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Printable Summer Reading Challenge For Kids

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This printable summer reading challenge is the perfect way to make reading more fun for kids over their summer holiday. Reading is so important and this challenge will not feel like work at all!

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Reading is a skill that is absolutely critical for children to master. They work so hard during the school year and sometimes taking a break from reading over the summer sounds like the way to go.

Actually, it is very important for kids to continue reading over the summer months. There can be a significant loss of reading skills if children don’t keep reading all summer long. This can cause cumulative long-lasting effects on their education.

Many schools send home summer reading lists as a way to encourage reading at home.

Even if the school doesn’t send home summer reading assignments there are plenty of things you can do as a parent to make reading a normal part of summer activities.


One of the best ways you can get your kids excited to read is to lead by example. When kids see their parents reading books it will increase the likelihood that they will also become readers.

Another way parents can get kids anxious to read is to make it more of a game than a chore. This printable summer reading challenge is a simple way to make reading seem like a game!

DIY wire flower bookmark is a quick and easy project to make and kids will LOVE helping! They’ll be excited to read and use the bookmark they made.

Taking your child to the local library is another easy way to make reading fun. Public libraries have really great summer reading programs. Crafts, games and more are offered and there is typically no cost to participate. My children have earned all sorts of great prizes during summer reading programs at our local library.

It is also exciting to come up with your own family reading goals and offer rewards when reading goals are met by each family member.

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This summer reading challenge is very simple to use and implement.

Start off by printing off the printable challenge. I like to print off on cardstock so the pieces are a little sturdier.

Cut each box out and put them into a container of some sort. Pencil boxes work great for this challenge!

Each day your child can pick one slip out of the container and that will be their reading focus for the day.


If you have several children completing the challenge it is very easy to make a box for each one to use.

printable summer reading challenge next to a blue plastic box filled with cut up cards from the printable next to a red flower on a red checkered background


You can download and print off this summer reading challenge for your own personal use.

Just fill in the form below to download and print off the Summer Reading Challenge.

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printable summer reading challenge next to a blue plastic box filled with cut up cards from the printable next to a red flower on a red checkered background

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