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Making A Small Space Seem Bigger

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Ideas For Making A Small Space Seem Bigger

Even if you live in a large house, you might know of dealing with remodeling a small bathroom and the difficulties that the room can pose in terms of space inside. There are a few design ideas that you can use to get the most out of a small bathroom, making it appear larger.

Paint Colors 

When you begin remodeling, it’s sometimes best to choose brighter colors that give an open feeling instead of darker colors that can make the room seem to close in on itself.

Creative Storage Solutions

One of the ways that you can add storage to a small bathroom is to extend the shelving and cabinet space up along the wall instead of out into the center of the room. This will give you more ways to place cabinets and shelves as the walls in the bathroom are often an open area to begin with.

Use smaller shelves so that they aren’t overwhelming, placing toiletries, fragrance bottles and other small items on them so that they don’t clutter the sink or the back of the toilet.

A Vanity And Accessories 

A basic vanity with a cabinet underneath can add a modern look to the room. Stick with white, beige or light gray. Not only will this make the room feel brighter, but it will also make it easier to match decorations in the room, such as the shower curtain and rugs.

When you begin adding color to the bathroom, do so with the smaller accessories, such as hand towels, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Try to have a theme or the same colors in the room so that everything blends together. Aqua, peach or green are good colors to use together as they can add a vitality to the bathroom that you might not get in other rooms of the home.


Pedestal Sink

Consider a pedestal sink for small bathrooms, draping a colorful skirt around the bottom so that you have a hidden storage space. Match the design of the skirt to the rest of the room, or use a solid color. It’s easy to change in the future if you want to use different colors in the bathroom.

2 thoughts on “Making A Small Space Seem Bigger”

  1. I agree, shelving on the wall is a great way to corral clutter in the bathroom and make it look and feel larger.

  2. I’m loving that blue, it’s a little brighter than the one we have now, yet would still fit in with our tiles. Our bathroom is feeling a bit blah, perhaps just a recoat of pretty paint would help lift it.


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