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20 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

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I loved drawing with sidewalk chalk growing up. There are so many fun ideas and activities to do with chalk! Whether you have a mental block when it comes time to draw, or you’re looking for some fun ways to use your chalk, don’t miss these 20 awesome sidewalk chalk ideas!

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Why Sidewalk Chalk Should be in Your Parenting Toolkit

There are a lot of things we can use to keep our kids occupied in healthy, positive ways. Sidewalk chalk is one of my favorites since it’s inexpensive, easy to use, and fun for kids of all ages.

Even little kids can easily draw with sidewalk chalk since the pieces are so large. Plus, most sidewalk chalk is non-toxic so you don’t have to worry if your little one decides to taste test.

Older kids can create more elaborate images and games. Armed with just one piece of sidewalk chalk, kids can entertain themselves for hours outdoors!

Sidewalk Chalk Picture Ideas

One of the great things about using the sidewalk or driveway as a canvas is that you can create life-sized art. Send your kids outside with some chalk and these ideas, then capture their masterpieces with your camera. Even babies can get in on this idea!

See several more ideas on Paging Fun Mums. The Chalk Waterslide is one of my favorites!

Sidewalk Chalk Recipes

Sidewalk chalk isn’t expensive, but if you don’t have any on hand and no time to run to the store, you can make your own! Here are some easy recipes:

Extend your creative play into the evening hours with this Glow in the Dark Chalk recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

We’ve always used sidewalk chalk to draw hopscotch and four-square boxes. Those are just a couple of the many games you can create with sidewalk chalk! Check out some of these other clever ideas:

Educational Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

Any time I can make learning fun for my kids, I take the opportunity. Here are some easy ways to help your kids learn with sidewalk chalk:

More Sidewalk Chalk Ideas

Drawing, playing, learning – it seems like the possibilities are endless with sidewalk chalk! Here are just a few more ideas to inspire you:

Visit a Girl and a Glue Gun to see some of her ideas too. The Sidewalk Chalk Checkers and Twister board look fun!

More Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids

Looking for more ways to keep the kids entertained outdoors? These are some of my favorites:

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