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Indoor Party Games That Can be Played at the Kitchen Table

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Rainy weather can put a damper on your child’s party plans, but you don’t have to give in to indoor mayhem. There are plenty of indoor party games that can be played at the kitchen table so you can contain the chaos while keeping the kids entertained.

You’re going to love these indoor games! More importantly, the kids are going to love them too.

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Even better, the games I’m going to recommend below don’t require any special equipment so you can pull the entertainment together without dashing to the store! If you’re looking for easy activities for kids, you’re going to love these games.

Thinking Games

Thinking games are always great and awesome indoor party games, so here are a few to try.

First is story time, a kid begins the story with one sentence then the next kid continues the story with his or her own and it keeps going until they decide the story is up. You could also change this game up so that the story is told in alternating phrases or words instead of sentences.

Another is Traveler, the kids each take turns going down the letters of the alphabet. They imagine where they’d go and an object that they would take with them. For example, “I’m going to Mississippi and I’m taking a marker.” It’s best if they are as silly as possible.

Drawing Game

This indoor party game allows the players to connect with their creativity. To begin the game the first player starts by drawing any shape on the piece of paper the passes it to the next player who will also draw a shape on it.

If the group is large, players will keep passing the drawing around until everyone’s had a turn. If the group is smaller, then players can pass the drawing around 2 or 3 times.

Memory Game

Memory games are always fun to play and they’re great for exercising kids’ brains.

One great memory game is coin match. You begin the game by setting up a line of coins, first start out with 3 then work the way up to 10. Place all the coins into a pattern of tails and heads, have one player stare at the coins for about 10 or 20 seconds.

When time is up, remove the coins and mix them up. Then hand them to the player so he or she can attempt to arrange them in the exact order. You can make it more difficult by using different types of coins.

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More Indoor Party Games That Can Be Played at the Kitchen Table

There are so many indoor party games you can sit down and play at the kitchen table. This is a list of a few simple and fun extra games with pretty self-explanatory rules that many people already know:

For older kids, try some of these Indoor Teen Party Games.

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If you’re planning ahead for an indoor party, pick up some of these board games. They’re perfect for kids’ parties and family game night.

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For older kids, check out my teen’s favorite board games.

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