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Printable Summer Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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printable summer crossword puzzle for kids

A printable summer crossword puzzle for kids is a great solution when you can’t go outside and play. I love bringing along printable activities for kids when we are on the road in the summertime.


As much as I try to keep some structured educational time going consistently in the summer, it doesn’t always happen. Even kids need a break! Luckily when I hand my kids a crossword puzzle to complete they don’t see it as “school work” and instead see it as a fun game. I know that my kids are actually using their minds to complete the crossword puzzles but all they care about is that the puzzles are fun to finish.


Once the printable summer crossword puzzle for kids is completed there are some more fun educational activities you can do with the words they have found. Here are some easy ideas:

  • Have the child look up each word they found in the crossword puzzle in the dictionary and write out the definition.
  • Write each word from the puzzle in a sentence that they come up with themselves.
  • See how many words they can think of that rhyme with the words from the puzzle.
  • Write a short story using all the words from the summer crossword puzzle. This will probably be hilarious to read!
  • Have a spelling test using the words from the puzzle.
  • Draw a picture of each word used in the puzzle.
  • See how many OTHER words the kids can write using different words from the puzzle.
  • Look up synonyms for each word in the puzzle.
  • Try to make a crossword puzzle from scratch using new words about summer.
printable summer crossword puzzle for kids on a yellow and orange background


My kids love a little (or a lot, lol) friendly competition. Anytime I turn any activity into a competition I have excited children. You can always turn something as simple as working a crossword puzzle into a contest. This will work for almost anything…even chores!

  • Make it a race and see who can get done first with all the correct answers.
  • Put kids into teams if you have a larger family and have them compete against each other.
  • After each word that is figured out have the kids run a lap around the house and then do another word.

The list of competition ideas could go on and on. We love a good game at our house!


You can download and print off this fun printable summer crossword puzzle for kids for your own personal use at home. Just fill in the form below to get a copy.

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printable summer crossword puzzle for kids

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