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Gardening Tips for Beginners

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If you’re looking for some super simple gardening tips for beginners, don’t fret. All gardeners have had to start somewhere and now it’s your turn to learn!

The good news is that starting a garden isn’t really all that hard at all! With just a few simple tips, you’ll be rocking and rolling in the growing vegetables in no time at all!

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Gardening Tips for Beginners

Do you know that many people fail in starting a garden because they’re worried that it’s just too hard? But in all reality, gardening is easy to do! And if you never try, how will you even know if you have a green thumb or not?

  • Start small to not be overwhelmed

You might think that you need to plant a ton of vegetables and plants to get good growth but don’t. Not only is this overwhelming but it’s just not a good plan. The more that you plant, the more that your garden will be crowded. And when your garden is crowded nothing grows really all that way.

Plants actually need quite a bit of space to spread out their roots underground. And if you plant a ton of seeds, that just takes up that much more space.

  • Having a garden gives you options

Most people think about gardening as having a giant garden out in the backyard. While this is a reality for a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be the only way to have a garden. You can garden in a small above ground garden or even in hanging plants from your balcony.

You don’t need a huge outdoor space to create a flourishing garden!

  • Learn to be patient

The harsh truth about a garden is that it can feel like it takes FOREVER for anything to bloom. Don’t worry, it will happen…just not overnight. Most seed packets will tell you that it will take anywhere from 6-10 weeks before you start seeing substantial growth in your plants.

You can start the seeds earlier inside and then transfer them to your garden at a later date if you want, but that still takes time on your end to make happen.

The best way to approach gardening as a beginner is to understand that your garden is going to take time.

  • Not everything you plant will grow

This is also another truth that can be downright painful. If you like to be successful at most things in life, your garden may just flat out refuse to cooperate.

Some years, your garden may be amazing, while others…it just won’t. This can be in part to a huge number of factors, many of which are out of your control.

  • Plan on keeping the animals out from the beginning

Even if you’re an animal lover, you don’t want them to be eating away at all your hard work! And don’t be naive about it either. Your beloved animals will eat those available vegetables in an instant. No matter how much you don’t want to believe it.

You can do a few things to keep the animals away. Try to have a mesh netting over the top of the growing vegetables so that birds can’t just swoop down out of the sky and grab what they want. Another way to keep animals out is to have a small fence around the outside of the garden.

  • You’ll need to do something in your garden daily

Your garden will need maintenance. This means that you’ll need to be doing something out in your garden every single day. From pulling weeds to watering, you can bet that there’s always something that needs to be done.

  • Don’t depend on Mother Nature to grow your garden

Mother Nature will be a helper, but this will ultimately be up to you. You need to be the one to water it, and you’ll need to be the one to pay attention to everything else that needs to be done. Just make certain that when you’re getting your garden set up from the beginning that you’re putting it in a place that will set it up for future success.

greenhouse plants with text gardening tips plan out your garden with these simple tips

An area with sunlight is the best place to have your garden space set up if you’re putting it somewhere in your backyard. If you’re setting it up on your balcony or porch, put the baskets in a space where they’ll get plenty of sunshine as well.

Hopefully, these gardening tips for beginners will be helpful to you! If you’re wanting to start a garden, there’s never been a better time to do so! If you can properly set up your garden space and follow along with these simple tips, you’ll be enjoying fresh vegetables from your homegrown garden in no time at all!

Do you have any other tips on gardening for beginners that you’d like to share?

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