phone Game for your own personal use at home. I like to print one copy off on cardstock for the party.

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Be sure to PIN this for later! 

printable what's in your phone game with teen girls in the background with title text reading Teen and Tween Printable Sleepover Game

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