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Enjoy these HEALTHY Halloween Treats Instead of Candy

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You don’t often hear the phrase “healthy Halloween.” Ask kids what their favorite part of Halloween is and most of them will answer “CANDY!”.

Truth be told, this mom has a pretty demanding sweet tooth so I too look forward to some sweet treats this time of year. Like most holidays, Halloween has expanded to be more than a day-long celebration.

As I walk through my neighborhood and see house after house decorated with cobwebs, Happy Halloween flags, and skeletons dangling from trees, I realize that Halloween is now celebrated throughout the month of October. That’s a LOT of candy.

So, whether you are helping out with a party at school, hosting one at home, or just enjoy celebrating this fun holiday with your family, I wanted to give you some non-candy treats you can enjoy so that you can still fit into your costume on Halloween and have strong, healthy teeth to tackle those Bit-O-Honeys. Here are some of the best healthy Halloween treats.

a person holding an orange that looks like a pumpkin with title text reading 14 of The Best Healthy Halloween Snacks Around


Dinner Ideas

Here are some fun Halloween-themed meals to serve up in honor of this spooky holiday. Okay, these aren’t the healthiest choices out there, but they are kid-friendly! The list gets healthier as we go on, I promise.Pizza Mummies

Mummy Pizzas

Taco Monsters on a green plate

Taco Monsters

Healthy Halloween Snacks for the Lunchbox

I love these fun, easy ways to add a little healthy Halloween surprise to your child’s lunch box. Transform your child’s ordinary lunch box items into Halloween treats with simple tools like a Sharpie and masking tape.

Mandarin Orange Jack O Lanterns

Mandarin Orange Jack-O-Lanterns

Juice Box Mummies

Juice Box Mummies

 Healthy Halloween Snacks

Welcome your kids home from school with these healthy Halloween treats that are so fun and spooky, they won’t even care that it’s not candy!

Popcorn Hand


Popcorn Hand

Apples decorated to look like mouth with teeth

 Apple Bites

Banana Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins

Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins

string cheese decorated to look like Cheese Fingers

Cheese Fingers

Candy Corn Popsicles

Candy Corn Popsicles


Healthy Halloween Party Food

Hosting a Halloween party and don’t want to serve solely sugar? Here are some clever dishes that are so festive they can double as table decorations until the guests dig in.

Pretzel Cheese Broomsticks

Pretzel Cheese Broomsticks

an orange with cut outs to look like a Snack O Lantern


Fruit decorated to look like a Spider

Fruit Spider

vegetables arranged to look like a Veggie Skeleton

Veggie Skeleton

More Halloween Ideas

Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Try one of these fun Halloween dinner ideas.

a collage of six different dinner ideas with title text reading Halloween Dinner Recipes

Check out these super easy, DIY Halloween costumes. I’m NOT crafty. So when I say easy, I mean EASY.

a collage of 12 different costume ideas with title text reading Easy, Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes

And to get your house ready for Halloween, try these DIY Halloween Decorations. There are some really easy, but clever ideas!

a collage of five different decorations with title text reading DIY Halloween Decorations

17 thoughts on “Enjoy these HEALTHY Halloween Treats Instead of Candy”

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  3. Awesome post! I am totally taking that veggie skeleton to our Halloween party! The taco monster, fingers, and brooms are adorable! I am going to be the hit of the party thanks to this!

  4. These are all soo great! I think I found my fave but there are tons of choices! The taco .. the finger .. the spider … yikes! So awesome!

  5. Too freaky cool!! Especially the yellow and orange peppers – Love the fruit spider too. How creative!!

  6. I love the cheese stick fingers! And how great that these are all healthy Halloween treats (all the ones my family loves are not healthy). I’m pinning now.

  7. I love all of these ideas! I am a candy lover, but should not be, so I will try to incorporate some of these great recipes into my everyday meals! I bet kids would love to open their lunch box and see some of these cute treats!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the clementine jack-o-lanterns and the cheesestick brooms. Too cute!

  9. I Love the taco monsters! These are all so wonderful and healthy. Thank YOU

  10. What fun and super cute snacks! Can’t wait to try some of these out! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for pulling together such a comprehensive (and healthy) list!

  12. These are awesome!! My favorites are the pizzas, the clementine pumpkins, apple bites, and pretzel-cheese brooms!!

  13. I love the juice box, banana and orange ideas. I will be using these for my daycare kiddos for Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Those are all really inventive and could stop some of the candy gouging from all us candy holics. Love that veggie skeleton-not that I could make it-but if I saw it somewhere I would probably buy it for a party!


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