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45 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Moms

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So many random acts of kindness are general ideas that anyone can implement into everyday life.

As a mom, I find that I notice mom struggles and look at every situation with empathy for what she’s going through and appreciation that THAT’s not my struggle…today.

I love helping others and decided to start making a list of random act of kindness for moms to really brighten another mom’s day.

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I was having lunch with my mom at a fast food restaurant. I noticed a mom and her young daughter came in from the social services building across the street.

While I was in line, I overheard the mom change her order to remove an item for herself that she may not have had the money for. I’ve been there. End of the month. Budget very thin. Buy something for one of my kids. Get nothing myself.

Then, I saw a photo on Facebook of someone who had left a few diapers and a package of wipes attached to the changing station in a Target bathroom.

I imagined myself as a young mom who could have benefited from that. Forgot to refill the diaper bag. A day of diaper explosions with a sick baby.

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This inspired me to create this list of random act of kindness for moms.

45 random act of kindness ideas for moms

This list includes acts for moms you know and complete strangers.

  1. leave $1 bills around a dollar store (especially in the toy section!)
  2. pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  3. tape money on a vending machine with a note saying “This treat’s on me!”
  4. leave diapers and wipes at a changing station
  5. tape quarters to a kiddie ride in/outside a store
  6. tape money for a kids meal in a zipper bag in a restaurant bathroom
  7. write a thank you note to her from her child
  8. a grocery store gift card
  9. a gas station gift card
  10. a restaurant gift card
  11. pay for coffee behind you
  12. give up your seat on public transit
  13. compliment her outfit
  14. compliment her kids’ behavior
  15. introduce yourself to the new mom at the meeting, practice, or recital
  16. let a tired mom and her kiddos go ahead in line in front of you
  17. pay for her manicure or pedicure
  18. pay for a massage
  19. offer her a free night of babysitting for date night or time to herself
  20. offer to pick up her child when you know she has a busy afternoon
  21. call to see if she needs anything while you are at the grocery store
  22. offer to take her kids with you when you go to the park
  23. keep an extra umbrella in your car and give it to a mom with her kids
  24. donate diapers and wipes to a pregnancy center
  25. donate diapers and wipes to a homeless shelter
  26. tape some money in a baggie to a washer or dryer at a laundromat
  27. leave detergent with a tag that says “Take Me I’m FREE” at laundromat
  28. tape a bag of microwave popcorn to the Redbox machine
  29. add coins to her parking meter
  30. buy gift card to local ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt spot
  31. wash her car
  32. if your waitress tells you she has kids, slip her a few extra dollars
  33. buy and deliver one of their favorites (lunch item, coffee, ice cream, etc.)
  34. slip an envelope with a few extra dollars in it into a mom’s shopping cart
  35. even if she’s a stranger, tell another mom she’s doing a great job
  36. leave dollar bills inside library books for moms
  37. put $1 bills in a Redbox case with a note that says snacks are on you
  38. leave pool toys at the pool with a note to take it home
  39. leave granola bars in the children’s area at the library
  40. leave an empowering and inspirational note at the baby changing station
  41. send her flowers at work with an appreciative note
  42. leave a dollar for chocolate taped in the feminine products aisle
  43. leave a thank you note, taped in the baby products aisle
  44. leave flowers with notes attached, in the pickup area of a local daycare
  45. leave coupons for baby or kid items/meals in appropriate places

Download this printable list of 45 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Moms.

My challenge to you is to pay attention when you’re in the following places.

Think of creative ways you can perform random act of kindness for moms.

  • work
  • park
  • school
  • grocery store
  • fast food restaurant
  • family restaurant
  • big box stores like Walmart or Target
  • school pickup/childcare pickup
  • library
  • movie theater
  • a museum, arts, science, or related building

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What would you add to this list of random act of kindness for moms?

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