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Keep Mosquitoes At Bay While You Entertain

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Mosquito Repelling Potagerie

Use Plants to Keep Mosquitoes At Bay While You Entertain

Outdoor entertaining is one of the great joys of spring and summer. Until, of course, the bugs invade. In place of spray and pesticides, try a cluster of mosquito-repelling potted plants. Grouped together near a seating area on your deck or patio, they make a pretty and lush addition to your outdoor landscape while also protecting you and your guests. Check out One Kings Lane’s article Easy Update:
Mosquito-Repelling Potagerie
for more information about how a trio of lush potted plants will have you saying good-bye to bug spray.

For additional ideas on natural insect repellents, see my article “Natural Ways To Repel Insects.”

6 thoughts on “Keep Mosquitoes At Bay While You Entertain”

  1. My daughter swells up so badly when she gets bitten! I’ll have to keep these tips in mind!

  2. I bought a couple of citronella plants this year for our porch and those have to be the most homely looking plants when they get bigger. They are definitely something that you will need to plant in with something else because they are not a plant that I thinks looks good alone. They do set of a nice scent though if you just go over and touch them a little. I think next year I will either plant them in a container with something else or just try other plants all together.

    • Just do your research. Some herbs are poisonous to animals. Real citronella is hard to come by. You can try Citronella Geranium.

      Lemongrass grows slowly until it hits the 90’s.

      • Thanks for the advice! It is always a good idea to know what plants might be dangerous to pets and children since unlike most adults, they don’t hesitate to eat things outside!

  3. I’d never heard of plants repelling bugs…I need these (not for me, mosquitoes hate me but they love my husband and youngest son)!

  4. A most excellent idea especially in the thick of summer like we are right now!


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