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Fun Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Snacks

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Do you feel like Thanksgiving gets lost in the excitement of Christmas? I do, which is why I do things like make turkey-themed Thanksgiving snacks to put in my kids’ lunches leading up to the big day.

It’s a fun and easy way to get the kids excited about a holiday that celebrates gratitude and relationships. Sure, turkeys don’t really enforce either of those concepts, but they do make adorable treats and the kids do get excited about Thanksgiving as a result.

a collage of three different crafts with title text reading Turkey Snack Crafts

Plus, making a snack into a turkey does take a little bit of time and effort so these snack crafts actually do show your kids you care. And it’s a great way to encourage them to show gratitude for your effort.

Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Snacks

If you decide to tackle all four of these crafts, I recommend you do so in the order presented. They’re arranged in order of healthiest snack to dessert snack.

Any points you’ll get for your conscientious crafting will evaporate if you try to follow a turkey pudding cup with a turkey string cheese stick. Of course, you could think beyond the lunch box and make up a big batch of all of these turkey-themed Thanksgiving snacks for a class party or for the kids’ snack table on Thanksgiving day.

Turkey Cheese Stick

Not only is this the least junk-foody (yep, just made up that word) of the turkey-themed Thanksgiving snacks, it’s also the easiest to make. You can get the directions here ==>> Cheese Stick Turkey Craft

a cheesestick with a face drawn on it and red, yellow, and orange paper on it to look like a turkey with feathers with markers in the background

Raisin Box Turkey

I just love how pretty the fabric leaves look as the turkey feathers in this craft! You just need a tad more glue and a couple of extra supplies for this turkey snack. Get the directions here ==>> Raisin Box Turkey Craft

a raisin box decorated with brown paper, orange paper beak, googly eyes, and fake leaves to look like a turkey

Juice Box Turkey

It’s just as easy to transform a juice box into a turkey as it is to transform a box of raisins! Instead of leaves, I used feathers for this one. Get the directions here ==>> Juice Box Turkey Craft

a juice box wrapped in brown paper, orange paper beak, googly eyes, and fake feathers to look like a turkey

Pudding Cup Turkey

Finally, it’s time to treat the kids to dessert! You’ll have to combine all of the skills you acquired making the cheese stick turkey, raisin box turkey and juice box turkey for this final craft. You know, tracing, cutting and gluing – you can do it! Get the directions here ==>> Pudding Cup Turkey Craft

a pudding cup decorated with an orange beak and red wattle, googly eyes, orange feet and red, orange and yellow feathers to look like a turkey

More Thanksgiving Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these turkey-themed Thanksgiving snacks! Here is some more Thanksgiving inspiration:

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