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5 Best Dijon Mustard Substitutes Perfect For Your Recipes

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Mustard is one condiment that can elevate a wide array of dishes, so it’s always a good idea to know what Dijon mustard substitute suits a recipe best.

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There are a lot of mustard varieties out there, and amazingly, they don’t all taste the same. It might be challenging to replicate the exact flavor profile of Dijon mustard, but other types of mustard can be flavorful enough to be used as an alternative.

After trying several replacements for Dijon mustard, I found that some options are just better than others. Here are the best substitutes for Dijon mustard, how to use them, and what recipes will work nicely with them.

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What Is Dijon Mustard?

Dijon mustard is a condiment made from brown or black mustard seeds. It hails from the town of Dijon in Burgundy, France, and was first used in a banquet for King Philip VI in 1336. 

However, the Dijon mustard we know now was the result of a recipe change made by Jean Naigeon in the 1800s that replaced vinegar with verjus, the acidic juice extracted from unripe grapes.

Two pictures of Dijon Mustard on a spoon and in a jar.

Affordable store-bought Dijon mustard is typically made from brown mustard seeds. Instead of verjus, they are made with either a combination of white wine or vinegar.

Its mid-level spice and the classic sharp, tangy flavor of mustard sauce make it distinct. It can also add a tad of pleasant bitterness to a dish, so it’s common to use Dijon mustard in recipes for salad dressings, dips, sandwich sauces, and marinades.

When to Use a Substitute for Dijon Mustard

Allergy Restrictions

Mustard allergy is one of the most common spice allergies out there. It’s extremely helpful to know alternative sauces and condiments that aren’t made with mustard seeds. That way, everyone can enjoy a scrumptious meal without worrying about allergic reactions.


Did you run out of Dijon mustard? Can’t find Dijon mustard in the nearest store? Don’t worry, there are excellent Dijon mustard alternatives out there. One of them might even be in your kitchen already.

Flavor Preferences

You might be cooking for someone who prefers less or more spice. Some might also prefer a more recognizable sweetness, or they may not be a fan of any level of bitterness in their food. Then, it’s the perfect time to try some substitute options.

Fun Culinary Experiment

A kitchen emergency doesn’t always have to be the reason to look for a Dijon mustard substitute. If you’re a mom who delights in experimenting with recipes in your free time, it’s a great way to try some substitutes for Dijon mustard.

Best Substitutes for Dijon Mustard

1. Yellow Mustard

This condiment needs no introduction. Yellow mustard is a classic condiment, and it’s one of the most accessible and affordable alternatives to Dijon. There’s a good chance that you already have a bottle of yellow mustard in the fridge.

A jar of yellow mustard with a spoon in it. and in a white bowl, serving as a Dijon mustard substitute.

Yellow mustard has a milder flavor than Dijon mustard. It doesn’t have the same spice kick, but has a noticeable sweet flavor.

In terms of tanginess, prepared yellow mustard tastes more vinegary than Dijon. You can use it in recipes that benefit from its tanginess, like this Shredded Chicken Salad recipe.

It’s also typically made with other spices like turmeric, so there will be a difference in flavor when using it in a recipe that calls for Dijon mustard.

You can substitute Dijon with yellow mustard in a 1:1 ratio. But feel free to add spices or salt for a bolder flavor.

2. Stone Ground Mustard

Stone ground mustard is also made with brown mustard seeds, so it has a closer flavor profile to Dijon mustard than any substitute on this list.

The key difference, though, is it has whole mustard seeds. That means stone-ground mustard has a milder flavor and less spice. However, it still goes well with most recipes that call for Dijon mustard.

Two pictures of Stone Ground Mustard in a jar and a glass bowl.

Keep in mind, though, that it has a distinctly different texture. Leaving the mustard seeds whole means this ingredient is grainy, while Dijon mustard is typically smooth and creamy.

It’s best used in marinades and as a sauce for sandwiches. You can also use this for salad dressings, but expect a noticeable change in the texture.

If the recipe needs 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard, replace it with the same amount of stone-ground mustard.

3. Spicy Brown Mustard

If everyone in the family loves a spicy meal once in a while, go ahead and replace Dijon mustard with spicy brown mustard.

As the name suggests, this alternative ingredient is also made with coarsely ground brown mustard seeds. This is the perfect substitute if you’re looking for a more robust flavor that is still very close to the taste of Dijon. 

Two bowls of spicy brown mustard serving as a Dijon mustard substitute.

Compared to Dijon, spicy brown mustard packs more heat. So if you want to add more spice to a dish, use spicy brown mustard for grilled meats and meat sandwiches.

Another notable difference is that spicy brown mustard is usually made with white vinegar, giving it a more acidic taste than Dijon.

A 1:1 substitution ratio can also be used for spicy brown mustard.

4. Honey Mustard

Do you want to make your recipe sweeter? Then, using honey mustard in place of Dijon mustard is the way to go!

While honey mustard also has tangy notes, its sweetness is certainly the main flavor of this condiment.

Two pictures of honey mustard in a jar.

If you’re not fond of pungent and bitter tastes, honey mustard is also an excellent substitute for Dijon mustard.

You can use this sweet mustard on salad dressings and sauces, too. But remember that it has a brighter yellow color than Dijon.

The sweet and tangy flavor of honey mustard is perfect for chicken and pork recipes. Give it a try in this Instant Pot Honey Dijon Chicken recipe.

Since you’re likely using honey mustard to add sweetness to a dish, you can replace Dijon mustard with it by following a 1:1 ratio.

5. Horseradish Sauce

Are you cooking for someone with a mustard allergy? Worry not, you can still cook a delicious meal for them using horseradish sauce as a substitute.

Store-bought horseradish sauce is easy to find and affordable, too. But remember that it commonly contains dairy-based ingredients, another food intolerance to consider.

Two pictures of Horseradish Sauce in a bowl.

While it’s not made with mustard seed, horseradish sauce generally has flavor notes similar to Dijon mustard. This alternative is typically made with distilled white vinegar so you won’t lose the tangy taste.

Because its main ingredient is horseradish, this sauce will also give your dish spicy and pungent flavor notes.

Horseradish sauce is perfect for lamb, fish, and beef recipes. When substituting with horseradish sauce, you can use the same amount the recipe calls for of Dijon mustard.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dijon Mustard Alternative

It’s All About the Flavor and Texture

First, think about the overall flavor of the dish. If it needs more spice and doesn’t have to be sweet, honey mustard isn’t the best option. Does it need a sharp, acidic flavor? The classic yellow mustard might do the trick.

Think about how the Dijon substitute will affect the texture of the dish, especially if you’re using an alternative with whole or coarsely ground mustard seeds.

Start With Small Additions

If you’re not that familiar with how a Dijon mustard alternative tastes, it’s always a good idea to add a smaller amount. Taste the dish as it cooks, and determine if you need to add more.

Flavor Balance Is Key

Be prepared to make extra adjustments. You can add white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to elevate the tanginess. If it needs more spice, add some wasabi paste or a dash of cayenne. You can also balance the flavor by adding salt or sugar.


Can I make a homemade Dijon mustard substitute?

Yes, and it’s easy to do! You can make your own Dijon mustard with a few ingredients, including 1 tablespoon of ground mustard or dry mustard powder, 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar, and 1½ tablespoon of mayonnaise.

How to store homemade Dijon mustard substitute?

You can store it in an airtight container and keep it refrigerated. You can use your homemade mustard sauce for up to 6 months with proper storage.

Why is real Dijon mustard so expensive?

Authentic Dijon mustard is made with black mustard seeds from France, making it much more expensive than the majority of Dijon-labeled mustard in grocery stores.

Explore Your Culinary Creativity With the Best Dijon Mustard Substitute

There’s no mustard sauce or condiment with the exact flavor and texture profile as Dijon mustard. But there are amazing substitute options that allow you to make some changes in your recipe without sacrificing the flavor of the dish.

A plate of Mustard and honey glazed salmon and Braised pork tongues in horseradish sauce.

If you need a replacement for Dijon mustard to tweak the level of spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness of a dish, you’ll undoubtedly find a suitable substitute that will work for your recipe. Choose the best from these alternatives to serve a delicious meal that everyone at the table will enjoy.

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