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Printable Farm Jokes for Kids

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Printable farm jokes for kids will keep everyone in stitches. These fun and hilarious jokes are easy to print off at home and can be put in your child’s lunch box or kids can put on a comedy show for the family.

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Kids tend to love all things about farms. There are animals, plants, machines and the great outdoors.

As a parent, I love what farms can teach my children. For some reason, my kids especially enjoyed learning all about farm animals.

Here are some good reasons to expose your kids to farm life:

  • Most farming takes place outdoors and our kids need more time outside.
  • Farming puts scientific concepts into real-life examples.
  • Children can learn the principals of hard work on a farm.
  • Farms show children more about how the process of getting food from a farm to a table happens.
  • Kids can learn how to take care of animals and how important animals are in our lives.
  • There are always great lessons about how the weather affects agriculture, animals and our daily lives.


I live in the country but do not live on a farm. Since many people live in urban areas these days it can be more challenging to expose kids to farm life.

Here are some easy ways to introduce your kids to farm life even if only for a day:

  • If you know anyone who lives on a farm start off by asking if your kids can spend a little time on the farm learning about farm life.
  • There are 4-H groups all over the country and you don’t have to live on a farm to participate. It is a great way to introduce kids to some aspects of farm-life and responsibility.
  • There are family-friendly farm stay programs available at different farms all over the country. This is a fun opportunity for the whole family to learn about farming.
  • Visit local dairies, cheese factories, etc to learn how the process works.
  • Contact your local extension programs to learn more about what agricultural opportunities exist in your area.
fun printable farm jokes for kids on a yellow background


These jokes don’t make fun of farming. There are basic jokes that relate to different aspects of farming.

Here are some of the types of jokes you will find on the printable farm jokes for kids cards:

  • Animal jokes
  • Food jokes
  • Tractor jokes
  • Cow jokes
  • Scarecrow jokes
  • Cross the road jokes
  • Crop jokes
  • Farmer jokes


Whether your kids are experienced ranch hands or not they will enjoy reading these printable farm jokes for kids. There are 8 pages of jokes for a total of 48 hilarious farm-related jokes.

These jokes would make a great stand up routine for kids who love comedy.

You can download and print off these printable farm jokes by filling in the form below.

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printable farm jokes for kids on a yellow background

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