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Month by Month Gardening Tips

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If you’re wondering what month to month gardening tips you need to know, this post will guide and help you with that.

Gardening is actually a ton of fun and a great stress reliever if you know what you’re doing. The good news? Planting a garden isn’t really all that hard to do!

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Month by Month Gardening Tips

Did you know that it’s possible to plan for your garden and do a bit of work on it every single month? So many people tend to think that gardening only requires work just a few months out of the year, but that just isn’t the case.

In order to have the best garden possible, planning ahead is key. The good news? You can do something every month to prepare your garden for the time to plant.

Here are some ideas of what you can do each month to have the best garden possible.


During the month of January, you might not feel like there is a lot to do. But this just isn’t true…Some simple things to do in January are:

  • Begin planning the process to plant starter seeds in your greenroom or house

This means to get your containers needed, etc. to be able to shortly plant and start growing your seeds.

  • Talk to your local compost place and make a plan for securing compost for the upcoming gardening months
  • Order seeds online or from catalogs so you get the ones that you want


  • Fertilize and prune any fruit bushes or trees that you might have in your yard

Even though it might be cold where you are, you can still plan on getting some things trimmed up and ready for Spring.


  • Plant your starter seeds inside and get them ready to bloom

There are some vegetables like broccoli that you can start earlier in your greenhouse or basement. The intent here isn’t to grow them there for the entire duration but to get them growing sooner so that they’ll bloom sooner and be ready to consume.


  • Pull up weeds and till your garden area

More than likely, this will take a while. You’ve got several months of Mother Nature that you have to work through to get your garden up and ready to go.


  • Plant your lettuce and kale seeds out in your garden

These type of plants can be planted earlier than others because they tend to overcome elements easier. In fact, kale is one plant that will actually continue to grow almost all year long!

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  • Move forward with planting anything and everything in your garden that you want to

This means your corn, peas, etc. The month of June is a great month to get your entire garden planted.


While you might have a few things that are ready for picking and eating during the month of July, more than likely you’ll be spending this month picking out weeds, watering and caring for your seeds and sprouts.

Keep a close eye on your garden during this time as you don’t want to overwater when they’re just trying to push up from the ground.


Not only is the temperature in the month of August hot, but it’s a hot month for your vegetables and fruit to be blooming as well!

  • Check your garden daily for newly bloomed food to pick

It’s actually really important to check your garden daily for food to pick because if you don’t, you can bet that some sort of animal will happily do it for you. And once they have one bite of anything food-related from your garden, they’ll most definitely be back for more.

  • Plant another round of seeds to hopefully grow and produce a fall garden


Don’t give up now! You can actually have a strong fall garden if you plan it right. During this month, you’ll be weeding and picking out even more delicious vegetables and greens to consume. And hopefully some squash as well!


By this point in time, the garden is going to be winding down and you’ll want to start getting rid of weeds and debris from your garden before they grow any more roots. You can also spread out hay over your garden beds and strawberry beds at this point in time as well.

November & December

Truth be told, there’s really not a ton that you can do garden wise during these months except long for garden season to arrive quickly the next year. Spend this time heading to the library and reading some good gardening books or meal plan with some of that garden-fresh food that you hopefully froze and canned for the winter.

Just by following these simple month to month gardening tips, you can easily prepare a garden space that will be strong and usable for almost the entire year!

Do you have any more gardening tips to share?

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