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10 Reasons Smart People Shop at the Dollar Tree

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One of my favorite Wondermom tricks is making the most of local dollar stores like Family Dollar, the Dollar Tree, and Dollar General. A lot of people believe these bargain stores are full of low-quality, off-brand merchandise.

As a result, they’re missing out on lots of opportunities to save money, give gifts more freely, bring cheerful decor to their home and parties, and get organized. There are so many great deals on products you can really use at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General. By shopping there, you can do a lot more with a lot less money.

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Chances are your town has a Dollar Tree or Dollar General. In fact, stores like the Dollar Tree are growing more and more popular even though online retailers like Amazon are forcing other companies out of business.

Why? Simple. People love a good deal. The Dollar Tree’s motto is “Everything’s $1” so everything in the store is affordable! When you’re in a store where everything is only $1, you can’t help but feel good about shopping there.

But, in case you’re still unsure, here are ten reasons to shop at the Dollar Tree.

10 Reasons to Shop at the Dollar Tree

We actually have two dollar stores near us, the Dollar Tree and Dollar General so those are the two I’m most familiar with. I love them both, but do more shopping at the Dollar Tree since EVERYTHING in the store is priced at $1 and it’s conveniently located in the shopping area where I do most of my shopping.

If your local dollar store is a different chain, I encourage you to go in and explore to see if it has all of the same benefits. I’m sure you’ll see many of them!

1. You’ll Find Inexpensive Cards and Gift Bags

Long gone are the days of paying $5 for a greeting card or gift bag. You can get greeting cards for 2 for $1 and gift bags of any size for only one-dollar.

This can save you so much money throughout the year. Also, the Dollar Tree does have nicer cards for $1 each and you can even get handmade cards there during the holidays.


2. The Holiday Décor Is Awesome

Anyone who shops at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General will tell you they love the holiday décor. And we’re not just talking Easter and Christmas. You’ll find decor for all of the major holidays including Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo.

If you see holiday decor you like at your local dollar store, don’t sleep on it. Things go fast. Chances are it won’t be there the next time you go.

3. You Can Get Craft Supplies

The Dollar Tree and Dollar General even have craft supplies. You can find everything from colored pencils and markers to stencils and yarn. They sometimes even carry canvases and paint.

You can even find Mod Podge. If you love to craft, check to see what your local dollar store has before hitting the bigger craft stores.

4. They Have Storage Containers

Are you trying to get organized? Then this is the store for you. You can find storage containers in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you want to organize your home office or your kitchen, you can find many of the supplies you’ll need.

5. You Can Find Name Brand Products

Believe it or not, the Dollar Tree and Dollar General do carry name brand products. You do want to carefully compare prices, but if you’re in a hurry and just need a small amount of something, the dollar store may have just what you need.

6. It’s a Treasure Hunt

Did you know that the Dollar Tree often gets in products that other stores have stopped carrying? When stores need to make room for new products, old products often go to the Dollar Tree.

You can sometimes find desk lamps, dishes, makeup, and large packages of name brand foods. You just have to hunt for it.

7. Find All Your Cleaning Supplies

You can find everything you need to clean your home. You can find gloves, sponges, all-purpose cleaners, dish detergent, laundry detergent – everything you need.

If you’re a clean freak, you know how expensive cleaning supplies can be. Don’t spend more than you need to! Pick them up at the Dollar Tree.

8. They Accept Coupons

People are often blown away to find out that the Dollar Tree and Dollar General accept coupons. You need to carefully look at sizes to make sure your coupon will work. There are some restrictions, but you can often get free items.

9. It Inspires Creativity

Search for Dollar Tree DIY on YouTube and you will be amazed at what you can make using Dollar Tree products. There are so many items that can use to make something unbelievably gorgeous.

Here’s an example of what you’ll find on YouTube.

10. You Can Finds Books and Movies

Last, but not least, you can also find books and movies at the Dollar Tree. Movies aren’t always available, but books are. Hardbacks, paperbacks, cookbooks, adult coloring books – you’ll be impressed by their book selection and the money you’ll save.

More Reasons to Shop at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General

I’ve shared some of my favorite reasons for shopping at dollar stores above, but there are a few more reasons I think it’s really smart to make dollar store shopping part of your routine.

It Makes it Easy to Be Generous

I’m a huge fan of performing random acts of kindness and I also love to surprise my friends and loved ones with gifts for special occasions. In fact, I keep a gift closet stocked with gifts for every occasion so that I always have one ready.

When you can put together a thoughtful gift, including the gift wrap and card for just a few dollars, it’s very easy to be generous with others.

Whether you’re putting together a “Get Well” gift basket, gathering up coloring books and crayons to leave anonymously in a waiting room, or collecting pet supplies to donate to a local animal shelter, the Dollar Tree makes it easy to do a lot of good with just a little money.

Create a Festive Party Environment Without Breaking the Bank

When I throw a party, I spend most of my budget on food and entertainment. Decorations are often an afterthought even though they play a HUGE role in creating a fun atmosphere. Thankfully, I can decorate in style for less than a couple bottles of wine by shopping at the Dollar Tree for my party supplies.

You’ll find balloons, streamers, centerpieces, banners, garlands, candles, vases, and more.

Shop Online

Prefer to shop from your computer? Both the Dollar Tree and Dollar General let you order online.

Dollar Tree offers free ship to store. You order online and receive an email confirmation when your order is ready for pickup.

Dollar General offers Free Shipping on orders over $40. Just use promo code FREESHIP at checkout.

The Dollar Tree may seem like a boring store until you know its secrets. You can find some incredible items once you know what to look for. The store is always getting in new items. Check each section carefully so that you never miss a great deal.

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Smart People Shop at the Dollar Tree”

  1. I love buying body washes, hand soap and tooth brush and hair dye @ the dollar tree. Its a great place, they even sell batteries. I love dollar tree.

  2. I LOVE Dollar Tree and probably go to my favorite one at least once a week and I love to go to other locations because you never know what they might have. My favorite things to get are greeting cards, notecards, gift bags and boxes. They have some of the cutest decorations for all holidays like my purple and black baby pumpkins I got for Halloween or the little snow globes for Christmas. I’m careful what I buy as far as food and hygiene products but as long as you do that you can really find some bargains!

  3. I don’t know what I would do without Dollar Tree. It makes it easier for me to stay on my budget and shopping at Dollar Tree is a hobby of mines. I love to stop in and see what I can score for the day.

    • I love it too! I always find something I can use, even if it’s just gift bags for my gift closet or extra storage bins.

      • I have never seen those storage bins and I definitely need to start a gift closet because that is an excellent idea.

  4. I love dollar tree. There is one within walking distance of my apartment and I go there at least once a week. I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials on DIY dollar tree gift basket ideas, Andy I was inspired to make a spa essentials gift bag for my mom’s birthday. Her birthday isn’t until October, but I just got so excited.

  5. Dollar Tree is the only true dollar store where everything is still a dollar in the Chicagoland area. And I LOVE shopping there!

  6. I love buying “education” stuff there. They always have fun window clings and learning activities that my kids enjoy.


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