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Full Buffet Of Oscar Party Appetizers

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The Oscars are right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re relishing this prime opportunity to throw a party. I LOVE throwing parties because 1) it forces me to clean my house better than my normal spit shine, 2) I get to see all my friends and hang out doing something fun and 3) most important, I get to replace dinner with appetizers!

Oscar Party Appetizers

Like Cher’s character in Mermaids, in my ideal world every meal would be made up of finger foods. So, with the image of awards night dancing in my head, I went on the search for a full buffet of appetizer recipes that would impress my guests as much as Cate Blanchett in a Giorgio Armana sheath dress. Here is my menu of Oscar party appetizers.

a collage of 11 different appetizers with title text reading Oscar Party Appetizers

Filet Mignon definitely says “fancy.” Throw in a little bernaise sauce and your guests might start to wonder if they are underdressed for your party. That is why these Filet Mignon Bacon Bites with Bernaise Sauce from Frugal Coupon Living are on my menu for Oscar night.

bacon wrapped appetizers on a white plate next to a gravy boat with sauce in it with title text reading Filet Mignon Bacon Bites with Bernaise Sauce

Of course, not everyone is a red-meat lover so you’ll want an equally impressive chicken option. I love these Chicken Artichoke Bites from Home. Made. Interest.

Chicken Artichoke Bites on a dark background with title text reading Chicken Artichoke Bites

 If you want a lighter option for your clean eating friends, you could also serve the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce from Simply Stacie. Are you drooling all over your keyboard like I am?

chicken satay on a white dish next to a glass container of sauce with title text reading Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

As long as we’re offering options, we should include some seafood offerings for our honored guests. I love this baked version of my favorite Chinese restaurant appetizer. Thanks to Newlywed Survival for this delicious Baked Shrimp Rangoon recipe.

appetizers on a white plate with title text reading Baked Shrimp Rangoon

If you’re more of a crab lover though, you might want to try these Quick n’ Easy Crab Ball Appetizers from Home. Made. Interest.

crab balls with wooden toothpicks in them on a dish with title text reading Quick n' Easy Crab Ball Appetizer

And let’s not forget our vegetarian friends! They’re sure to enjoy these Veggie Blossoms from Tastes of Lizzy T’s.

veggie blossoms on a brown plate on a green cloth with a plate of fruit in the background and title text reading Veggie Blossoms

These delectable Spinach Feta Pie Bites from Organized 31 will be popular with everyone at the party since they’re flavorful, bite-sized, and healthy!

spinach feta pie appetizers on a blue plate and on a white plate on a wood table

I’m personally looking forward to making these Cauliflower Bites from Simply Stacie. Much fancier and healthier than buttered popcorn!

cauliflower bites and sauce in a red container on a red and white checkered cloth

If, like me, you want to add some variety of visual appeal in addition to flavor, you’ll want to be sure to include these triangular Southwest Wontons with Chipotle Lime Dipping Sauce from 2 Sisters 2 Cities.

Southwest Wontons on a white tray next to a bowl of sauce

Finally, if you have any kids coming along with mom and dad to watch the Oscars, you’ll want to have some kid-friendly options as well. They will definitely like these Pizza Puff Appetizers from Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

overhead view of pizza puff appetizers on a white plate next to a white bowl of sauce

And though I came up with this recipe because of my personal love of BLT sandwiches, they have been a big hit with the kids so they are on my menu for Oscar night too. Trust me, your kids will gobble up these BLT Appetizer Cups.

BLT Appetizer Cups  on a white plate on a counter with title text reading BLT Appetizer Cups

Oscar Movies Printable List

Looking for more ways to make your Oscar Party a hit? Be ready for awards night by making sure you’re familiar with all the movies. Download my free printable list of all the 2016 nominees.

2016 Oscar Movie Checklist

Printable Oscar Bingo

And at the party, make the show more interesting by playing Oscar Bingo! I’ve created 8 different cards you can download for free.

Oscar Party Bingo Cards

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  6. I could make a meal out of appetizers! These all look great. I think I may have to have a party to try some of them out!

  7. We don’t do anything special for the Oscars at my house, but all these amazing recipes makes me want to throw a party. thanks for including my Spinach Feta Bites.

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