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How to Make Your House Smell Good

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Don’t you love it when you walk into your home and it smells amazing? Have you struggled with how to make your house smell good? Believe it or not, you don’t have to work too hard to make that happen.

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There are so many easy ways to make your home smell amazing. Whether you open the windows or light some candles, it’s so easy to do.

How to Make Your House Smell Good

Today I’m going to share several different strategies to make your house smell good.

1. Open the Windows

Simply opening your windows on a warm day can make your house smell good. This allows fresh air into your home which will help tremendously. On warm days, when flowers are in bloom, your home will take on a lovely fresh, floral scent.

2. Clean

Cleaning can make your home smell better due to the lovely scent of cleaning products. I love the lemon scent of this one, but my mom prefers the lavender scent of this one.

If you’re a pet owner, vacuuming up pet hair will also make a huge difference in how your home smells. Dead pet hair can really stink. You can also buy these scented beads for your vacuum bag to make your house smell good.

3. Plants

You might already know that plants help clean the air in your home, but did you know many of them also provide a pleasant scent? My favorite is gardenia, but geraniums, jasmine, begonias, and orchids are also popular choices.

4. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you uncomfortable about the chemicals in room sprays? Consider using essential oils.

You can purchase a diffuser that will spread the scent throughout the room (I love this one). Do your research to make sure the oils you choose won’t hurt your pets.

5. Hide Dryer Sheets Around Your Home

Dryer sheets can be hidden under your mattress, in clothing drawers, and even coat pockets to keep your home smelling fresh. Best of all, did you know that dryer sheets can help repel bugs?

6. Simmer a Concoction on the Stovetop

You can simmer orange peel, cinnamon sticks, and cloves on the stovetop to make your home smell amazing. This concoction is strong enough to scent many of the rooms in your home.

7. Place Room Fresheners in Vents

You can find air fresheners that actually go into your home vents. There are also those that fit into the filter tray of your HVAC unit.

All you need to do is change them out when you change your filter. You’ll be able to smell the scent throughout your home.

8. Bake Something

If you really want to make your home smell good, bake something. Cookies, cinnamon rolls, or even fresh bread will fill your home with the most amazing scents. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy or gift a delicious treat.

9. Light Some Candles

Last, but not least, light some scented candles. Good candles can cost a lot of money but are worth the price. Not only are they made with safer ingredients, but they usually have scents that extend further into your home. In case you accidentally knock over the candle, here’s How To Get Out Candle Wax From Carpet.

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It’s not hard to get your home to smell amazing. Whether you’re looking for a store-bought option or something natural, you can have a home that smells inviting and relaxing.

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