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How To Make Snow Ice Cream

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Courtesy of Winter Storm Janice, I was treated to lots of snow and a couple of snow days with my kids. We decided to take advantage of both things and make (and eat) some snow ice cream together.

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream in a glass bowl with title text reading Snow Ice Cream

At the first sign of snow, I put a bowl out on our patio table to collect snow. The next day we brought in our very full bowl (pictured below).

Snow in a purple bowl

Because the bowl was so full, I had to transfer the snow to a larger bowl. Then I added one can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. After mixing it well, it looked like this:

Snow Ice Cream in a blue bowl

I know, it’s not very pretty. My kids weren’t impressed with how it looked either. This is why they were shocked when they finally braved a bite and discovered it tastes just like store-bought vanilla ice cream! Everyone from my 6-year old to my 16-year old gave this a big thumbs-up.

If you don’t count the length of time it took to collect the snow, this recipe literally took less than a minute to make. A quick and easy treat for snow days!

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16 thoughts on “How To Make Snow Ice Cream”

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  2. I love ice cream and the picture about looks very delicious 🙂 I remember when one of my close friend had given me a homemade ice cream. I would love to learn how to make it.

  3. Love your post! It’s snowing AGAIN tonight where I’m from, we certainly have enough fresh snow for a batch of snow ice cream. 🙂 I remember making this with my mom as a kid, such memories…

  4. We made snow ice cream a few years ago, but this recipe is different. i think, if we get enough snow, the girls would love to make this. Every time we are supposed to get a decent snow we hardly get anything.
    i would love if you would stop by and share on my weekly recipe linky, Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen.
    Have a great evening.

  5. I never heard of this. although now its too late for me. Living in Manhattan, all the snow gets trampled on immediately. I would never be able to find clean snow.

  6. What FUN!!! We don’t get snow here….WAIT….we actually did get a few flurries Friday but that is very rare, very rare indeed since I live in South Alabama. (about 15 minutes from the coast) I do have some childhood memories of snow and snow cream thanks to my grandmother. Don’t be sad though because I do know how to make snow cream even here. *looking around* My 11 yr old and I get out the snow cone maker and mix us up some from time to time. hehe

    Happy SITS day,

  7. What a great idea!! I’m going to pass this to my friends who live in the cold country, because in Phoenix I’d have to make “Sun Ice Cream” and I don’t think it would work!!! haha

  8. I had never heard of this until we moved to NC. And yet, still never tried it. The other night we had minimal snow and I tried to get a bowl to fill up some – no dice. Maybe next time! Glad you enjoyed and the kids liked it. 🙂

  9. This brings back so many great memories. My grandmother used to make us snow ice cream when I was a kid.

  10. Hi Corinne – This is an awesome idea! Just remember… don’t eat yellow snow! (yes, I was a 10 year-old boy in a former life LOL). Hugs, Holly

  11. If we ever got enough snow we cold try this. Although being off of school for 5 days with 1.5 inch I will be careful what to wish for. THanks for linking up to friday frenzy.

  12. I keep saying that Im going to make some of this for my kids the next time it snow and I keep forgetting. We are projected to get 3-4 inches tomorrow so Im totally going to make some of this!!

  13. What a great idea! Even though my daughter is older, I know she would love this. I know I would love it! I could eat condensed milk out of the can …. shhhh… don’t tell anyone!

  14. I just showed my son your post and we’ll be putting a bowl out on the deck for the next snowfall tonight. We’re both excited to try snow ice cream.


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