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30 Random Acts of Kindness for Moms of Little Kids

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As a mom to three small children, I find myself living a paradox at times; I like to think I am a kind person abiding by the Golden Rule and doing what I can for fellow moms and other strangers I encounter in this motherhood journey, but oftentimes the overwhelm of motherhood keeps me focused on myself and all the personal worries and struggles I face as a stay-at-home mom and work-at-home mom.

Early motherhood is both a physically and emotionally exhausting time, it’s no surprise we become engrossed in our own issues.

a mom sitting in a white rocking chair holding her baby

When we remember that motherhood is hard for all of us

So I found myself asking: How can I change this to turn my worries and concerns about myself into something positive?

And then, like a lightbulb moment in my mind, the solution couldn’t be clearer: Focus that worrisome energy towards concern for my fellow moms. Show them kindness in whatever form I am able to.

Not just the ones who have it all together and that I aspire to be like, but the ones that are clearly in need of a hand or ones that I am not be too sure about.

  • Strangers.
  • Acquaintances I come across in my social circles.
  • Moms that I’ve known for years but haven’t been in touch with recently.
  • Or just moms that are clearly struggling.

It’s amazing what can happen when we don’t just wallow in self-pity, but rather rise up to be a force of kindness to others around us.

In fact, one quote sticks with me and reminds that we are often not alone in our pain,

Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

And oftentimes these are battles that we know nothing about.

Taking this attention off of myself and directing it towards moms with small children in general made all the difference.


Well for one thing, focusing on helping others is a great start for getting out of a mom funk. It allows you to see you are not alone in this motherhood journey and others face similar struggles (even though they can hide it well.) Secondly, acts of kindness naturally breeds more kindness…and that is truly magical.

Random Acts of Kindness for Moms of Small Kids

With the holiday season around the corner comes a kinder more reflective spirit where gift-giving or acts of kindness become the norm. Even though this is something that we hope is done year round, the Christmas season tends to lead the way.

That is why I wanted to apply the inspiring random acts of kindness wave and focus specifically on mothers of little ones. They are in such a unique place in life and in need of a helping hand.

a mom sitting in a white rocking chair holding her baby with title text reading 30 Random Acts of Kindness for Moms of Little Kids

Acts of kindness for moms you see while running errands:

  1. Hold the door for her. Even if you’re in a rush, take a few seconds to make that effort when you see her wrangling her kids, just trying to make it through in one piece. It can go a long way.
  2. Give her your parking space. See a minivan heading towards the same space? Leave it open. Someone might need that space a little more than you.
  3. Entertain her fussy child at checkout. You know you’ve been there. Mom just wants to get out of the store already but baby is cranky. Help that baby crack a smile with a quick distraction.
  4. See a mom behind you at the local coffee shop. Pay for her coffee to make her day.
  5. Don’t stare when her kid is having an epic meltdown in public. Trust me, she just wants to get through it.
  6. Offer kind words or your support instead. No need to lecture, just a simple “I’ve been there,” is enough solidarity.
  7. Offer her your seat while in a waiting room of some sort. Her tired legs will appreciate it.
  8. Be kind when you disagree with a mom’s parenting. This means no mom-shaming for something you chose to do differently. Whether that’s formula-feeding or breastfeeding in public. She’s just doing what is best for her family.
  9. Donate to a mom in need. Because generosity is good for the soul.

Acts of kindness for moms you see at school:

  1. Smile and greet another mom at school drop-off.
  2. Make friendly conversation with her instead of retreating the moment your kid is inside.
  3. Set up a playdate. Every mom wants her kids to have a nice friend to play with.
  4. Encourage your kid to play with her kids.

Acts of kindness for new moms:

  1. Cook dinner for her. You don’t even have to disturb her as she cares for a newborn. Trust me, that new mom overwhelm is real. Just text her or leave a note at her front door. She will appreciate it beyond words.
  2. Create a gift basket for a mom in the NICU.
  3. Offer to do her laundry.
  4. Share with her how you connected with other moms or formed a mom tribe of close friends.
  5. Wash your hands and offer to hold her baby. So she can eat, so she can sleep or just catch her breath. Always ask of course, since a new mom may be a bit wary of people touching her infant.
  6. Forgive a mom who flaked out. Because we’ve all been there, done that…and need a second chance, sometimes.

Acts of kindness for struggling moms:

  1. Compliment her. When she’s having a rough day, this can give her the strength she needs to carry on.
  2. Compliment her kids. When her child is getting criticized all-around, hearing something positive will be music to her ears.
  3. Offer to babysit. It’s one of the biggest ways you can really help her, find time for herself.
  4. Leave notes in public. Help lift her spirits with encouraging secret messages strategically left where a mom is likely to find them. Think: the park, daycare, pediatrician’s office.
  5. Remind her that motherhood is NOT easy.
  6. Share a real life imperfect moment on social media. Oftentimes we feel like we have to live up to an impossible standard with the perfect photos filling our news feed. Remember to keep it real and post one real mom moment she can relate to.
  7. Don’t brag in the midst of her struggles.

Acts of kindness for moms in your life:

  1. Like and comment on her social media photos. Share in her joys.
  2. Tell her she’s doing a great job. Sometimes we just have to hear those words to know we are appreciated.
  3. Reach out to a mom you haven’t seen in ages. Whether it’s your own mom, an old friend or neighbor, keep in touch.
  4. Hug her. Remember to embrace those that are still with you while you can.

What other acts of kindness can you think of to do for your fellow mom?

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