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Easy, Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor

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I can be pretty stingy when it comes to spending money on decorations. Though I appreciate how much decorations can contribute to the mood or ambiance of a place, I’m never quite convinced that the dollars equal the effect. So when it comes to decorating for parties or for holidays, I like to find as many free or inexpensive options as I can. Here are my favorite ideas for Halloween.


a collage of five different diy Halloween decor items with title text reading DIY Halloween Decorations



To entice daring Trick-or-Treaters to approach your home on Halloween night, try these nifty ideas for dressing up the exterior of your home.


a collage of six different diy Halloween decor on windows with title text reading DIY Halloween Window Silhouettes

 Halloween Window Silhouettes from Who Arted


Because Becca at Who Arted is super talented, she free handed the images above. If you are like me, and can barely sketch a ghost, here are some downloadable templates to help you create your own silhouettes:

Four Sided Halloween Silhouette Squares

Free download from The Lady Wolf


Tin Can Luminaries with the word trick on one and treat on the other

Tin Can Luminaries from Jolly Mom



Monster Door from Examiner



To create a fun Halloween atmosphere inside your home, try some of these clever and easy ideas.


Peek A Boo Pumpkin as diy Halloween decor

Peek A Boo Pumpkins from All You


Candy Corn Centerpieces in bottles and jars

Candy Corn Centerpieces from Ashbee Design


Halloween Centerpiece made out of candy corn, candy pumpkins and branches

Candy Corn Centerpiece from Wants and Wishes


Stair Mice diy Halloween decor

Stair Mice from Martha Stewart


Batty Lamp Silhouette

Batty Lamp from Young House Love


Halloween Drink Bottles with title text reading Spooktacular Halloween Drink Bottles

Halloween Drink Bottles from Play. Party. Pin.

You can also use these cute decorated bottles to hold treats instead. Or, add tea lights to them and use them as luminaries.


Inside or Outside

These decorations can be used inside or outside your home, depending on where you want to use them.


Hanging Ghosts as diy Halloween decor

Hanging Ghosts from Makdoodle

You can hang these ghosts from a chandelier inside your home or from a tree in your front yard. Also, if you don’t have styrofoam balls laying around, substitute a small ballon, ping pong balls or large bouncy balls to shape the head.


PVC Candles for Halloween decorations

PVC Candles from My Ghoul Friday


Halloween Lanterns made out of cups with title text reading Happy Halloween DIY Halloween Lanterns

Plastic Cup Lanterns from the Australian Baby Blog


a collage of Spiderwebs decorating homes for diy Halloween decor

DIY Spiderwebs from Pepper Design

When it comes to DIY Halloween decor, don’t limit yourself to the ideas found above. Instead, use them for inspiration. Use the silhouette templates on paper bags and pumpkins to create quick and easy decorations.

Don’t forget to check out my other tips for Halloween. Find fun, but healthy, Halloween treats and several easy DIY costumes. I also have a fun way to spread Halloween cheer around your area with these You’ve Been Booed Printables.

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  5. I’m so honored to have made the list! Thank you for showcasing my silhouette windows! I shared this link via my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/whoarted) and mentioned your great site. Thanks for included my ideas 🙂

  6. wonderful DIY—I think the mice on the stairs would be a hoot to have out for a party. I like the monster on the door too. With a little imagination much is possible!

  7. OMGosh these are some really great ideas! I love them! I am going to be using a couple of them for my daycare kids. I love the tin cans for the older kids and the solo cups and oh those black mice are just too darn cute!!

  8. Wow these are all great ideas! I love inexpensive diy projects. I love the bats on the lamp shade and the Frankenstien door is really neat.

  9. What a great list you’ve come up with! I love the silhouettes and the Frankenstein’s Monster door! Anything not too scary for little ones gets my vote! 🙂


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