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Inexpensive DIY Star Wars Night Light

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This DIY Star Wars night light is not only super easy to make, but also really inexpensive! This project only takes 3 items and costs less than $2. Even better, most of that cost is for the Kleenex® Brand ft. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story designs tissue box. I know that in a house with kids, you go through a lot of tissues like I do, so those are things you have to buy anyway.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story© TM Lucasfilm LTD is coming out this December so my family’s more than a little excited. In the movie, regular people find themselves called upon to do extraordinary things. Since that’s pretty much the mission of this site, I’m obviously a huge fan of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story already. Sure, we’re not engaged in intergalactic battle, but sometimes keeping the house clean, feeding the family, and getting everywhere we need to be on time sure feels like it!

Another thing I’m passionate about is helping parents have close, healthy relationships with their kids. This fun and easy DIY project is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Make this Kleenex® Brand ft. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story designs night light together. And, feel free to steal a line out of my book and make a big deal about how a craft-challenged team managed to create a night light.

My daughter loved the Star Wars night light we made together.


To make your Star Wars night light, you just need an empty Kleenex brand box featuring Star Wars designs, a small screwdriver or thumbtack, and an electric tea light (about 50 cents each).

Materials needed to make a DIY Star Wars night light

You can literally make 10 of these for less than the cost of a store-bought Star Wars night light.


This tutorial is really as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One

Start with an empty box. Pull out or cut out the plastic that lines the hole at the top.

Step Two

Using the screwdriver, poke “star” holes in various places all around the box.

Step Three

Turn on the electric tea light and place it inside the box.


That’s it! The whole project should only take you a few minutes. Since it’s so inexpensive, you can create a custom night light for your child’s room as often as you like!

You only need a few items to make this Star Wars night light. It's a super fun craft to do with the kids!

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2 thoughts on “Inexpensive DIY Star Wars Night Light”

  1. Woo hoo! Corrine, you hit this one outta the park!! What a great repurposed craft (and you know how much I love repurposing). I’ll be making some of these nightlights with my kiddos for sure.

    • You know how I will only do crafts that are easy enough for a child to do, well this was a great one! I thought you’d appreciate the repurposing. 😉


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