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Why You Should Think Beyond Banks For Investments

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All parents strive to provide for their families to the best of their abilities.  That’s why it’s important for you to read this.  You face dangers concerning your financial well being and must know how to preserve what you have worked so hard to build up.

What Happens When You Put Money In The Bank?

When you put money in the bank, legally it is no longer your property.  Banks are now gambling with that money in the derivatives market to make up for the decline in lending income. 

Taxpayers were asked to bail the big banks out when the bets went bad.  Soon money may be taken directly from deposits or from pensions and retirement accounts to bolster systemically important banks.


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Debt Is On The Rise

Many of you probably have heard that since Ben Bernanke became the head of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. has doubled its national debt.   Unfortunately all the countries of the world are also borrowing themselves into extinction. 

Eventually this debt will force interest rates to rise as investors will demand higher returns to offset the increased likelihood of default.  As interest rates rise, the estimated one quadrillion dollars of derivatives many of which are tied to interest rates, risk default.  This will end badly and probably usher in a new global currency which is likely to be based in part on gold and silver.




What Should You Do To Protect Your Family Against Financial Devastation?

Tangible assets are the surest protection for your family against the coming financial devastation.  Aside from a long term supply of necessities, gold bullion held in your possession can help get you through the tough times ahead. 

Gold in particular is currently in very short supply.  Many times now there is a waiting period of weeks to get an order of gold bullion.  Germany was told that it would only receive a fraction of its gold held by the U.S. over a period of seven years. 

The recent price dip in gold represents a tremendous buying opportunity.  Once interest rates start rising in earnest the price of gold will rise rapidly. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to buy coins now.

Even if you don’t believe the current economy is doomed, the historical performance of gold makes it a good investment anyway. To protect your family’s financial future, it’s worth securing some of your assets in gold.

Special thanks to my dad, Bill Hedrick. who lent his expertise in this area to help bring this helpful and important information to you.

27 thoughts on “Why You Should Think Beyond Banks For Investments”

  1. I’m glad you wrote this post because I have been hearing a lot about how investing in gold is a solid investment. It will help me to make an informed decision.

  2. My grands invested their big bucks in a local bank but somehow , bank managed to cheat via all “legal” issues . I invest in gold or property , not in banks.

  3. I think we have to deal with banks in order to get bills and mortgages paid. But we don’t necessarily have to give them our savings, there are so many other ways to do that, as you have shared in this article.

  4. So apparently investing in gold is the way to go? But the price of that fluctuates at times as well so when is the best time to buy or not buy?

  5. At this stage in my life purchasing gold isn’t something that I would do as we move so much.We still have a few years left in the military so our investment right now is a house.

  6. I have always been afraid to keep money because I might get robbed. Now i seems it isn’t safe anywhere!

  7. I really like the idea of buying gold and coins….global economy is going really down and yes interest rates are dropping worldwide…so it is the best way to save your financial status and we can buy properties too, if we have little more money.

  8. That was nice of your dad to share, and nice of you to pass it along!! Deciding exactly what to invest in, even if you’ve committed to investing, can be a scary thing.

  9. When my grandfather past we found he had stored all his cash in the basement buried I was shocked. But with things today I completely understand …

  10. For years already I am saving money at home and not with a bank. Sure I might get money on top for having it lay there for so long, but I simply don’t trust anyone with my money 🙂

  11. My Grandfather would not use a bank. When he died, they found money stashed everywhere. It might be coming to that point again where we need to protect what is ours.

  12. It seems like the days are coming when we better bury our money in the backyard like they did during the depression. I remember when CD’s were good things to invest in. Now you get like a teeny tiny percent of one percent! It’s nuts!


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