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Non-Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

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I know that for many people, Halloween is about scary monsters (if that’s your thing, check out this horror movie countdown to Halloween). Their houses are all decked out with all sorts of terrifying Halloween decorations.

If you have young kids though (or at least a lot in your neighborhood), you might prefer non-spooky Halloween front porch ideas. These will welcome trick-or-treaters to your door and won’t scare your own kids when they’re trying to get home from school.

a collage of five different Halloween decorations with title text reading Non-Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Easy Non-Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Though I like to decorate for the holidays, I don’t like to spend a lot of time doing it. That’s why I love these easy non-spooky Halloween front porch ideas that literally take just minutes to recreate.

Grab the super easy tutorial for this Halloween pumpkin light from Art, Crafts and Family. Front porch, completely transformed and you only need two supplies and a couple of minutes!

a Halloween pumpkin front porch light

Another quick and easy way to create a Halloween-themed front porch is to arrange spiders and/or crows around your front porch. You can skip the spiders if you think they’re too scary for kids. Head over to the Happier Homemaker to find out her secret weapons for keeping the critters from falling over or getting blown away.

a pumpkin decorated with plastic spiders next to two fake crows on a front porch

One of my very favorite non-Spooky Halloween ideas are these emoji pumpkins. You can grab the complete, easy-to-follow instructions over on Cutefetti.

pumpkins decorated to look like emojis on a brown chair

More Non-Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

If you’re willing to put in just a LITTLE elbow grease, you can make some of these other totally non-spooky Halloween decorations.

If you liked the emoji pumpkins and don’t mind using just a few more supplies, you can create these equally adorable Minion pumpkins. head over to Crafty Morning for the instructions.

pumpkins decorated to look like minions on a front porch

And what could be more welcoming to trick-or-treaters than a Halloween welcome mat? Even better, it’s a great way to repurpose an old mat.

a pumpkin front porch mat next to a plant and a pumpkin with a red door in the background

Speaking of repurposing, these signs made from repurposed shutters do double duty. One side says “Trick or Treat” and the other says “Give Thanks” so you can switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving with a simple rotation. Susan at Organized 31 shares her step-by-step instructions to recreate them.

orange shutters with the words Trick Treat on them on a front porch

I also like this “Boo” sign that Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft made from leftover wood she had from other projects. Get the detailed instructions here.

wooden letters painted orange and white to spell out the word Boo, next to two white pumpkins against the outside wall of a house

And finally, Living Off Love and Coffee shared this cute DIY Trick or Treat Stump that would be perfect as a sign on your front steps or propped against the base of your mailbox.

a tree stump decorated with the words Trick or Treat next to candy on a pumpkin cloth on a brown wood background

More Halloween Ideas

If you liked the non-spooky DIY Halloween decor ideas above, you might like some of these other DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

a collage of five Halloween decor ideas with title text reading DIY Halloween Decorations

And if you want to save money on costumes, try one of these easy, DIY Halloween costumes.

a collage of twelve different Halloween costumes with title text reading Easy, Inexpensive DIY Halloween Costumes

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  1. These are such great ideas, especially the Minion pumpkins! We’re doing a non-spooky porch as well so that it’s kid-friendly for all ages.


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