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10 Easy Recipes a Kid Can Make

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Long before your kids head off to live on their own, they’ll need to know how to feed themselves. Start them early, with easy recipes a kid can make to build their confidence.

Not only will your child develop an important life skill, you’ll also get some welcome help in the kitchen! If you’re lucky, your child might love cooking so much that you can hand off this daily duty so you have more time to tackle other household chores.

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Easy Recipes a Kid Can Make

These are great for first-time recipes for children (or anyone) just learning to cook. The best part of these recipes is that they are dishes your whole family will be excited to eat!

Kids are much more enthusiastic about cooking when they can create “real” dishes without getting overwhelmed by complicated ingredients or cooking techniques. Below are 10 easy recipes a kid can make and will be proud to serve!

  1. Pesto Salmon
  2. Pumpkin Pancakes
  3. Tortilla Pizza
  4. Easy Sandwiches Roll-ups and Pinwheels
  5. Creamy Chicken Pasta
  6. Five Ingredient Pasta Salad
  7. Jimmy John’s Homemade Subs
  8. Ultimate Grilled Cheese
  9. Easy Sushi Sandwich
  10. Pancake Sandwiches

More Resources for Kids Cooking

Once your child has tried the recipes above and is ready to expand his or her culinary education, you might want to buy one of these great cookbooks made just for kids.


In addition, these kid-safe cooking supplies are perfect for keeping kids safe while they are still developing essential kitchen skills. Even with safety devices, until your kids are proficient in the kitchen, it’s best to supervise their knife work so that they don’t develop bad habits. Items like the cutting gloves are there as a backup, not a green light to be sloppy while cutting.


Finally, though not at all necessary, some kids like having their own set of cooking tools. You might prefer for your kids to use the same cooking utensils you use to emphasize they are learning “real” cooking skills. However, providing them with their own set is another way to teach them responsibility, especially if you hold them accountable for washing and storing their own set.


Are your kids already aspiring chefs? If so, please share their favorite recipes in the comments!

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  1. I am always looking for simple and easy recipes. This a great. Thank you.


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