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Best Gifts for Teen Girls

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During the month of November, I am going to publish a new gift guide EVERY day to help you shop for everyone on your list. Today is Day 1 and I’m starting with the best gifts for teen girls.

Over the next 29 days, I’m going to cover everyone from your kids’ teachers to your eccentric uncle who is preparing for doomsday. You can see find the most recent gift guide on the main page of this site or you can access all of them (as they are published) by clicking on the image below and bookmarking that page.

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Best Gifts for Teen Girls

As kids get older, they get more expensive. The things they want cost more, they get involved in more activities, and their almost adult-sized bodies consume more food. Throw in hormones, peer pressure, and a burgeoning desire for independence and teens, in general, are a complete and utter enigma.

How do you possibly navigate the minefield of choosing the perfect gift for a teen girl who will most assuredly have strong, but inconsistent, opinions and depending on the state of her hormones, might rail against a poor choice? I consulted my own tempestuous (but lovable) teen daughter for advice. That is how I came up with this list of the best gifts for teen girls.

Having just earned the privilege to wear makeup, teen girls dive in and start experimenting with different techniques and looks, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Among the most popular products for teen girls when it comes to makeup are the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I love the natural hues that encourage my daughter to learn to enhance, not disguise, her natural beauty.
Naked urban decay makeup palette
It may be cliché, but teen girls love Starbucks. My daughter is a big fan of the frappucinos so she prefers the cups with the straws. I love this stainless steel Starbucks cup because of its durability and antibacterial properties.
stainless steel Starbucks cup
Every year my kids ask me for slippers. Since I like to kick of my socks and shoes at the end of the day but hate being barefoot, I understand this obsession.

My teen daughter has outgrown character slippers. And though she loves the bootie slippers with the soft, fuzzy inside, she really wants a pair of these Bobs from Skechers slippers because they will be easy to slide on and off when she wears them to her gymnastics meets (the sole on these for just that purpose was another big selling point).
Bobs from Skechers slippers
If your family is like mine, your daughter’s fashion sense far surpasses your own. I look to my daughter for fashion tips and her favorite one is to dress up an outfit with a cute scarf. This Fishnet Chain Loop Infinity Scarf comes in a variety of colors and has a unique design so its perfect for your teen daughter even if she already has a huge collection of scarves.
fishnet scarf
Teen girls love to lounge around in comfortable sweatpants (who doesn’t?). They also like to wander around in public in them, which is why they are sometimes particular about the brand they are lounging around in.

Victoria’s Secret Pink sweatpants are always a hit. And while you can get them in the color pink, you have other color options too, like this teen-trendy blue.
Victoria's secret sweatpants
Like their mothers, teen girls want their surroundings to smell good. That’s why you see Bath & Body Works brimming with girls and women anytime you walk by it in the mall.

And while we moms also love Yankee Candle and Scentsy, among other brands, THE brand for scented bliss among teen girls is Bath & Body Works. This Warm Vanilla Sugar scent has broad appeal if you don’t want to guess at the perfect scent.
warm vanilla sugar candle
Even though my germophobe teen daughter never takes a bath herself, she assures me that all of her friends rave about bath bombs. This is her go-to gift for her friends and they are always happy to receive them. They come in a variety of scents and colors but I think this birthday cake bath bomb is a great choice.
bubble bomb bath bomb
Another hit among my daughter’s friends is Philosophy bath & shower gel. For bath lovers, it creates a luxurious bubble bath.

And for those who prefer a long, hot shower, it is an indulgent body wash. The amazing grace scent is unsurprisingly, heavenly.
Philosophy bath and shower gel
I’m not sure how Lokai bracelets caught on among teen girls, but I am thrilled that so many of them have taken to this symbol of humility and hope. These bracelets contain Mt. Everest water and Dead Sea mud to symbolize lifes highs and lows. More than a fashion accessory, these bracelets have significance and meaning.
Lokai bracelets

Midi rings are all the rage among teen girls (and many older females). They’re eye-catching, unique, and a simple accessory. I love this pretty, and very affordable, set.
midi rings
The one accessory no teen girl is without is her cell phone. Help her protect her essential tech (and expensive investment) while expressing her personality at the same time.

These Henna Inspired iPhone 7 or 8 Cases come in over a dozen beautiful designs! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your teen daughter.
henna inspired phone case

Did I leave out any that you know teen girls love, maybe one of these 15 Crazy Fun Indoor Games? Please share your ideas in the comments and I’ll add them to the gift guide.

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Don’t forget to check back each day to find a new gift guide. If you have an especially difficult person to shop for, let me know and I’ll try to find some gift ideas for you.

a collage of 12 different gift ideas on a white background with title text reading Best Gifts for Teen Girls

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