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Easy Mother’s Day Gift: A Motherhood Journal Jar

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Are you looking for a memorable Mother’s Day gift that both you and your mother can treasure for years to come? A motherhood journal jar is a beautiful, thoughtful and affordable gift to give to the special moms in your life.

Hi, everyone. My name is Donella Crigger, and I blog at Glue Sticks and Gumdrops. I’m so excited to share a project here on Corinne’s blog that’s near and dear to my heart: a motherhood journal jar with printable journal prompts.

a journal notebook with a pen on it next to a green jar filled with strips of paper

Mother’s Day is a reflective time of year for me. My mother passed away years before I had a child of my own, and I’ve always wished that I could ask her advice or simply get a peek inside her own journey through motherhood with me and my brothers. One thing that I do remember vividly, however, is that my mom loved to write to sort out her feelings. She kept journals throughout my childhood, and I read through many of her entries as a teen and as an adult.

Why Journaling?

Journaling is such a wonderful way to preserve memories for your family. Not only do journals allow others to glimpse inside your innermost thoughts and feelings, but handwriting itself is a unique, special thing to treasure. I loved my mother’s handwriting. Have you ever looked at someone’s notes or letters and thought, “That handwriting looks effortless!” That’s what hers was. Her letters were wide and loopy. She was confident in putting thoughts to paper, and it showed with each stroke of the pen.

How to Make a Motherhood Journal Jar

Knowing how precious every scrap of paper with her thoughts and writings are to me, I want to share a way for others to capture those memories, too. You’ll find that with this Motherhood Journal Jar. So get your materials (or grab any old jar you have at home as well as a few decorative elements), and work along with me. Fill in the form below to download and print the motherhood journal prompts.


Chalk acrylic paint, Paint brush, glass Jar, Burlap flower, Burlap tape on a white piece of paper
  • Chalk acrylic paint (I used Waverly in Celery)
  • Paint brush
  • Jar
  • Burlap flower
  • Burlap tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper for printing journal prompts


  1. Brush two coats of chalk paint over the jar, allowing time to dry between coats. Don’t be too meticulous about coverage if you want the distressed/aged look. You want to see the brush strokes on the glass. a paint brush applying green paint to a glass jar
  2. Wrap burlap tape around the center of the jar and secure. a green painted glass jar with burlap tape and scissors on a white piece of paper
  3. Glue the burlap flower to the jar lid. Alternatively, if you’re using a taller jar, the flower would look pretty centered on the burlap tape. a jar lid, burlap flower and glue gun on a white piece of paper.
  4. Cut out the provided journal prompts, fold them, and put them in the jar. a notebook, pen, burlap flower, green glass jar filled with strips of paper

Voila! You have a lovely Motherhood Journal Jar ready for gifting. Add a nice pen and journal, and your mother (or a special mother in your life) is all set to write down her thoughts and memories to preserve for her children.

a piece of paper with journal prompts on it, next to a green glass jar wrapped with burlap tape with a burlap flower on the lid

Motherhood Journal Jar Prompts

3 thoughts on “Easy Mother’s Day Gift: A Motherhood Journal Jar”

  1. What a sweet idea. I’m hosting a joint baby shower next month and am going to make these as gifts!

    • That’s a great gift idea for a baby shower! I hope your guests love them. Best wishes for a wonderful baby shower and an easy and healthy delivery for the expectant mother.


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