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Fairy Garden Project For Kids

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I am not a great gardener. Gardening was not a hobby my mother enjoyed so I had no exposure to the delights of growing my own flowers and food until much later in life.

I have only recently enjoyed limited gardening success and I wanted to share this joy and developing skill with my daughters. Thankfully, almost 16 years of experience as a mother equipped me with some important information about working with children that I took into consideration when planning our first gardening project together.

Things To Remember When Gardening With Kids

  1. Kids are impatient. Planting bulbs that would bloom months from now was out of the question.
  2. Kids love looking for things. I took my children’s love of Hide-and-Seek and Scavenger Hunting into account.
  3. Kids like to be given control sometimes. I needed a project that they could take the lead on.

A Fairy Garden Is Perfect For Girls To Create

Several of my friends recommended The Gro Project from Miracle-Gro. I really liked the toyrarium, but wanted to do something more feminine and that would keep us outdoors for awhile so I had to come up with something on my own.  I realized the perfect project would be to let the girls create a Fairy Garden.

First, I gave them a gardening bowl filled with Moisture Control Potting Mix.

Next, I told them they could use any supplies they wanted to create a garden retreat for fairies, as long as the items came from nature.

The girls quickly went about gathering pebbles, mulch, flowers, pine cones, leaves, and sticks. They used the pebbles to outline a walkway, mulch to create a fence, sticks to make a bench, and everything else to decorate the garden.

Here is the end result:

a girl sitting outside on a deck next to a fairy garden that she made

For more easy gardening projects, check out fun garden projects on Pinterest. You can share your own great gardening projects or gather inspiration.

15 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Project For Kids”

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  2. I love miracle gro. been using it for my herb garden and it was amazing.

  3. Aawww! That’s cute 😀 at least she made it herself. I’m not good in gardening either. My husband and kids started their garden and seeds starts sprouting already.

  4. I love the planter/arrangement. Those flowers are my favorite color. I can not do a thing without Miracle Gro, they are saving my garden from me!

  5. Oh what a quaint little garden project! The little gardener is so pretty!

  6. I LOVE your project! I have seen a lot of miracle gro projects lately but yours is the most unique. I love fairy gardens I had one when I lived in Washington state.

  7. Really love seeing kids learn to grow and create! We love gardening – all of us enjoy it! This is really a cool way to have kids enjoy building and growing.

  8. Your Fairy Garden turned out great. I had heard of this type of garden but I never knew what it was until reading this post.

  9. what a really nice Idea. My mom use to plant veggies in her flower pot. both my parents are green thump, I guess they pretty much planted everything that we cook.. unfortunately I don’t have such a patience to wait for my plant to grow :)..
    if only miracle grow is available locally I would give it a try..

  10. Beautiful and so natural. Very creative project. Miracle Grow is a great product.

  11. Ah hah!! I love Miracle Grow. I use it once a week. My plants love, love, love it…. and so do I.

  12. First of all!! your daughter is so cute :), Second!! your kids are really creative..and confident. Third!!! the way you are teaching them is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  13. That is just so cute! I always wanted to go look at fairy houses. I don’t think they have them in my state though! She looks really proud of herself 🙂

  14. That turned out so great! I love the idea of a Fairy Garden. Miracle Gro is the only brand I will use. I have had nothing but success with my plants when I use their products!

  15. What a great idea! And your daughter looks so proud (which she should be!).


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