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Printable 4th of July Word Search for Kids

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A printable 4th of July word search for kids will get them in the holiday spirit. This Independence Day activity sheet will be perfect to remind kids about the importance of this American holiday.

printable 4th of July word search for kids on a dark blue background

I enjoy completing word searches. They are a way to keep my mind active and scanning for words is somehow relaxing to me. 

My children have always enjoyed working on word searches as well. I think word searches are a simple way to solidify spelling words and help kids learn new words.

We will talk about the words they are searching for and may look new words up in the dictionary to read the definitions. 

Word searches can be fun and educational. 

Just like any educational activity, there are usually some tips and tricks to make it easier. I have some hacks to help me find words quicker when I am completing a word search.

Here are some tips to help make your word search a success:

  • Look for the hardest words first. This seems to help me complete the puzzle quicker. 
  • Search a specific direction at a time. So look at each line vertically. Then look at each line horizontally. Move on to looking at the lines diagonally. This will help you avoid missing words.
  • Look for the first letter in the word. Every time you see that letter you can stop and determine if the word is there or not. If not, keep moving along.
  • Try scanning for the unusual letters in the words. If a word has a Z for instance, that would be a more unusual letter and easier to find. 
printable 4th of July word search for kids on a dark blue background

This patriotic word search has specific words that relate to the 4th of July holiday. We are a military family and to say that we love patriotic holidays would be an understatement. 

There are lots of words that relate to Independence Day and this word search only skims the surface. 

The words included in the word search are geared for children and are limited in their difficulty level.

Here are the words for this printable 4th of July word search for kids:

  • Patriotic
  • Barbeque
  • Brave
  • American
  • Stars
  • Stripes
  • Freedom
  • Anthem
  • Parade
  • Fireworks
  • July
  • Liberty

I know we will be looking up a few of these words in the dictionary to find out their literal meanings. Anthem, Liberty, and Freedom are all great words for kids to learn more about.


You can download this printable 4th of July word search for kids for your own personal use at home.

printable 4th of July word search for kids on a dark blue background

The Printable 4th of July word search is a PDF file that you can download and print over and over. It’s available for free to my subscribers.

Just fill in the form below to get the free printable 4th of July word search. Not only will you get access to the printable, you’ll also get access to the entire library of printables I’ve created.  

More 4th of July Fun for Kids

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