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Printable Riddles for Kids

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These printable riddles for kids are fun and will keep your child’s mind working hard to figure out the answer to each riddle. This is such a fun kid’s activity and one that the whole family can do together.

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The dictionary definition of riddles says that riddles are a question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning, typically presented as a game.

My definition of riddles is that they are fun brain bending questions that are challenging to solve and make you think outside the box!

They are puzzles that need to be solved and I love to try and solve puzzles of all kinds.


Solving riddles involves critical thinking. I believe critical thinking is a very important skill and one that is lacking in many people!

Working on solving riddles can sharpen our minds and even open up new thought processes and ways of looking at things.

Did I mention that riddles are just plain FUN? Once you solve the riddle I guarantee you will have a feel good moment.

The great thing about these printable riddles for kids is that you can print them off and take them along on long car rides to keep the whole family thinking!

printable riddles for kids on a yellow background


I have been an avid riddle lover for years and have encountered some very difficult riddles in the past.

Many people believe that riddles are too difficult for childre to solve, but I disagree.

I think that children’s minds are amazing and it always astounds me what they can figure out when given the chance.

If your child has never solved riddles then start with some simple riddles and progress towards harder riddles.

I think your kids will love riddles once they have that triumphant feeling that comes after you solve a hard riddle.

These printable riddles for kids will help your child’s creative and critical thinking and verbal fluency.

I love that playing games is fun and also educational.

printable riddles for kids on a yellow background


I have 5 pages of riddles that you can print off and solve with your children or class!

Each riddle has the answer written at the bottom of the card so it works best if you read the riddle to your child so they can’t see the answer.

Since you have the answer you can give clues if they get stumped!

I like to give my kids some time to think through the riddle and attempt to solve it before I start giving any clues.


You can print off these printable riddles for kids for your own personal use at home.

Click this link or fill in the form below to download and print the Riddles for Kids PDF.


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Did you know I wrote an entire book full of riddles for kids? It has over 400 mind-bending riddles, word puzzles, puns, brainteasers, logic problems, and math puzzles―perfect for clever kids who think outside the box. Your kids will love it!

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