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Summer Garden Tips for Your Home Garden

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Looking for a few simple tips for growing a summer garden? These tips and tricks will be a big help!

Next time you want a nice salad or meal, you’ll be able to walk right out your door and pick the ingredients from your garden.

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Many people shy away from starting a garden because they worry that it’s hard to do. As long as you can follow a few simple steps, growing a summer garden is actually quite simple!

Take charge of your yard and your home and create a space that grows plentiful food. The summer heat is ideal for a variety of great fruits and vegetables you can enjoy all summer long.

Simple Garden Tips For Your Home Garden

If a summer garden has been on your radar, what’s holding you back from making it happen? There is plenty of time left to get started right now by planting your own garden.

It may be a late-blooming garden but it will still bloom! Make the most of the warm season and give yourself a good reason to get outside each day.

Before you run out the door and just throw some seeds into the dirt, you’ll need to remember these simple tips.

Choose a space in your yard that will set your garden up for success

A garden can’t just be planted anywhere. There has to be a space big enough for it to expand while also getting the sunlight and water that it needs as well.

You’ll need to forecast where the shadows are and make certain that the area that you’re choosing for your garden is going to get enough light. Then, set up your garden beds there.

Having enough light, water and space are three of the most important elements of growing a summer garden successfully!

Decide if you’re going to dig in the dirt to create a garden space or invest in an above ground garden box

Truth be told, if you don’t want to dig in the ground and make your own garden, you really don’t have to. Stores have above ground garden boxes now that makes it super simple to set up.

All you have to worry about is selecting your space, setting up your garden box and adding in your soil. Once you do that, you’re literally ready to plant!

Plant seeds that are able to be grown in your soil zone

Not all plants and vegetables can be grown everywhere. Believe it or not, but the soil all over the world is so different from one location to the next.

And when you factor in the soil and the temperatures, it’s not possible for all veggies to be grown in the garden all over the world.

Before you buy your seeds, do your research on what plants will actually have a chance to be successful in your area.

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Water your plants at the same time every day

While this isn’t a requirement, it’s a simple way to stay on track and give your garden the best possible care that you can. If you plan on watering your plants every day at 7 PM,  you won’t spend your day wondering if you’ve already watered them or not.

Just keep in mind that watering your plants is super important but you need to do water in the morning while the sun is still low or later in the late evening. This is partly because the water and sun can cause the leaves to burn, which isn’t a good outcome for anyone!

Pull out weeds as you see them growing in your garden

Educate yourself on what a week looks like and pull them out when you find them. Not only do they take up space but they’re taking up water and nutrients from the soil as well.

Don’t make your garden vegetables suffer because you didn’t want to rip out the weeds. They need all the space that they can get and weeds just take up and use too much.

Can you have a summer and a fall garden?

Absolutely! Many people like to plant their summer garden super early so that it blooms and bears food at an earlier point in time than other gardens. They’ll then pick the food, replant and try to have a second round for a summer garden. If that fails, then they’ve already started the groundwork for having a fall garden, instead.

The main difference between a summer and a fall garden is that the fall garden tends to plant pumpkins versus the watermelons of the summer garden. (If you planted kale in one, you’re going to have it all year long!)

SEEDS growing out of the ground with text summer garden tips you can't afford to miss

Growing a summer garden is actually a lot of fun. While it may seem like a lot of work to get out daily and tend to the garden, it really does give great rewards back.

Having fresh food from the garden tastes so good compared to the store-bought foods! Plus, it’s a really nice feeling knowing where the food that you’re eating came from! You won’t have to wonder at all!

Do you have any tips to help grow a summer garden?


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